Bama’s Releford sinks a half-court shot, downing Georgia 61-58

When Trevor Releford launched the basketball from beyond halfcourt with time expiring, a small part of me expected it to go in. Of course, less than a second later, the ball swished through the net, giving Alabama a 61-58 home victory over the Georgia Bulldogs.

After trailing the Tide 50-41 with less than six minutes remaining, Georgia mounted a 17-8 run that ended with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope burying an NBA-range three-pointer to tie the game at 58-apiece.

UGA actually possessed the basketball with the game knotted at 58-58 and only 17 ticks left on the clock. Unfortunately, freshman Charles Mann turned the ball over and the aforementioned prayer hoisted up by Releford was answered.

For Georgia to even be in a position to win this game at the end after the way that they played in the first half was quite a feat – UGA made only 26% of their field goal attempts before the intermission, mustering just 18 points.

Alabama made their first four field goal attempts with three of those coming from beyond the arc, helping the Tide to open up a 13-3 advantage less than four minutes into the first half. The Dawgs fought for much of the game to overcome this early deficit, and had they not started so poorly the game may not have come down to Releford’s desperate toss.

UGA was led offensively by KCP and Neme Djurisic, who scored 14 points apiece in the losing effort.

The loss sends the Dawgs to 9-9 on the season in conference play, and they will take on LSU in the second round of the SEC tournament next week in Nashville.

Considering that this team began the season 0-3 in the league, finishing up even in SEC games is a credit to Coach Fox and his team.

8 thoughts on “Bama’s Releford sinks a half-court shot, downing Georgia 61-58

  1. Heartbreak hotel again! How many games have come down to the final possession and have we won any of them this year!


  2. Most of us undoubtedly considered 9-9 in the SEC out of the question in early January. Hoop, I half expected Releford’s shot to go in as well after our amazing road misfortunes of the previous three games, in which we either lost on the last possession or had it stolen from us on the last possession of regulation (Ole Miss) Give us those three and today’s game and we’re 13-5 and really swaggering into the tournament. I’m really ok with where we ended up but wish we didn’t have to face Florida so soon (if we beat LSU that is).


    1. What a change of emotion. Mann driving “we finally win a close one”. Losing the ball in the crowd ‘Oh no, not again”. I was stunned! You have to feel for these guys. A great comeback on the road in hostile territory only to lose another tough one.I have come to admire how this team deals with adversity. Bodes well for the future. Best UGA road team I’ve seen in a while. They don’t give up even when seemingly out of it.


  3. I agree with all these comments. What a team this turned out to be. Credit to all these young guys for buying in and not giving up on the season when all looked lost and not giving up on any game despite an overwhelming deficit. Credit to the coaching staff for pulling things together in a major way. Coach Cal apparently thinks Fox deserves Coach of the Year. I can’t say I would go that far, but if there were a “Coach of the Second Half of the Year award you would be hard pressed to find a better candidate. I am very excited about the future. If everyone even makes incremental improvement over the summer then we add another Rivals 150 prospect next year in Juwan Parker (ranked approx. the same place Mann and Gaines were as a point of reference), this team really could be exciting. Lord knows they will be tough enough to win close games after this year.

    I hope we are able to get buy LSU (which feels a lot like a trap game for us) just to see how we stack up against Florida. Either way I’m going to be sad when our games are over. Its been fun to watch these kids play.


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