Dawgs win streak ends at five as they lose 52-45 to Bama at home

With the lateness of the last night’s tip and the earliness of the morning, I don’t have time for much of an entry. Here are three thoughts I had about the game though:

1) I felt like Georgia did not take advantage of a golden opportunity to put this game away before it even had a chance to start. Alabama started the contest shooting as badly as Georgia ended it, failing to score in the game’s first five minutes. The Dawgs could only muster a 7-0 lead, however, and after a pair of field goals by the Tide the score was 7-5 with 14:16 left before intermission (and Bama would eventually take a 25-22 advantage into the half).

2) Georgia’s offense – especially players not named Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – was absolutely abysmal last evening. KCP shot 8 for 18 from the floor in this game, but his teammates combined for just 23.5% on field goals. The Dawgs did secure their second basket after the intermission until there were only 5 minutes and some change remaining in the game. While Georgia did have a fleeting moment late in this contest where it looked like they might eek another one out when they took a 41-40 lead, the Tide responded with a pair of three’s and UGA got what it ultimately deserved – a loss.

3) Considering the team’s struggles on offense last night and really the entire season, how is it that we are 24 games into the schedule and it still appears as though Fox does not have an offensive wrinkle that sets one or two players in to “all out screen mode” to free up KCP? Why not have guys like Florveous or Dixon – who are essentially offensive non-factors – screening for Pope off the ball to free him up? Or, couldn’t Fox move KCP to another spot on the floor – maybe let him run the baseline next time they see a zone for the majority of the game? The last two games teams have shown the Dawgs a lot of zone, which lets them keep close tabs on Pope so that they can jump him immediately upon receiving the ball, limiting his scoring opportunities.

Any other thoughts?

12 thoughts on “Dawgs win streak ends at five as they lose 52-45 to Bama at home

  1. Let’s be honest, really this team is not a whole lot better than since early in the year, just the opposition has been tremendously weak. The victory in Kville was nice (Gaines comment can be entered), but least night looked like Youngstown again. One basket in the first 15 minutes of the second half, totally inept. We still have no legit low post scoring threat except Cannon (no clue what is going on there). Two examples, I would foul Dontae every time, he can’t make a free throw and if Florveous actually catches the ball he takes two hours to get the ball to the rim. The SEC is awful this year and all the people who are saying Florida is a lock for the final four, I bet they don’t get out of the sweet 16. I am not sold on their ability to score enough in the post. This gator team would get waxed by the gator teams of 06 and 07.


  2. I strongly disagree that we are no better than earlier in the year, but I do agree that we need more offensive creativity. Alabama is a very good defensive team that we would have lost to by 25 points in December I fear. The fact that this game was even winable in the last 3 minutes is testament to our improvement. We do indeed need a big man who can catch the ball and has some prospect of reliably putting it in the hoop. I don’t know if Cannon is that guy, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to find out when we encounter a tight zone.


    1. My guess with respect to Cannon’s playing time is that CMF feels he can’t sufficiently take advantage of the current bruising style of defense that the refs are allowing. Florveous and Donte Williams, for all their faults, do get away with some chest fouls that should probably be called.


  3. I didn’t say that we were not any better, just not a whole lot better. Let’s not forget that this Alabama team has lost to Mercer, Tulane, and Auburn (36 pts. scored). We probably are better defensively, but other thatn KCP shooting lights out from behind the arc in the last three weeks, where have we improved on offense?


  4. In last Monday’s radio show (and he’s said it before metioning specific players), Fox stated that the coaches have had to greatly simplify the playbook this season due to freshmen inexperience. Given that on many offensive sequences somebody is yelling at another player to move or swing around in some direction, I’d guess this is probably true. I think as any game goes along, the opposition just slowly figures out how to get more stops. As for last night, it came down to shooting. We couldn’t. Late, nobody else was even checking for looks. It was all about getting the ball to KCP. Not the worst idea I’ll admit, but it just allowed the Alabama defense to key on him even harder. Also, in some of the boys’ cases, we abandonded the pull-up jumper – opting instead to enter the forest looking for fouls. The fouls were there, but by now, the boys need to realize that NO ONE is going to call them. And more so than Cannon, I was troubled that Nemi sat as the game played down. Our offense was two players last night, and when we desperately needed points, one player sat. Now all that being said, this little run has been nice, but we’re still a year away from sitting solidly in the top 5 of the SEC. I say don’t fret so much. Heck, if we go into Oxford and don’t collapse – maybe even nip one – we’ll all be smiling again…thinking of next season. 😉


  5. Florveous, Dixon and Brantley played 32 minutes while Cannon got 0 minutes. Gaines only 8 minutes. When the team is behind late in the game, you want guys in there that can shoot or create foul shots. They cannot focus on KCP when Gaines, Cannon,Nemi and Mann are in there with him. Cannon can catch and shoot.The team may be better, but it looked much like a December game to me.


  6. Ugh! After winning 5 in a row, I was optimistic that UGA could finish the season with only two more losses (@Ole Miss, UK). UGA still has a decent shot at finishing .500 in the league. This is far from what I expected after the losses to Youngstown and Iona. Now, I’m just looking forward to Gaines and Mann in the backcourt at sophs.


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