Georgia edges out UNC-Pembroke 81-69 at home in Athens

The Georgia Bulldogs won their exhibition game on Monday night in Athens over the UNC-Pembroke Braves, but the game was probably a bit tighter than Coach Mark Fox and his staff might have preferred considering that the Dawgs were taking on a Division II opponent. While Georgia did manage to pull away late in the second half, UGA actually trailed at times during this game, including after the break.

Three takeaways from the game:

Georgia’s backcourt will be its strength

Not that this prediction is profound or original, but from what I saw in tonight’s game it appears that both Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines seem poised to take on larger offensive roles this season. Each of these guards finished in double-figures with Mann leading all UGA scorers with a team-high 18 points. Mann looked very comfortable running the Bulldog offense, and he had no problems penetrating and getting a majority of his shots close to the rim.

The Dawgs must have better ball security

Coach Fox’s team looked sloppy from the get-go in this game, committing double-digit turnovers and keeping the Braves in the game via UGA errors. I understand that this game represented Georgia’s first live competition of the season, but no way should an SEC team be as weak with the ball as Georgia was against a D-II opponent.

Cameron Forte will be starting soon

The JUCO transfer from Arizona looked like Georgia’s best big in his first action as a Georgia Bulldog. Forte showed the ability to take defenders off the dribble, and he seems to have an uncanny knack to be around the basketball when it is near the rim. Forte finished the game in double-digits, and I look for him to only improve as he gets more comfortable working in Coach Fox’s offense as the season progresses.

If anyone else caught this game let us know your thoughts below…

11 thoughts on “Georgia edges out UNC-Pembroke 81-69 at home in Athens

  1. I wondered if you were going to make the game Hoop. My observations are similar to your own on all counts. I knew Forte would look to score and I was pleased with his play. I think that J. Parker played pretty well too and will become a fine wing player. Mann looked every bit the veteran, although he was out of control for several minutes there in the middle of the game. I’m shocked at the ineffectiveness of our “experienced” bigs, namely Donte, Cannon, and especially Dixon, who threw the ball away something like three possessions in a row and had me wondering how this guy ever got a scholarship to a D-1 basketball program. Frankly, I expected us to be better than we were tonight, although I think that Fox decided to play everyone, come hell or high water, perhaps as a reward for working hard in the preseason. I suspect we’ll see fewer guys on the floor come Friday night.
    Hoop do you know anything about the absence of Brandon Morris from the floor? I saw a guy in street clothes on the bench but couldn’t tell whether it was Brandon. I hope he returns soon as I expect that he’d be one of our better front-court players.


    1. I couldn’t find anything on Brandon Morris – hopefully whatever it is it’s minor.

      I agree with you that we will probably see less guys play against Wofford, but I think last night reaffirmed just about everyone’s belief that Georgia will be navigating another NCAA schedule without much of an inside game.

      Personally, I would almost rather see Forte and Morris on the floor with Gaines and Mann for their respective offensive capabilities, even though they are each 6’7″ and Georgia would be yielding some height/size.


      1. I just read Chip Towers’ column in the AJC. It says that Morris is in Fox’s doghouse for some reason and implies that he will not play vs. Wofford tomorrow night.


  2. We did look pretty rough, but that seems to be the pattern with CMF. Remember last year – we dug ourselves a huge hole early in the season and didn’t start playing well until February, and by that point, it was too late. We have an easier schedule this year, but we won’t beat too many teams playing like this early on.
    On a positive note, we will enjoy watching Charles Mann this season!


    1. Mann and Gaines need to be REAL careful defending – the officials announced in the offseason that they would be calling hand-checking much tighter on the perimeter and if Monday’s game is any indicator, they were not kidding.


  3. Is Thornton healthy and playing? Given the overall woes of all our inside players, I wouldn’t mind getting him back in there just because he was one of our better defenders.

    I’m still puzzled by our bigs. They definitely have some talent, and we’ve seen flashes of it. I’m really hoping this might be the year Fox gets them to start living up to their potential.


  4. This might be random but is there any recruiting news on any prospects? Because everyone I’ve seen that has taken a visit to UGA has already committed to other schools except the William lee kid from alabama.


    1. Most of the 4- and 5-star recruits have already signed.

      Lee also has offers from Miss St, Bama, UAB and Wichita St, so I would say that Georgia is actually competitive for this kid.


  5. The article I read said that this same Division II opponent has played both NC State and North Carolina, and played them both tight. I think NC State won by 11 and North Carolina’s win was by 18. I’m not sure if they were talking only about this exhibition season though, as that would be three games played for them already.


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