Georgia’s nonexistent frontcourt

Georgia is now nearly a quarter of the way through its 2012-2013 schedule, losing 5 of their first 7 games.  Heading into this season, UGA needed at least one or two of its bigs from a year ago to show significant gains so that they could become offensive factors on this year’s team.

So far, the frontcourt has been virtually factor-less.

After last night’s loss at South Florida, I couldn’t help but feel as though I had sat through another UGA basketball game in which two things were completely missing from Georgia’s offense – free throws and short- to mid-range baskets.

The number of made two-point field goals and free throw attempts are both very telling statistics that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of a team’s inside game.

As of this morning, Georgia is scoring just under 27 points per game on two-point baskets, ranking them 321st out of 347 NCAA Division-I teams in that category.  The Dawgs are barely attempting 16 free throws per contest, tying them with North Dakota State for 295th in the land.

This atrocious production by the UGA big men is either due to some serious overall underachieving, or more simply, that they are devoid of legitimate talent (I tend to lean towards the latter).

By now, most of the premiere high school bigs have already committed to top-notch programs.  The only offer that Fox currently has on the table is to blue-chip center-type is to 6’10” five-star center Dakari Johnson, a native of Montverde, Florida.  However, Mr. Johnson is also entertaining offers from Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State, Syracuse, Georgetown and Florida, so something tells me that the Dawgs are not really in the running.

Some of UGA’s recent inside players, like Jeremy Price, Albert Jackson and Dave Bliss, were merely role players on their respective teams.  However, I would gladly take any of those three bigs right now and make them the featured forward on this year’s team.

13 thoughts on “Georgia’s nonexistent frontcourt

  1. You’re right. Their ability to score is atrocious. Only 20 points at halftime. I can’t remeber the exact time on the clock, but it seems like they were tied at 50 with over 5 minutes remaining in the game & they were only able to scored 3 more points. Pathetic!


    1. CMF said after the game that the defense failed us. We took 49 shots to 42. He fails to see that is is lack of offense that does us in game after game. The teams pull off Marcus and double KCP. Nemi is out of control. Cannon gets more minutes and continues to improve. Must find a way to get more offense, The veterans cannot provide it. We lose games at the end because teams focus on KCP since CMF has the other shooters on the bench. Frustrating to watch the same mistakes game after game.


  2. I agree with evey observation you have made Hoop and am glad that you have called out the lack of frontcourt talent. I saw that as our biggest need last year but did not favor throwing away scholarships at more 6′ 9–6-11″ statues (we have too many of those now). What we desperately needed was at least one of the three 5-star in-state forwards from last year’s recruiting class and another player of that caliber this year. I fear that an inability to recruit will be Mark Fox’s undoing within another year or two, It is too bad because I like this guy. By the way, with the score tied within 5 minutes of the final buzzer, what the He– was Neme doing jacking up multiple 3s when he done nothing but clang his earlier shots off the rim? As per his earlier comments during the Indiana game, Bob Knight would surely have shot (or maybe choked) him for so doing.


  3. Hate to say it for Fox but I just don’t see any bright spots in the future. The way this season is going and the worst recruiting class in the SEC coming in next season with likely hood of KCP leaving the team could be worse next season. Cant forget fox won with Felton’s guys and since then it’s got ALOT worse were terrible. I’ve seen NAIA teams with better PGs and more talent in the post.


  4. I do not think there is a lack of talent for my expectations at this point. However the inability to score falls on the coaching and it is a major problem. I like CMF, but I am not impressed with his results on court. If I recall correctly coach Knight wanted the job and I wish we had him.


  5. I like John Cannon as a sophomore player. He has offensive moves and just seems to be a stat page filler. His negatives are that he doesn’t run the floor very well and seems slow footed/prone to fouls in the post on Defense. Also he may get winded easy, though I have no evidence to support this. What is up with Donte Williams? Is his moral down because of his Summer troubles and his suspension for the first two games? I was expecting a lot out of him. I liked seeing Thornton slash to the basket a couple times during the USF game and actually make it to the free throw line. Dixon is somewhat promising, but not quite there yet, he seems skittish when he is in the game. Florveus has been a disappointment, he only played 3 mins vs USF and hasn’t even shown the ability to be an above average rebounder or shot blocker in his time in Athens. I’m guessing that Houston Kessler is either injured or being red-shirted this season, it would have been nice to see what he could have offered in spurts during these early games, but at least we will have him for four more years. Neme has also been disappointing this season, outside of his lone game with a double double, and I believe he had one more good outing so far this season. He misses so many shots off the glass down low on spin moves and put backs, it’s so frustrating to not see him convert those.
    I think it’s time for Fox to look at replacing a few assistant coaches at some point in the near future or at seasons end. They just aren’t having player development that is needed to make large strides during the season and offseasons with the frontcourt players. I think if Donte starts to show up for games, Neme shakes out of his funk and frustrations and if Cannon earns more PT and trust from Fox, that we could have a solid two thirds of a season. Lets hope for just that!


  6. Replacing assistants is not going to make much difference. We do not have the talent to compete in the SEC and it is not even close.


    1. Ga athletics has a lot of money. The AD came from U of F where they built football and BB dominance. They did not buy that you had to be one or the other. The powers that be knew that when he was hired. I think in the long run we will see some positive changes. In the short run? Coach Fox has had 4 years to develop the program. He is a class guy with a good image. But in big time sports, you have to show year to year progress.


  7. I have to agree with Jerry. A bad year coupled with a poor recruiting class will place Fox’s butt firmly on the Hot Seat for 2013-2014. I’m not expecting anything against Tech…except I guess I’m still hoping for a miracle. A lose or two more and the league season becomes irrelevant. Here the writer pauses and lets out a big sigh.


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