Georgia wins its third conference road game, downing Vols 68-62 in Knoxville

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope must not want to relinquish last week’s SEC Player of the Week award because after tonight’s 24-point performance in Knoxville he is well on his way to claiming it again.

Pope played magnificently on Wednesday night for his team, burying 5 of 7 three-pointers – all of which came when Georgia’s lead was just 5 points or less.

In the game’s final two minutes, with Tennessee trailing by only 3 points, KCP was as poised as ever. The sophomore calmly scored 5 unanswered points, including a clutch three-pointer with a Vols’ defender in his face to put Georgia up 66-58 with only 51 seconds remaining. Those points were the nail in UT’s coffin, and the Dawgs would head back to the locker room (singing all the way) with a 68-62 SEC road victory – their third of the season.

While KCP was the main storyline for the Bulldogs on Wednesday, Georgia also got significant contributions from guards Vincent Williams and Kenny Gaines, who chipped in 10 and 12 points, respectively. Both of these guys also made big field goals down the stretch with less than 4 minutes left that helped the Dawgs maintain their advantage over Tennessee (Gaines’s baseline jumper at the 2:37 mark served to ease the memories of his back-to-back first-half bank shots).

Even though Tennessee’s star players – Jordan McRae and Jarnell Stokes – managed to score 17 and 16 points, respectively, the UGA defensive pressure for much of the night was quite strong. The Dawgs held the Vols to just 3 of 11 shooting from beyond the arc, and they forced Coach Martin’s team into 13 turnovers (11 of which came in the first half).

Georgia began the game white-hot, nailing 7 of their 13 three-point attempts before the break. On the evening, the Dawgs finished with 11 three’s, their highest output of the season from beyond the arc.

The victory this evening puts the Dawgs’ overall record at an even 11-11, and they have now gone over the .500 mark in SEC play with a 5-4 record. This win is UGA’s fourth in a row in league play, which is something that hasn’t been done since 2003, under coach Jim Harrick. Something tells me that Coach Fox’s team managed this streak legitimately, though.

Georgia is tied with Arkansas for six place in the conference, and with the way this team is playing and improving a 10-win SEC season does not sound nearly as out of the question as it might have a month ago.

13 thoughts on “Georgia wins its third conference road game, downing Vols 68-62 in Knoxville

  1. Heck, they’ve already won more conference games than I had them penciled in for a month ago. Gaines is improving by leaps and bounds, and what can you say about KCP? Nemi continues to frustrate — UT erased our lead during the brief time in which he took it upon himself to take all the shots.


  2. If we just had one legitimate post threat, this team could be really dangerous. Our inside players are just painful to watch…every single one of them.

    KCP was great and those two bank shots by Gaines were hilarious. I like what the Frosh bring to the table, but we still aren’t much outside KCP…and he could easily move on
    to the NBA at season’s end barring a slump
    or injury.

    The next two games are at home(TAMU and Bama). It will be interesting to see if the students and the locals come out to support the team. Hope so…the team deserves it after winning 3 straight on the road and 6 of 7 overall.


  3. There is no excuse for the students to not fill out the Steg for this Saturday evening game with A&M.

    KCP for back-to-back POW.


    1. Great recap Hoop. KCP is a wonder. I must point out the obvious. Winning coincided with Gaines and Cannon playing more minutes. I am still puzzled By Fox’s attitude toward those two guys. Last week he went out of his way to berate Cannon, going to him a couple of times on the bench after ripping when he was pulled out of the game. Last night he did something similar to Gaines.-saying “you don’t have to shoot every f#####g time you get the ball”. (from a number of sources that heard it)Then he pulls him. Both these guys deserve better. I don’t see that type of treatment to the other guys. They are all busting their butts every game. The coach needs to stay under control. But great win and Fox is letting them play. Still a little bothered it took so long for these guys to get some minutes. Our record might be better.


      1. Jerry, to your point, lets give CMF a little credit. You have NO IDEA what Gaines and Cannon deserve or don’t deserve. Gaines forced some very questionable shots last night and probably needed to be reprimanded. Cannon got pulled and berated in the first half of Saturdays game when he was playing AWFUL defense and air balling shots. Since that reprimand he has played his 3 best defensive halves of the season easily. He was our best defensive big man last night and that is a far cry from where he was at the beginning of the season. Fox is getting the most out of players and we are seeing marked improvement. In my mind that is because of CMF, not in spite of him.


  4. We are playing with a lot more confidence. I agree, If we had a young guy in the middle like Shaq Goodwin or Tony Parker we could have been pretty tough.


  5. No wonder big-time recruits are reluctant to sign with us. After another exciting win from what is arguably the hottest team in the SEC not named Florida, today’s Athens Banana-Herald chose not to run a story of any kind on last night’s victory. I guess a column or so would have cut too far into their 4-page coverage of football signings. I mean I am a football fan but GIVE ME A BREAK!!!


  6. KCP is absolutely unbelievable. Every time we needed a big shot he calmly strolled down the court and threw up dagger after dagger. How much must Tenn fans hate him after that game!? That was easily the best game I have ever seen him play. I hope NBA scouts weren’t watching….

    This team is in the middle of a pretty amazing run. I am amazed honestly. The NIT is back in play… If we could somehow make that tourney that would be incredible for our program. Certainly something to build on. Hopefully we can take care of home court against A&M.


    1. NIT would be nice, but it’s going to be hard to even match that next season. If KCP leaves, it will be nearly impossible…especially when you consider the fact that this years recruiting class brings no help in the front court. We are stuck with the lot of them and their ceiling as a group is very low. So much for building something. If Fox doesn’t get a stud big man or two very soon, he won’t make it much longer. KCP can only save his ass for so long.


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