Georgia tops Auburn for second-straight SEC victory

Is it possible for a team to shoot under 30% from the floor and below 60% from the free throw line and still be in a position to win late in a game?


Auburn proved it on Wednesday night inside Stegeman Coliseum, where they mustered just 28.3% on field goal attempts to go along with a 15 for 27 performance from the charity stripe. Despite the fact that Auburn had only two field goals nearly 10 minutes into the second half, the Tigers still had the ball down by merely one basket with a 1:34 remaining in the game.

Auburn’s leading scorer – Frankie Sullivan – missed a jumper, which Kentavious Caldwell-Pope corralled and flung out to Sherrard Brantley ahead of the break. Brantlely blew the lay-up, but fortunately for Georgia KCP hustled down the court and tipped in his teammate’s miss, giving his team a 50-46 lead with 1:07 left.

Pope made a pair of free throws two possessions later that put UGA up 53-47 with only 31 seconds on the clock.

KCP – I mean, Georgia – would end up winning the game 57-49 over Auburn, the team’s second-straight conference win.

Pope was the undeniable hero on a night when both teams looked anemic on offense. KCP finished the game with 20 points and 10 rebounds, his third double-double of the season.

The Dawgs could have put this contest away much earlier, yet they apparently decided to be polite and match Auburn miss for miss from the free throw line, where Georgia managed to make only 15 of 26 shots (just slightly better than the Tigers). UGA also committed 16 turnovers, which has become pretty much par for the course this year.

Freshman Charles Mann had a nice game, chipping in 10 points and 6 assists and making an amazing skinny-post catch and basket with 20 seconds left that extended the Georgia lead to 55-49.

The rest of the Bulldog team put on performances that were rather forgettable.

The Tigers had three players – Frankie Sullivan, Allen Payne and Chris Denson – score in double-digits, contributing 13, 13 and 12 points apiece, respectively.

For Georgia, Wednesday night’s win may not have been aesthetically pleasing, but it did serve to bolster the team’s overall record to 9-11, and UGA is now 3-4 in SEC play. The Dawgs, who started out 0-3 in league play, have won 3 of their last four games, positioning themselves somewhere in the middle of the conference standings.

This Georgia team may not “wow” people or earn much in the form of style points, but they are winning basketball games.

17 thoughts on “Georgia tops Auburn for second-straight SEC victory

  1. What am I missing? Why play Jurisic. He has no foot speed, is a turnover machine, can’t guard anyone due to his lack of quickness, has no touch around he boards, he’s lost his shot … I don’t get it.


    1. It is definitely a mystery. For my money, I would much rather have Cannon for the extra height and inside scoring presence.

      Neme is second on the team in turnovers at 51 on the season and 2.6 per game, which is unacceptable considering he is a big and doesn’t have the ball in hands nearly as much as Mann, Pope or Williams.


      1. I thought the tv announcers were funny last night. They said Nemi is “a turnover waiting to happen” and, when he tried a spin move, said he needs to “recognize his limitations”


  2. As ugly as both teams played, nobody’s game was worse than the refs’! Incompetent! I know the game has gotten rougher, but if you are going to allow Auburn to slam forearms on shots and rebounds, then you can’t call lesser touches by the Dawgs at the other end! It ceases to be meaningful basketball. I’ve seen enough of that to last me a season! Rant over. At one point I looked at the player stats up on the big board. KCP was in the high teens for us, and everybody else 3, 2, 1s. Auburn with three guys in double digits …and we were leading? It seemed a mathematical impossibility! I’m happy for the win, but I saw enough garbage from our guys to worry me plenty leading up to Saturday’s tip.


      1. Without KCP, the teams are about even. Auburn a poor offensive team and undisciplined. KCP looks ready to go to the NBA. He has no reason to come back. The team will be slightly better next year with him, but not a NCAA tournament team. But maybe he likes being in college. As usual, Gaines looks good and then makes a freshman mistake with the foul on the three point shot. Although KCP did the same thing. Given a chance, Gaines looks to have a lot of offensive upside. His shot is a thing of beauty. If KCP comes back, does he still ride the bench? Right now, he only backs up KCP>


        1. Jerry, I agree with you about Gaines and wish he’d become more offensively oriented (although CMF MAY have something to do with that). Also, I agree about the officiating last night and was not too overjoyed the last time we saw these clowns in the Steg (last week??). Finally, KCP is definitely getting much better at creating his own shot, but I wish he’d stay another year to work further on ball-handling. Otherwise, he may end up something akin to Travis Leslie, moving back and forth from the developmental league.


        2. I also wanted to say that I watched the UCLA-Arizona State game last weekend in which Tony Parker played a lot due to an injury to Travis Wear. I was shocked with how slow he looked and the trouble he seemed to have getting off his feet. He seemed either totally disinterested or badly out of shape. His defense was atrocious and Howland at one point yanked him out in favor of a more mobile, smaller defender. Who knows what would have happened if he had come here, but based on the player I saw Saturday, he’d have been riding the pines a lot in Athens. Of course, given our front line, I’m sure he would have been given no small opportunity to play through his difficulties–if they are correctable.


          1. i have read that Tony Parker was not in shape. Seems he is very unhappy out there due to lack of playing time. Rumors are that he might transfer. His critics have said he was coasting on his high school clippings and he is not as good as the guys ahead of him. Wasn’t working hard because of playing time which resulted in less playing time. Also, some say he is homesick. Might be very different if he had come to UGA. Hard to go from being the star to a bench warmer. Big blow to the ego.


            1. I watched a UCLA game on tv and can confirm that Parker is woefully out of shape. Not sure we are really missing out on too much there. If he wants to transfer he will need to to get in shape on his own during that year off.


              1. He’s also averaging a foul every four minutes of court time. And yet…I’d still welcome him. Underneath the flab and current disinterest is at least some level of talent.


                1. Look at who we currently have on the roster. I would take Parker with one hand holding a cupcake over some of our current options. But its not worth thinking about right now. Our team has finally won some games, so I would rather savor this moment than get my hopes up for this kid again only to be let down.

                  I also agree with you Jerry about Gaines. I like all 3 freshmen a lot (though Mann has at least 2 turnovers per game that are absolutely awful) and I wish we would find more lineups to put KCP and Gaines on the floor together. I think we will see more of that as we move forward. I disagree about KCP though. He isn’t ready for the NBA. I haven’t seen his name on a single 2013 draft board (He is a lottery pick on most 2014 boards). He gets ZERO national attention even though he leads his team in every category imaginable. I am optimistic after the last two horrible decisions made by UGA underclassmen that KCP will stay one more year and improve his stock. At least that’s what I’m hoping….


                    1. KCP is just now in the past few games starting to get his jumper off his own dribble. That is a top priority for the NBA. I think the fact that he is clearly improving his game under this staff and his desire to reap some reward after suffereing through his UGA career thus far will bring him back.

                      If Mann continues to develop and KCP does come back, I could see next years team being top 4 or 5 in the SEC and sneaking in to the NCAA.


        3. Jerry, I have to disagree with one of your points. I too love when Gaines hits his threes, but his shot is anything but beautiful. If you get a chance to see it from a 90 degree angle, it is terribly flat and lacks a proper arch. It has to be dead on to hit.


          1. Thanks for the info Harlem, I have only seen it on TV. He appears to have a smooth confident shot. Surprised some coach hasn’t corrected that lack of arch.


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