Georgia wins low scoring contest over George Washington

Charles Mann may not have started the game against George Washington, but he certainly made the plays his team needed at the end of the night to help them finish it.

On a critical Georgia possession with under 2 minutes to play and his team up by 3 points, Mann penetrated into the heart of the Colonial zone, drawing defenders and then dishing to a wide open Nemanja Djurisic who finished the play for 2 UGA points.

Following another George Washington miss, Mann once again brought the ball down the floor, attacked the zone and delivered another pass to Djurisic on the block – Neme finished the basket despite being fouled on the shot, giving the Dawgs a 46-39 advantage with only 1:22 remaining in the game. These two possessions sealed the Colonials fate, and Georgia walked out of Stegeman with a 52-41 win, their fourth in a row.

Coach Mark Fox’s team secured the victory on Friday night despite playing arguably their sloppiest game of the year. The Bulldogs committed a season-high 23 turnovers, which enabled George Washington to hang around even though the Colonials only managed to hit 24% of their field goal attempts. Georgia shot nearly 49% from the floor on Friday, yet their inability to value the basketball allowed the Colonials to nearly pull off the road upset.

Even after the Colonials began the second half with a 1 for 11 shooting performance from the floor, Georgia was only able to muster a 32-28 lead with a little over 12 minutes remaining.

Fortunately for the Dawgs, Neme was able to continue his offensive onslaught in the win over the Colonials, pouring in 17 points to go along with 5 rebounds. This game came off the heels of Nemanja’s 21-point effort against FAMU last Saturday. Djurisic has been playing some inspired basketball as of late, and his improved offensive presence gives Kentavious Caldwell-Pope some much-needed support in the scoring department.

Although Mann had a pair of nice plays near the end of regulation, he struggled for most the night, managing only 3 points while committing a team-leading 5 turnovers.

KCP made his typical contribution – 17 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.

George Washington, a team that entered the game expecting to out rebound the Dawgs, lost the battle of the boards to UGA by a tally of 37 to 27. A big reason for Georgia’s success on the glass can be attributed to the efforts by John Florveous, who led all players with 10 rebounds.

The Bulldog defense frustrated the Colonials’ leading scorer Isaiah Armwood for much of the night, limiting him to only 6 points on 3 of 10 shooting from the field. The only George Washington player to finish in double-figures was freshman Kenny Larsen, who paced his team with 14 points.

Friday’s win over George Washington completes Georgia 2012-2013 non-SEC schedule, with the Bulldogs beginning conference play next Wednesday at Florida.

For a team that began the season 2-7, the Dawgs have to be one of the most satisfied sub-.500 teams in the nation.

11 thoughts on “Georgia wins low scoring contest over George Washington

  1. This game was a major step in the wrong direction. When I saw the starting lineup, I wondered what happened in practice this week. It seems that Florveous and Brantley are the new favorites since Thornton is out for the season. With Florveous we are trading rebounds for scoring. Brantley will make an occasional 3, but is not the solution. Fox will not give the freshmen freedom to make mistakes and grow. One mistake and they sit. I shudder to think of next year if KCP leaves.The Dawgs looked out of control-like an early season game. Yeah, I know we won.


    1. Of course, one reply is that none of our bigs scores much anyway and this turned out to be the best game of Florveous’s career. I’m on the fence about Cannon, but I’d much prefer to see him in there than Dixon. Whenever the latter enters the game, I feel like that I’d like to go to the baseline with my blowgun and a testosterone dart to see if we can get him going. Despite his early problems I was dismayed everytime I saw V. Williams at the scorers table checking back in. Sure enough Mann finally came through. His height allows him to see the court in a way that Vince apparently does not, and he is aggressive looking always to go to the hoop or dish off the penetration in ways that clearly open up an otherwise rather sterile offense.I love Charles’s play and hope that he’s in Athens for a good long time.


  2. Gaines played 7 minutes and Cannon 3 minutes. I really don’t understand. I know Florveous had a good rebounding game and is probably a little tougher underneath. But sitting Cannon gives up offense we need. Anyone have an insight as to whats going on with these two? By all accounts, Gaines was the top recruit and was great in high school. He seems lost when he does get in.


    1. I noticed that Larsen was able to back JC up under the rim a bit too easily. I yelled out once, “John! You’ve got to make him work harder than that! “


  3. I’ll agree that this game did not show us moving positively, and yet, earlier this season this would have been a game we’d lose. So I felt that showed some positive growth. Mann frustrated me much of the game, but I recognize that he’s the guy to lead the offense. His first step seems to surprise his defenders and he gets a step on them almost every time. A few of those pointless give-aways had me slapping the back of the seat in front of mine though. That said, he did create the the sequences Hoop outlined above and I’m glad we have him. I’ll admit that I’ve been waiting for Florveus to step up, and I see his improvements as a big positive heading into the SEC. He’s got that size/weight that Cannon/Dixon/Williams don’t have yet. Yes Florveus always was the one gauranteed to fumble the ball away with his sloppy hands, but now he seems to be trying to keep it simple. His quickness coming out to defend above the top of the key was a nice surprise. Maybe he’ll grow to give us 6-8 points per game. I’d hope so. I don’t see Cannon transferring. He’ll most likely be a lock starting for the next two years. I don’t see Dixon moving ahead of him – unless Dixon ever gets where he can actually make that jump hook. Brantley played ok defensively again, but his turnovers were almost as bad as Vincent’s. Speaking of Vincent, I’d expect a senior to deal with a trap defense much better than he did. But, in his defense, he did nail a sweet 3-pointer when we needed a basket. Morris was a bit off, but we’ll never know if he would have improved as he didn’t get the minutes. Gains I’m still undecided about. He’s still making a quick thoughtless error once in, and if we’re palying like we did for most of Saturday’s game, one error-prone kid is much like another. I don’t see any real injustice in his amout of PT. Donte has yet to shake his funk, and Lord knows we need him to do that. Silly fouls and meager point production will make for a long night in Gainesville. I was disappointed in the students Saturday. I spoke to a DanceDawg leaving the coliseum. She admitted that some kids had yet to come back to Athens, but that plenty were already around, they just don’t think the team is any good. Sad comemtary, but not unexpected. So on to the SEC. I don’t believe anybody is expecting the unexpected against UF, but giving the Gators a good fight and then beating Miss.St. will have me feeling better going up to face Mizzou.


  4. I like watching Cannon make his move on the block but he is not big enough or strong enough to play much in the SEC schedule. Fox has been quoted essentially saying that Cannon is a defensive liability. Fox knows he can’t play him vs SEC front lines so he wants to get the other guys the experience now.

    Gaines looks out of control and overwhelmed out there. Can’t blame Fox for not wanting the ball in his hands right now.


  5. Gaines so reminds me of Travis Leslie as a freshman. If he improves half as much between his freshman and soph years, we’ll be very happy to have him (and he’ll play a lot next year if KCP comes out).


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