Basketball Dawgs get their second 2013 commitment

J.J. Frazier finally has some company in the 2013 UGA basketball recruiting class, as two-star guard Juwan Parker chose Georgia over Memphis and Stanford, according to ESPN.

At 6’4″ and 190 pounds, Parker plays the two-guard position – ESPN’s scouting report of the high school senior states that “Parker has a solid handle and is a good shooter with range to 20 feet”.

Coach Mark Fox now has two verbal commitments for 2013, both of the two-star variety.  Fox must feel pretty comfortable with his young frontcourt because most of his offers right now are to guard/wing-type players.

Georgia has made an offer to 5-star center Kennedy Meeks of Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as 4-star power forward Jarquez Smith from Haddock, Georgia.

4 thoughts on “Basketball Dawgs get their second 2013 commitment

  1. Given the quality of many of the programs that allegedly offered Mr. Parker, I can’t really buy the 2-star rating. A lot of coaches see something in him apparently. I wonder if he is a late-comer to the game or coming off a bad injury, either of which could explain the low rating.


    1. You make some good points – obviously these star rankings aren’t always reliable. That being said, I think that Fox needs at least one 4-star guy in this class to help Georgia bolster its reputation within the state.


      1. For what it’s worth, reported Juwan Parker as a 4-star signing. The AJC and the RedandBlack report Juwan as a Rivals-rated 3-star. My opinion: triple star caliber. Never seen him play but it sounds good to me.


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