Thee quick takeaways from the Florida game

I am not going to have time for a full post due to how late it was last night when I returned to Atlanta from Athens, coupled with the fact that I need to be at work in less than an hour. However, here are three things from last night’s game that stuck out in my mind on the drive home (please comment or add to them below):

1. Even though Florida ended up winning 64-47, the Georgia Bulldogs deserve some credit for showing up Wednesday night ready to go toe-to-toe with the best team in the conference. Considering how badly the Gators whipped the Dawgs down in Athens, it would have been very easy for UGA to come out tentative in this game. Yet, Georgia appeared poised and fairly aggressive for the first twenty minutes, taking a 27-24 lead into the halftime break.

2. When Florida wants to shut a team down, they can look pretty dominant doing it. Coach Billy Donovan obviously was not happy with his squad’s first-half play because the Gators came out of the locker room a team possessed for the final twenty minutes. Nearly twelve minutes into the second half, Georgia had managed to turn the ball over 5 times and they had only mustered 4 points (on 1 field goal). The Dawgs’ offense looked miffed against the Florida pressure, either coughing it up, or just swinging the ball around the perimeter until someone could hoist up a last-second, fall away three to avoid a shot clock violation.

3. Florida is just a lot more talented than Georgia. When you see the Gators up close and in person, and then you look at what Georgia has on the floor, it’s not even a fair comparison. This Florida team is one of the better ones that Billy Donovan has put together in recent years, and they look like a squad that could go very deep into this year’s NCAA tournament.

13 thoughts on “Thee quick takeaways from the Florida game

  1. Good post. The most important words sum up the entire problem: “Florida is just a lot more talented than Georgia. When you see the Gators up close and in person, and then you look at what Georgia has on the floor, it’s not even a fair comparison.” If that were about UK, I could understand. I don’t understand this comment when it’s about UF. We should be able to recruit the same athletes on the basketball court that the Gators have. Fox seems to be a really good guy and understands the game, but he hasn’t been able to get the job done in kids’ living rooms. What’s the solution?


    1. It was predictable that Georgia woul lose this game on turnovers and the failure to deal with the press. In the second half the Dogs went to the toss around the perimeter and throw up a desperation shot offense.Missed some easy layups when they did get the ball inside. Poor fundamentals were the difference in this game, even though the Gators have more talent.


      1. Seniors Florveous and Brantley played 40 minutes and had 2 points total. Gaines played 5 minutes and had 3 points. Cannon did not play. We need offense. The season is lost. Why we don’t play the young guys is mind boggling. Let them make mistakes and look to the future. When you lose big,it doesn’t matter if the young guys give up a few more.


        1. I feel you Jerry. Gaines hit a three from the corner in the first half, and then was immediately pulled on the ensuing possession – go figure. Maybe Fox was worried that Kenny might get into a rhythm offensively?


  2. Hoop, I agree with all three of your points–good post!. Florida is really,really good and, I suspect, would be ranked much higher if they were not so balanced and had an individual star that writers (and coaches) had heard of, like KCP. Billy Donovan is a great coach and it is hard not to like him, even if he is a gator.
    Second, I also strongly agree that the freshmen need to play more–particularly Morris. I look at him and can see a really fine player down the road. He’ll get a lot better going to the hoop and at knowing when to pass (rather than forcing the issue) with experience and with the availability of bigs who learn how to provide pass off options for easy buckets. Several times last night I saw Florida rush to double on Morris leaving Donte or Florveous wide open underneath.
    Third, I’m sure the coach has his reasons but…does anyone have any idea why he is so enamoured with Dixon and simply lets Cannon sit. I realize Cannon is not the quickest guy in the world, but he does have some offensive (scoring) moves and rebounds when he is in there. I wonder if JC isn’t being sent the not too subtle message that he ought to transfer. Any thoughts on this out there?


      1. Question for you Hoop. Gaines is backup to KCP because Fox feels thats his position.If KCP stays next year , what happens to Gaines’ playing time? He’ll be gone if that happens. Too much talent to ride the bench. It seems that Fox would hedge his bets for next year by using one of these guys at a different position. KCP played the 3 spot last year and did well.


        1. I would like to see Gaines be the first option off the bench as opposed to Brantley at the 2-guard slot – frankly, I’m not sure why that shift hasn’t been done already.


          1. I like Gaines’ enthusiasm out there. that is something that is really lacking with this team. it was unbelievable how Fox yanked him after he made a 3 and was getting pumped up.

            Brantley brings nothing – zero whatsoever – to the team. Can’t shoot, can’t handle the ball, can’t pass, doesn’t do anything on D. He needs to ride the bench until Sr. day.


            1. Coach Fox seems to put a premium on not making mistakes. That seems to be the story on Brantley. If you are not participating, you don’t make mistakes. Brantley was recruited as a three point shooter. Yet when he has an opportunity, he is tentative or passes on the shot. The Gaines three pointer was great to see. I would have left him in to see what would develop with his game. His missed layup was from lack of experience in playing,didn’t have a handle on the ball when he went up.


              1. I agree Jerry. Putting a premium on not making mistakes is a sure way to not play well offensively in basketball. You end up playing tight worried that you could make a mistake instead of making a play. Maybe that’s another reason we are struggling offensively..that mind set of not making a mistake.

                Fox should just let them play…the season is all about getting a lot of experience for the young guys and seeing them improve a lot. That’s Fox’s only hope in my opinion…or at least it should be. He’s got to field a good team next year which starts with getting KCP to stay and getting these young guys a lot of minutes so they can improve. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is his mindset. I’m not sure why. I’m baffled with Fox playing Brantley so much over Gaines. I’m no rocket scientist but it is clear Gaines brings a lot to the table..even more so if he is allowed just to play and not worry about being pulled every time he messes up. It’s clear Fox has gotten to him with the pressure because he missed an easy dunk the other night. If he’s playing loose that turns into a nice highlight.


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