Top 30 College Basketball Breakout Players

Georgia Bulldog basketball fans may have been shocked to see the Dawgs receiving two votes in the season’s first Coaches’ Poll.

However, this piece of news may come as an even bigger surprise: Nemanja Djurisic was named to CBS Sportsline’s list of 30 potential breakout players for the upcoming season.

According to Jeff Goodman, one of the network’s college basketball insiders, Neme has the tools to make a serious impact on this year’s Bulldog basketball team:

“The skilled forward from Montenegro came on late last season, but put up mediocre numbers as a freshman at 7.0 points and 4.2 rebounds per game. Look for him to be a major part of Mark Fox’s offense this year, along with Kentavious Pope-Caldwell.”

I’m confused by Goodman’s use of the word “mediocre” to describe Neme’s freshman season (7 points/4 boards per game seems pretty respectable for a frosh in the SEC), but I appreciate his optimism in regards to the Montegro Express’s second year in Athens.

Hopefully Georgia can continue to accrue national media attention as the season draws ever nearer.

6 thoughts on “Top 30 College Basketball Breakout Players

  1. I think he means Nemi was much better as the season ended than at the start. Overall, I think he had a good season. He is tough, can run and can hit the 3 pointers. Has to get better under the basket with his shots. Looking forward to seeing his improvement.


  2. I fully expect Neme to improve a lot and perhaps become an on the court leader. I’ve always liked him, even when he was a bit wild at the beginning of last season. The fans that sit around me love his hustle and grit. By the way, anyone know if there are any of those pre-season exhibitions scheduled this year?


  3. The thing that scares me with this team is not the point, it’s the fact that we have too much overlap at the 2 and the 4 and no one really built for the 3. Neme is great, but he can’t defend like Marcus so he has to split time. Fox has been pretty firm this offseason saying KCP is going to play the 2, but where does that leave Gaines? I only say this here, because I think if we can find a way for either Marcus or Neme to play the 3 we will be solid, but I don’t know… are either of them quick enough?


  4. Again, the difference between a 15 win season and a 20 win season really could come down to Marcus. If he can give us 7-8 points a game, I really think we could develop into a dangerous team. I think Nemi has the tools to be a solid 3 offensively, but he can switch with Marcus on Defense.


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