Dawgs coast in opener 72-52

Unfortunately, I had something come up and I was unable to make it up to Athens for Georgia’s first game of the regular season. I did catch the game on the radio though, and it sounded like UGA played solid defense in holding Wofford to just 52 points on 38% shooting from the floor en route to its first win of the year.

The Dawgs opened up a 19-point advantage towards the end of the first half, and they managed to maintain a comfortable cushion between themselves and the Terriers all the way to the final horn.

Georgia was led offensively by Neme Djurisic, Donte Williams and Kenny Gaines, who all scored in double-figures and finished with 12, 11 and 10 points, respectively.

If anyone was at the game, please fill me (and the rest of us) in on how Coach Fox’s team looked on offense tonight.

6 thoughts on “Dawgs coast in opener 72-52

  1. I don’t have much time to comment and am not sure how diagnostic this game was, but the dogs looked much better offensively than they did against the UNC-Pembroke (which I think may have been a better team than Wofford). We were just too big for Wofford in the final analysis,. although they did get to the rim more often than I like to see. Forte showed some very nice moves and clearly has a scorer’s mentality. The guards played well, although I think that Mann passed too many opportunities to dish down low to Nemi and Thornton, both of whom can catch the ball in ways that the other bigs often fail to do. Given that we have two small forwards who are not shy about going to the rim (Forte and Morris, if we ever get him out of Fox’s doghouse), we may well have a decent offensive team, although, we don’t have a guy who is going to consistently hit 3’s I fear. We”ll know a lot more after the Tech game..


  2. Thanks for the insight.

    I was curious about Wofford’s size inside because it sounded like Donte had several offensive rebounds in the second half where he had the chance to collect himself and then dunk the ball, which has not been something he has done in SEC play (to date).


  3. They were not big at all which was why the first half was so frustrating. However, it seems that the sets Fox had them running did not give the bigs an opportunity to sit on the post and demand the ball. Second half for about 3 minutes Donte figured it out and had about 4 buckets in a row. In the first half and 8 minutes of the second half, we actually did not have any of those “what the hell” moments that seem so common the last couple of years. However, when I got home and watched highlights of the top teams, we are too slow. We hold the ball on the top of the key too long. We do not swing pass. Everything is slow and that will kill us in conference.
    Upside is that Forte will be fun to watch the more experience he gets. Our biggest problem is the continued lack of 3 point threat. But when you do not move the ball quickly the 3 point shot is never open.


  4. Frazier may have a good shot. He had one great move in traffic where he drained one. You are right there are no others at this time. I had hopes on the kid who was injured in the bombing accident while military training in his country. I think these freshman guards can shoot, however, creating space at the college level will take time. Until that person shows up, the good teams will drop back and swamp our bigs and clog the lane against Gaines and Mann.


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