Georgia to play in-state rival Georgia Tech on Tuesday

The Georgia Bulldogs (2-5) will hit the road again on Tuesday for a short trip down to Atlanta to take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (4-2).

After dismissing leading scorer Glen Rice, Jr. from the team last season, Brian Gregory looked as though his Jackets might be facing a rebuilding year this season as they tried to replace Rice’s offense.

While Georgia Tech hasn’t exactly been lighting up the scoreboards at 61.5 points per game, they do feature a balanced attack with three players averaging in double-figures.  The Jackets are led offensively by senior Kammeon Hosely, freshman Marcus Georges-Hunt and senior point guard Mfon Udofia, who are scoring 11.2, 11 and 10.2 points per game, respectively.

Georgia will also get their first look at Robert Carter, the versatile freshman big who chose Georgia Tech over the Dawgs earlier this year.  Carter has been slowly easing himself into the flow of the college game, netting 7.8 points to go along with 5.7 boards.

The Jackets, much like Georgia, entered the season with tempered expectations following the loss of some key personnel from last year’s team.  However, at this point it appears that Georgia Tech’s season is moving in a different direction than Georgia’s, especially considering the Jackets have a win over NCAA Tournament-regular Saint Mary’s under their belt.

Georgia needs someone to step up and shoulder some of the offensive load, or losing regularly is going to become the status quo of the season.  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is getting nearly 18 points a night, with the next closest scorer being Neme Djurisic’s 8.3 a clip.

As a dedicated fan of this UGA team I am ready to see something different Tuesday evening.  Playing 40 minutes of halfcourt basketball is not working for Georgia; Coach Mark Fox simply doesn’t have the big men for the Dawgs to run such a deliberate offense.  I would like to see Georgia play a little more up-tempo (maybe even press) to see if it doesn’t help them create some easier scoring opportunities.

Brian Gregory is 1-0 against UGA.  Will he take his win streak to two games over the Dawgs, or will the Georgia fans (if there are any) inside the McCamish Pavilion be chanting, “Just like football!”

4 thoughts on “Georgia to play in-state rival Georgia Tech on Tuesday

  1. Hoop, you are dead on about changing things up for this team. I can’t watch another game of passing it around the 3 point line and jacking with a few seconds left. We MUST get up-tempo so the opponent can’t set a zone defense. If we have 20 turnovers trying to run I would prefer that to what we have seen so far from this Georgia offense.


  2. So disappointed with the season so far; Neme has really been a turn off- shoots too many three’s, when he needs to have his game 10 feet and in. Our guards can’t stop anyone off the dribble or put pressure on the ball. We don’t get to the free throw line and are getting outrebounded. I guess that sums it up. Our lack of firepower plays right into our opponents’ hands, because Fox wants to maximize the shot clock and shorten the game- therefore when you go 5,6,7 minutes without scoring you get your tail beat. Play the freshman, run the floor, press and see what happens. I was screaming this last year as well, I remember when we beat Florida last year, we ran and shot and didn’t care. On the flip side, we are not good enough defensively to grind out games. When we have needed stops this year in close games, we haven’t gotten them. I can’t stomach much more of this, Fox will probably get one more year, but unless this train wreck slows down a little, he may not get that.


  3. A few quotes from Roger Clarkson’s preview in the Banner-Herald:
    “The start of the season has not been kind to Georgia’s record. But Bulldogs coach Mark Fox sees signs of improvement as the team heads into its rivalry game against Georgia Tech.” Now the only improvement I saw against South Florida was in our fluidity. We seemed less jerky and ill-at-ease. I remember thinking, “Fox, make an effort to get them to loosen up a bit.” More from Clarkson quoting Fox: “‘It’s easy to be frustrated in any endeavor that you have,” Fox said. “It’s your reaction to it that’s really critical. I think we’re improving. I think we’re getting better in certain areas. I want it to happen faster than it has. We are where we are and we’ve got to keep focusing on getting better.'” Obviously Fox isn’t going to be hypercritical of the boys. I assume from this he does not emulate Bobby Knight. Again from Clarkson, “Offense is where Georgia has struggled the most this season. One area where the Bulldogs could help themselves tremendously is the free-throw line, where the Bulldogs are shooting 64.9 percent. Georgia has not been very effective getting to the line to get more opportunities there. In its last four games, Georgia has averaged 8.5 free throw attempts a game as a team when it has lost three of four. In the only win of the stretch, Georgia went 0-for-1 against East Tennessee State.

    “We’re still not getting to the foul line enough,” Fox said. “Not shooting the free throws is maybe the most frustrating thing. We’re not shooting the free throws as well as we should. But I think we’ve made some improvements. We’re spending some time on some things in practice. Hopefully some of those numbers will get better.” But at the end of this article wee see this troubling “Noteworthy” – “Point guard Vincent Williams has taken 10 free throws (hitting four) and has not shot any in the past three games.” Quantitative evidence that we’re just passing the ball “Around the Horn” as others have already noted. I will continue to be an optimist and match Fox’s upbeat outlook – but DAMN! There had better be some FIRE in the boys tonight – and some SMARTS too, or I’m going to start throwing things! Drive it at them. Take the ball inside. Force Tech to make a stop. Put the dang ball in the hoop! Come home winners and (most)all will be forgiven!


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