SEC coaches hashing out new 18-game schedule for next year

SEC football and basketball coaches have been in Destin, Florida this week trying to assemble schedules for the new 14-team league.  I gathered from an ESPN article that the basketball coaches are having an easier time with it than the football skippers.

ESPN revealed the following in regards to next season’s basketball scheduling:

“They proposed an 18-game league schedule that would keep all 14 teams together instead of moving back to divisions. Teams would play everyone at least once (13 games) and have one annual home-and-home series with a designated rival. Those rivalries are Kentucky-Florida, Tennessee-Vanderbilt, Georgia-South Carolina, Alabama-Auburn, Mississippi-Mississippi State, Arkansas-Missouri and LSU-Texas A&M.

The remaining four games each season would be filled by the other 12 teams on a rotating basis.

The format, along with changes to the postseason tournament, likely will be approved Friday.”

At the moment, it appears that Georgia hit the “designated rival” jackpot in drawing neighboring South Carolina instead of Florida.  Geographically, it makes more sense to pair Kentucky with South Carolina and Georgia with Florida; however, I’m guessing that both Florida and Kentucky feel satisfied with this decision as it will routinely bolster each team’s respective RPI.

In the long run, I believe that the SEC’s decision to move to one division will ultimately benefit UGA basketball.  The Dawgs will inevitably have some years when they play the likes of a Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee or Vanderbilt twice, yet this new schedule is far more attractive considering up until this year they played all of those teams two times per season.

Rising junior Donte Williams, who earlier this week was arrested for possession of marijuana, should be available for the start of next year’s SEC slate.

3 thoughts on “SEC coaches hashing out new 18-game schedule for next year

  1. While I agree with you Hoop that it is certainly preferable to play USC twice every year in terms of our record…I hate the idea of Florida not coming to Athens every year. Either way it is what it is and it is by no means nearly as important as recruiting and player development for Fox and the boys. Hopefully we will be in a position where our RPI is important for our seeding year after year and then I will begin to complain about our scheduling.

    Also, I hated to hear about Donte. I think it is a relatively minor thing, and shouldn’t result in a significant suspension but I predict at least one bad loss because of it early in the year.


    1. Donte Williams will likely receive a multi-game suspension, which means that he is going to be somewhat out of sync when the Dawgs travel to Brooklyn for the Legends Classic to play a combination of Georgetown, Indiana and/or UCLA.


  2. Those Atlanta police have AMAZING senses of smell if they can detect “an extremely strong” odor of weed coming from weed in a plastic airtight bag in a glove compartment in a car driving by. Me, my nose can only smell profiling.


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