Missouri extends Georgia’s losing streak with a 79-62 home victory

The Missouri Tigers opted not to push the tempo against Georgia on Wednesday night, and the Dawgs obliged. For most of the game, Georgia seemed content to chew up shot clock on a majority of their possessions.

UGA was able to keep things within striking distance at the slower pace, but eventually the Dawgs’ inability to value the basketball led to their undoing. Georgia, who entered this game averaging over 15 turnovers per contest (270th in the nation), gave the ball to Missouri 19 times in Columbia. It is difficult for a team to maintain a half court game when they cannot keep the ball out of the other team’s hands.

Missouri looked as if they might pull away midway through the first half, with the Tigers pushing their lead to 13 points with six minutes left before the intermission. However, the Dawgs were able to head into the break trailing just 38-30 thanks to a 5 for 9 shooting performance from beyond the arc.

Heading into Wednesday’s game, the Georgia coaching staff had been harping on the fact that someone on the Bulldogs’ roster besides Kentavious Caldwell-Pope needed to begin scoring regularly. I doubt that any of them anticipated that Vincent Williams would be the player to step up and supplement the offense. Williams, who scored 13 points in the first half, finished with a career-best 23 points to go along with 4 rebounds and 3 assists.

While Georgia shot the ball very well in Columbia – 46% from the floor and 59% from beyond the arc – they were unable to keep the Tiger bigs off the offensive glass. Mizzou secured 12 offensive boards, led by Alex Oriakhi’s team-high of 8 rebounds to go along with his 13 points.

The Tigers had five players finish in double-figures, and they made 9 three-pointers to nearly match Georgia’s 10 from the perimeter.

For the Dawgs, KCP was the only player other than Williams to score in double-digits, pouring in 15 points (including 3 three’s).

Again, for Georgia to shoot the ball as well as they did against Missouri and still lose by 17 points is a real testament to this UGA team’s carelessness with the ball.

The Dawgs typically are not nearly as successful from the floor as they were tonight, and couple that with their turnover problem and UGA is only scoring on barely over 30% of their possessions this year.

The loss to Mizzou puts Georgia at 0-3 in the conference for the second-straight season.

The Dawgs will have two days to prepare for a Saturday evening home game against LSU.

12 thoughts on “Missouri extends Georgia’s losing streak with a 79-62 home victory

  1. Not much PT for Cannon last night (at least while I was watching).
    The other bigs looked horrible except for a moment or two out of Donte. I wish Williams (Vince) was always as aggressive as he was last night when he was making some good things happen. Has anyone heard anything about Tony Parker being unhappy out West and wanting to come home? I’m not sure how I’d feel about that after the fiasco he perpetrated on his “announcement” day last Spring. But it is undeniable that we need all the help we can get up front.


    1. I have read a few stories about him being homesick and complaints about lack of playing time. Also the reports indicate he appears to be out of shape. Nothing definite about transferring.
      The Cannon mystery continues. Also,CMF has said he only wants to use Gaines to relieve KCP-too difficult for a freshman to learn two positions.Vince had the best game of his career. He took advantage of the doubling of KCP. Mann has been doing this, but has not been making the shots that Vince did last night. That’s the only positive from last night.


  2. Thought the guys played better last night. I’m hoping Vince can keep the scoring going. He has got to have a lot of confidence after last night. Would be cool to see him do well as a senior. Roughest season in a while. I’m just hoping we can improve into the end of the year. I’m not sold on getting rid of Fox. I think we need to stay the course at least for one more season after this one. Even though he has done some questionable things this year. I thought he did a pretty good job the three years leading up to this one. He just needs to get a couple of big wins in recruiting and I feel like he is close.


    1. I like Fox. Makes a great impression. But I don’t see how we are close. KCP is projected as a first round NBA pick and has no reason to stick around. The two incoming freshmen are OK players, but won’t have an immediate impact. To think the current players will be better is not certain. Nemi and Donte have regressed. We don’t have a big man coming in. Fox has no confidence in Cannon who has the most upside.Next year,IMO, has the potential to worse than this year.


  3. I found the game strangely encouraging. Yes, we were dominated on the glass, but at least we looked confident shooting the ball. I think we will take out frustration on LSU in a blowout.


    1. Well, if we can lose to Miss. St. at home, we certainly can lose to LSU. I agree with Jerry – just a win would be nice. We ain’t blowing out ANYONE this season.


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