A quick glance at UGA’s early 2013 recruiting efforts

Coach Mark Fox currently has one member in his incoming 2013 recruiting class – 5’8″ point guard J.J. Frazier out of Faith Baptist Christian Academy in Ludowici, Georgia.

According to ESPN, UGA has offered 9 prospects for the upcoming 2013 season.  Surprisingly, only one player other than Frazier hails from Georgia, with the remaining seven kids residing in neighboring southeastern states as well as the midwest.

The 2012 crop of new Bulldogs – Kenny Gaines, Charles Mann, Brandon Morris and Houston Kessler – all come from the greater metro Atlanta area.

However, in 2011 Fox only secured one in-state commitment – Kentavious-Caldwell Pope – to go along with a slew of out-of-staters in Nemi Djurisic, Tim Dixon, John Florveus and John Cannon.

This past recruiting season, Coach Fox went after and missed on several big in-state names – Tony Parker, Shaq Goodwin and Robert Carter, just to name a few.

Will the 2013 class of Bulldog signees be composed mostly of home-grown talent, or will Fox have to get creative and look for players outside of Georgia?

7 thoughts on “A quick glance at UGA’s early 2013 recruiting efforts

  1. In my mind Fox should go after anyone he thinks he can get out of state as long as they are 4 stars or higher. But don’t sign a bunch of 2 and 3 star guys from out of state when you can easily get them from home and build pipelines (a la last years class). But if he thinks he’s got a shot at a 4 star center from alabama then it would be stupid not to pursue him. We need players!

    Thanks for the post Hoop. I’ve been starved for something to read so far this offseason. Keep them coming throughout the summer if you can! Roster breakdowns. Player by player analysis. I’ll take whatever between now and September! Love the blog. Keep up the good work!


    1. I agree with you that Fox should go after a 4-star recruit if he thinks UGA has a shot, regardless if they are in-state or not. However, I just wonder how strong the Georgia basketball brand is outside of the state?


    2. Fox has got big problems. Durham had the common sense to bring in Tevester Anderson to help him reel in some of the better Georgia players. Even then, it was a challenge. Fox has put himself in jeopardy by hiring a staff that had no significant ties to GA AAU or HS programs. Now these guys are primarily looking out of state because we can’t generate interest in our own back yard. There is no excuse for UGA not to be able to land ANY quality post players in a year we desperately needed them. Our front court talent is probably bottom 10 among all of the major conference schools…and we’ve got Vince Williams and a couple of FR to run the point. Fox’s inability to bring enough quality players is only slightly less galling than Felton’s inability to coach them up.


  2. I agree completely with Oregon Dawg on recruiting philosophy although I obviously believe that Coach Fox needs to continue to go hard after top-rated Georgia players. Unless you are already an elite program, it is nearly impossible to sustain a winning program without a few talented in-state guys, and we need to get that kind of pipeline started. I hope I live long enough to see it.


  3. I wanted to add my congrats to all the hoops graduates this year (and last). I’ve been around long enough to remember when it was a milestone year if anyone on the B-Ball team graduated. Now it seems that most of our players (cept those who transfer or leave early) get their degrees.


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