ESPN Highlights Georgia’s Italy Trip

Coach Mark Fox and his Georgia Bulldogs’ basketball vacation in Italy last week caught the eye of ESPN College Basketball guru Andy Katz, who focused on the Dawgs in one of his segments in his weekly 3-Point-Shot column.

The most exciting news for UGA basketball fans has to be that sophomore Tim Dixon (who was rarely used last season) tallied 9 points and 9 rebounds per game in Italy.  If Dixon can put up similar numbers in SEC play this year he would provide much-needed support and depth to a Georgia frontline that will be entering the season with a lot of question marks.

The only portion of the paragraph that might leave Dawgs fans questioning Katz’s knowledge of the team came towards the end of the piece in which he states the following:

“Marcus Thornton, arguably the team’s best player, didn’t play because he hadn’t been cleared since having surgery in the spring.”

I would say that as long as Kentavious-Caldwell Pope is donning the Red and Black that I would have to argue with Mr. Katz that KCP is in fact UGA’s best player.

Next season, Coach Fox is going to need to figure out a way to get offensive production from the guard position after losing his senior backcourt of Gerald Robinson, Jr. and Dustin Ware.  I am somewhat concerned that Vincent Williams wasn’t mentioned in this article (or any of CMF’s tweets during his time in Italy) as I think he will be the starting point guard to open up the season.

All and all, it sounds as though this trip provided a lot of good experience for several of Georgia’s players who as of right now haven’t had much of it.

6 thoughts on “ESPN Highlights Georgia’s Italy Trip

  1. I’m more worried about getting quality production out of Donte and Neme–still not convinced that Dixon will ever contribute much (and boy do I hope I’m wrong). Just got my ticket order and will renew for either the 35th or 36th year I can’t remember which–gettin kind of old now). Something good had better happen soon or I may not get to witness it!


      1. If we only win 8 (of 18) we stay home again in he postseason and Fox may be on the hot seat (unless he recruits a monster class).


  2. It is my belief that Fox is keeping mum on a good thing and wishes to post as many wins before teams get wish to our strengths. Last season, one breaking in a number of boys, showed inconsistent flashes that we just might hang with some of the big boys. Sure, the front court will be new, but if our centers and forwards are ready, we just might make some noise. Perhaps Fox realizes that you can’t disappoint in major way if you avoid major hype.


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