Miller Grove’s Parker may not make decision by Wednesday

According to the AJC, Tony Parker may delay his announcement regarding where he will be playing basketball yet again.

Parker, who was slated to “shock the world” at the McDonald’s All-American Game, pushed his decision date back to April  11th.  Well folks, April 11th happens to be tomorrow, and according to Parker’s coach at Miller Grove fans may not hear a thing.

At the risk of sounding pessimistic, I have to say that at this point I do not see much of a chance that this kid is actually going to choose Georgia over Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, UCLA, Memphis or Georgetown.  If he was really planning to stay in state, wouldn’t he just come out and say it?

What does everyone else think?

10 thoughts on “Miller Grove’s Parker may not make decision by Wednesday

  1. He may be mulling over options. Kansas lost Danny Manning, so that changes his relationship there. He may be hearing from JJ Sullinger that he is coming back to go for a national title, or that the Plumlee’s are returning to Duke. The school he may have been wanting to choose, may not look as attractive today as it did two weeks ago.

    I don’t think this hurts us, as it can give a little longer for Mama to get in his ear about how Athens is close enough, but not too close, and let Fox make his we need you and have another shooter lined up to join you pitch. OK, so I added the have another shooter to join part, because I think we still need perimeter options around him to improve to get his full value, but the longer we can keep working, and the less attractive some of those bigger name schools can look, that can’t hurt.


    1. My heart hopes that Parker chooses Georgia.

      But my brain thinks that since both OSU’s Sullinger and Kansas’s Robinson declared that they are going pro, Parker is now deciding between these two schools. My guess is that he thought one might leave and one might stay, and that he would attend the school with the vacated power forward position.

      Now that both guys are entering the draft, Parker’s decision just got tougher…hence why we may not hear anything tomorrow.


  2. That’s what I think too. With his “shock the world” statement earlier, I really think he was leaning to UGA at that point, but with Sullinger and Robinson departures, he now needs more time to mull it over. I really hope I am wrong.


  3. I am still holding some hope that it will be Athens. I read somewhere that he may make another trip to Athens, and the lure that he could be a giant difference maker in Athens (plus Mom’s sentiment) makes us a real player in my opinion.


  4. I disagree Hoop. I think the extra time doesn’t hurt us. Plumlee is coming back to Duke, so that is great for UGA. I honestly think Duke was in the lead and UGA was 2nd. Now Tony has to weigh the options again knowing that there won’t be much PT at Duke, I think his decision is much tougher.

    I’m not saying Parker will pick UGA, but I don’t see any doom and gloom. I think we are still very much in the mix, and I believe that he honestly doesn’t know where he’s going to sign, which means we still have a shot.

    COME ON TONY!!!!!!


  5. I think your totally wrong the fact that he has not committed to duke or the other power houses yet is huge for UGA plus I’m starting to hear that he wants to make another un official visit to Athens. Come on hoop dawg stay positive were still very much in this if not the favorite at this point Go Dawgs


      1. I am more worried about Kansas, but, at this point, with no other options (for us) I choose to remain optimistic. I just wish Tony had not attended the Vandy game–the one in which the student section was unexplicably empty with a ranked team in the house. I still think that our recruiting class, if headed by Tony, will fill the Steg on a regular basis.


        1. I just wish Tony would understand that if he came fans would be excited and show up to ball games. UGA might not be so crazy about basketball but they will support a winning team Go Dawgs!!!


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