Dawgs drop second in a row, fall 62-54 to Georgia Tech

Trailing 55-50 with only 1:48 remaining in the game, the Georgia Bulldogs came out of a timeout with 18 seconds on the shot clock and an opportunity to cut the Tech lead to just one possession.

However, the Dawgs were unable to seize the moment.  Instead, Vincent Williams put up a prayer with only 1 second left on the shot clock that was quickly batted out of play by the Yellow Jacket defender.  Georgia’s Neme Djurisic couldn’t get a shot up quickly enough on the inbounds play, resulting in a UGA turnover.

On the ensuing possession, Georgia Tech senior point guard Mfon Udofia slashed to the basket and scored the bucket while drawing the foul.  After completing the three-point play the old-fashioned way, Udofia’s Jackets held a 58-50 advantage with only 58 ticks left on the clock. 

Udofia and Marcus Georges-Hunt carried the Jackets on Tuesday night, scoring 12 and 18 points, respectively.

Georgia Tech came into the game connecting on under 25% of their three-point attempts this season, yet the rim must have looked awfully big against the Georgia defense as the Jackets made a season-high 9 three-pointers on 21 shots from beyond the arc.  The Dawgs failed to contest a number of Tech’s perimeter attempts, which probably led to the Jackets’ much-improved shooting performance.

In Georgia’s case it was pretty much business as usual for the Dawgs, hitting less than 32% from the floor and going 2 of 17 from the three-point line.  Coach Mark Fox’s team was held under 60 points for the 6th time this season (in 8 games), and they have yet to crack the 70-point barrier.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope led all UGA scorers with 16 points, but it took a 5 for 18 performance from the floor for him to reach that tally.  In KCP’s defense, Georgia Tech obviously learned from the example set by South Florida last Friday as they shadowed help on Georgia’s star player anytime he had the ball.  KCP’s effort in this game was relentless, finishing with a game-high 13 rebounds.

The lone bright spot offensively for the Dawgs had to come from the play by freshman Brandon Morris, who turned in 9 points and 4 rebounds in 19 minutes of action.  If Morris continues to improve he could begin to start pushing Neme for his starting position.

Djurisic turned in another dismal performance, going 1 of 8 from the floor to give him 4 points and 6 boards.  Neme’s inability to score from either inside or out is beginning to make him a liability, and it is time for Fox to start looking to John Cannon and/or Brandon Morris as potential replacements for Djurisic in the starting five.

The 62-54 loss to the Jackets drops the Dawgs to 2-6 on the year, leaving little doubt in anyone’s mind that this is going to be a long season.  Georgia cannot shoot the basketball, and they can’t sign any free agents to help in this facet of the game. 

As long as Donte Williams continues to turn in mediocre efforts UGA will remain a team with little firepower in the paint.



22 thoughts on “Dawgs drop second in a row, fall 62-54 to Georgia Tech

  1. Can we say coach Fox is on the hot seat yet?because lack of offense is usually a sign of bad coaching because I’m sitting here watching northwestern play and we probably have twice the talent and athletism a team like that has but you can tell their well coached because they execute their offense to get easy baskets. (Btw their playing Baylor who just beat Kentucky) but what I’m trying to say is this team is not on the same page and can’t execute anything offensively but maybe will get better I hope just don’t see much to be positive about right now or in the future.


    1. You are right about the offense being stagnant, for sure. UGA doesn’t have any playmakers right now. Hopefully Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines can become those types of players for them next season.


  2. I only watched bits and pieces of this game and was generally unhappy with what I saw. Glad to hear that Branden was contributing. I did hear the announcers call Donte out for indifferent play, saying that Georgia will do little this year unless he (or someone) lights a fire under his tail. I personally think that we have a major talent gap, and not just in the frontcourt.


    1. Donte is showing 0 leadership after all the progress he made last season he just looks like he did his freshman year again. This team needs some one like Jarvis Jones who just doesn’t accept losing.


  3. The things we were counting on – continued improvement from Nemi and Donte – just hasn’t happened. In fact, they have regressed. The only chance we had this year was for these two guys to establish something inside to give KCP room to operate, critical in the triangle offense.


  4. In defense of the big men, and please believe me, I’m not defending much, there is no one to kick the ball back out to when double teamed. The guards are often watching the play stationed behind an opposing player. The double usually get the block. That said, I can’t remember how many times I slumped back on the couch and said, “We’re awful!” It’s a sad commentary that we’re already looking to next season here in December of this one. There were a few shots of Fox last night and the look in his eyes was something new – he looked baffled more than disgusted, and at one point he looked worried. I don’t think that worried look was for his team. Perhaps he and Greg will be chatting over coffee this morning.


    1. The season is 25% over and we have only 2 wins. Barring a miracle, the season is at this point is a certain failure. The current starters are a known quantity and have demonstrated that they cannot win. As has been stated on this board, Donte and Nemi have regressed. Vince and Marcus are the same. KCP is playing like a freshman, and is scoring because he takes the most shots. The freshmen played well last night and made the game close until they were taken out in favor of Fox’s favorites. It seems to me, the only hope Fox has to keep his job is to play his freshmen with Cannon and KCP and hope by the end of the year there is enough positives to give him another year. Tech last night started 3 freshmen, and the team looked like it had a future. Trying to stay optimistic, but need to see changes.


  5. Ok guys…. I am going to be the first to say it. Bring on Shaka Smart! The guy has proven himself and he has good stock coming from Florida. If McGarrity is serious about being dominant in basketball as well, he needs to go ahead and stop this train wreck. Fox is a good guy, but he may have gotten in over his head.

    On another note, I have been following Tony Parker’s stats and he is getting hardly any PT. I wonder if may reconsider and come back to GA?


    1. Bingo! Wasn’t Shaka an assist at Florida at one time? He would be the perfect guy for the job he has ties to the south he can recruit and he’s someone the top flight recruits are going to immediately know about so that eliminates the the whole trying to build connections process (that coach Fox is STILL trying to do) because he already has them. Plus besides all that the guy seems like he can coach and get the most out of his players. I’m not here to completely bash Fox I think he’s a great guy and a good coach I just don’t think he really knew what he was getting into here being a Midwest western guy from Nevada. And I also think he could do great things back out west. But what UGA needs is a guy with swag that can get recruits attention and Shaka would be the guy if we could ever pull him away from VCU.


      1. A Shaka type coach would help. Many have cited poor recruiting as a problem.We play boring BB that has to rely on the 3 point shot. We have no 3 point shooters. The modern game is uptempo and uses the 3 pointer when it is is a wide open look. Maybe the top players don’t want to play that type of system. VCU is exciting to watch even when they lose. We are boring ,win or lose. We seem to have some players that could make us at least interesting, but the offensive system does not allow for a run and gun type player. We pass around the perimeter effectively but no points are awarded for that.


  6. Remember Nemi’s back cut the KCP found with a bullet pass for an easy layup? Thing of beauty! It was the ONE and ONLY thing we did all game that harkened back to those moments of promise we saw last season. I do remember times when Dustin and Gerald were both on the bench last year that didn’t look anywhere near as lost as we look so far. My question is, Is this some inexplicable funk we’ve stumbled into, or has something or someone caused it? Fox recently hinted that he’d had “push-back” from some players who weren’t “his”. Had they noticed something way back then? I just find myself baffled too at the regression we’ve made. Maybe Italy is a basketball jinx.


  7. I hate to be the voice of reality but we are DREAMING if we think Shaka Smart is coming to UGA. He just got a big raise and moved VCU up to the A-10 conference. Don’t forget that we tried to hire Anthony Grant from VCU when we ended up with Fox — Alabama was a better basketball coaching job, even though they don’t have nearly the talent in that state, because at least they have some basketball tradition and fans.

    I am very tired of the boring, ugly style of hoops we are playing under Fox moreso than the losing. It is definitely time for a change. UGA needs to grab a mid-major coach with some energy, I just don’t think Smart will be interested.


      1. Probably right.Shaka is an example of the type that would excite fans. But I think a big time coach can be lured to Ga. Money talks! And the SEC is on the upswing as far as BB is concerned. Donovan at FL. makes 3.5 million. Calipari over 7 million according to reports. Fox around 1.2 million. The money is there if the will is there to build a BB program that is in the top tier of of the SEC


    1. My recollection is that we by that I mean Damon Evans) wasted time on the dream of Mike Anderson while Bama moved decisively and hired Grant. We then ended up with Fox. I had hope for him but it is clear the Peter Principle has gotten him.


  8. If this is the last year for Fox not saying it is but it’s looking that way after each game. Who would be a possible realistic candidate for the job? Obviously I would think that Shaka would be our first target but after that I have no clue. I just want someone with connections with the south or even better Atlanta in the AAU circuit and someone with an idea about what their getting into. but don’t count Shaka out he has Florida connections which may mean Mcgarity connections and his bud coaches at Bama but who knows. Til then Go Fox


  9. After watching this team for several games this year, it is obvious that they do not dribble, pass, catch, shoot, or rebound very well, but otherwise they seem like a solid team. In all seriousness, it is sad to see how non-competitive UGA Men’s basketball has become. They demonstrate very little in terms of offensive plays in creating good scoring opportunities, and when they do, seldom do they make the shots. They end up relying on trying a bunch of 3 pointers and they are not consistent shooters. I was optimistic that Coach Fox would be able to recruit and coach the required talent necessary to establish UGA as a top contender in the SEC and the country, but we are becoming less competitive rather than getting better. Hopefully this will turn around, but it does not appear likely anytime soon with the current roster of players.


    1. Agree, except for your last sentence. We have yet to see the freshmen do their thing. They were highly rated, solid high school players. Each won their state championship.We kind of all agree we would love to see them play more minutes with KCP. Cannon is smooth with his shots and plays hard. It seems that combo would be interesting to watch, even if we lose. Maybe give us hope for the future. Not optimistic that will happen-CMF likes his experienced players, despite the results.


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