Tony Parker is going to be a Bruin

The AJC’s Michael Carvell reported less than an hour ago that Miller Grove’s Tony Parker announced this afternoon that he will be attending UCLA next season, a decision that bumped the Bruins ahead of Kentucky for the nation’s #1 recruiting class of 2012 (according to ESPN).

Throughout Parker’s recruiting process, the media hinted that he might consider playing his college ball in Athens because of its proximity to home (his mom) and the fact that two of his Miller Grove teammates would also be donning the red and black (Donte Williams and Brandon Morris) along with him.

Apparently the sentimental perks that came along with signing with Georgia did not outweigh the allure of California’s sunny weather and beaches and, oh yeah, becoming part of the best recruiting class in the country.

Parker joins Shabazz Muhammad (5-star), Kyle Anderson (5-star) and Jordan Abrams (4-star) in what will surely be a prestigious Bruin squad.

The only other player that the Bulldogs are considering at the moment (of which there isn’t much left) is a 6’8″, 240 pound kid out of Wagener, South Carolina named Rakeem Hicks.  He’s virtually unknown on most recruiting boards – no stars, grade or school list on ESPN – so he must be somewhat raw (or a diamond in the rough if you are an optimist?).

Other than a potential last-minute Hicks signing, it looks like the Dawgs’ frontcourt next year will a lot like this year’s, featuring Williams, Thornton, Neme, Florveous, John Cannon and Tim Dixon.

14 thoughts on “Tony Parker is going to be a Bruin

  1. He’s also choosing to sit behind the Wear twins and Josh Smith. And I don’t get Hicks, we’ve got big men. We need perimeter players, as you say above, we have plenty of tall bodies to work with.


    1. Hicks is an unknown, and I only mentioned him because he is the last big man listed under players that UGA is still “considering” for next year, according to ESPN. I agree with you in that Coach Fox has plenty of bigs to develop, whether the developing takes or not is another matter.


  2. Don’t forget about Houston Kessler, he has been mentioned on several recruiting sites as being a potential Dawg. I know ESPN doesn’t have him listed, but it’s worth mentioning.


  3. Truly a disappointment as I have had a good feeling about Tony Parker all year. I hope that Coach Fox will not waste this scholarship on another long-shot.; I’d rather give it to a walk-on and have it to recruit with next year. Sooner or later we will start to attract more top-tier talent to Athens. I just wonder if we are going to have to hire an AAU coach or well-respected high school coach to aid with the in-state kids.


  4. Is it just me or does anyone else feel lead on? Damn this is a real kick to the nads. At first we had to over come Kansas then Ohio state then Duke but couldn’t hold off Ucla in the end damn it. Oh well you have to give coach fox credit for hanging in there until the end. And for Tony Parker I can’t blame you for picking to go to a big time city/college basketball program to play but in the end when UGA does finally make strides in basketball it will be players like you that won’t be remembered.


    1. Corey I agree with your post but I think that TP is a good kid who really did give UGA a long,hard look. I thank him for that and wish him well at UCLA. I’m not sure it helps to say (as Parker’s high school coach did) that Mark Fox helped himself in this recruiting battle–after all, he lost it. Does anyone know who are the big in-state recruits for 13-14 and how we stand with them?


      1. Yeah hoops dawg your right I do like that the kid gave us a long hard look and I do think Coach Fox has to take some positives from this. But I don’t know how many great players we have just missed out on that could of potentially changed the program or at least would of made the team better. Here is a list of guys that we lost. Dwayne polee, Evan Nolte, Charles Mitchell, Julian Royal, Dai Jon Parker, and now Tony Parker UGA finished 2nd with all these guys since Fox has been here.


  5. We got Houston Kessler, son of Alex. I like his pedigree. Hopefully he will grow several inches during college like his dad did.


  6. Kudos to Michael, who called the Houston Kessler shot! He sounds like yet another slender project, however.


  7. I guess I am happy to have Mr. Kessler on board. Let’s hope he develops like his uncle Alec did. As a freshman and early in his soph year, Alec looked like a scholarship wasted. But he improved before everybody’s eyes that soph year and was unrecognizable as his former self as a junior. Of course, as a senior, you old timers will remember that Alec made some all-American teams as he led the dawgs to their only regular season SEC championship. I am not sure I’ve ever seen a dawg b-ball player with the work ethic of Alec Kessler. (Houston’s dad could play some ball as well).


    1. Let’s be happy for this kid, sounds like he bleeds red and black and with the right work ethic and family history who knows we might have us a gem. Although Alec Kessler played at UGA before I was even born anyone who follows or knows anything about UGA hoops knows he was one of our all time greats. Go Dawgs bros


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