Georgia drops another game, falling 73-65 to Nebraska

The Georgia Bulldogs failed to collect a win during this year’s Charleston Classic, losing 73-65 to Nebraska in the ultimate consolation game this afternoon, marking their fourth consecutive loss of the young season.

The Dawgs entered the game with the worst team defense in the SEC, yielding over 77 points per game to opponents in four contests this year.  However, Coach Mark Fox’s team was not undone by its defense today; UGA’s shortcomings against the Cornhuskers came at the free throw line, where Georgia connected on just 16 of 30 attempts.  

After trading leads for much of the second half, Nebraska coach Tim Miles shifted his team into a 2-3 zone in an attempt to better defend Georgia’s Charles Mann.  This zone frustrated the Dawgs offensively, and Georgia managed to make just 5 field goals in the final 10 minutes of the game.  

The Dawgs closed the Nebraska lead to 63-59 on a Nemanja Djurisic three-pointer with 3:27 remaining, but the Huskers responded with a 10-2 run that saw the lead balloon to 73-63 with only 18 ticks left on the clock.

Georgia was led offensively by Charles Man, who finished the game with 16 points to go along with 4 rebounds and 5 assists.  Even though we are only 5 games into the season, Mann already looks extremely polished with the ball in his hands and I anticipate that he will go on to have a pretty big year.

Coach Fox also got scoring from forwards Brandon Morris and Marcus Thornton, who ended up with 14 and 13 points, respectively.  Thornton looks like a completely new player so far, finishing near the basket on a fairly consistent basis.

Nebraska had four players score in double-figures with Terran Petteway leading the way with 15 points.

While Georgia did hold a team under 80 points for the first time in five games, much of that was due to the fact that Nebraska coach Tim Miles went into a zone, slowing down the tempo of the game.

At this point in time, UGA is not a very strong defensive team.  Opponents routinely find cutters around the basket, and Coach Fox’s team struggles to close out around the perimeter, where team’s are making almost 36% of their shots from beyond the arc.

Georgia is scoring almost 16 points more per game through the first five games of this year compared to last season’s first five contests.  

Coach Fox’s team does not seem to be missing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s offense.

They could use KCP’s defense, though.

10 thoughts on “Georgia drops another game, falling 73-65 to Nebraska

  1. When a team cannot recruit players that are indeed more gifted than most then the coaches must have an offense that covers up this insufficiency and players that play as a dedicated team on BOTH ends of the court. So far, this looks like yet another “hopefully next year we can make the improvement required to at least be in the middle of the SEC”. Coaching changes appear to be the answer. Why not?


  2. Would pretty much have to agree with AEB at this point. We’ll see how this season goes but it’s looking like a carbon copy repeat of last year (poor performance in an early-season tourney). However, with that said, I still think this could be a pretty good team by the time we get into to conference play. For Fox to keep his job, I’d think we’d have to finish with a winning record and some type of postseason appearance.


  3. I hate to be negative and your right about our offense picking up but it’s not because we’re any better it’s because the new foul rules the ncaa has set and everyone around college basketball is scoring more points. Look at UNC today just a week from losing to Belmont at home scored 94 points on UofL a team that won a championship last season by playing great D. We are 1 and 4 and just finished last place in a tounament that I didn’t think was very strong. We’re a sorry team right now and I see 0 positives in that


    1. It’s hard to remain optimistic about the team at this point. They seem to find a way to lose. Poor defense, poor foul shooting, confusion when the opposing team goes from MtoM to zone, strange substitution patterns, team let down at crucial points. We have no presence under the basket. We play a walk-on rather than scholarship guys (Cannon and Kessler). Gaines is erratic. How many teams will continue to allow Mann to drive the lane? Morris will be good. Thornton playing better. The constant substitutions create confusion on the floor and for fans that are watching. Far more negatives than positives at this point. The season could be worse than last year. No help coming next year. It will be the same guys minus Donte.


      1. Good point about the substituting. Fox is subbing WAY too much. One problem is that the guys on the bench aren’t good enough to be playing but also the players can’t find any rhythm when they are always being jerked out of the game.


  4. Its hard to have anything positive to say about this team. My best shot is this: its easier to fix defense during a season than offense. If this team were to start playing the excellent D we saw last year it looks like we have enough scorers to win SEC games.


  5. I put this all on coaching I feel like we would be a decent team if we played with faster tempo and used our speed and athletic ability with more full court press Instead fox wants to slow the game down and run his slow boring half court sets and well we don’t have the post players or the talent for that so we get exposed with a lot of turnovers and 0 execution. That was the problem with the 2010 2011 team (that way under acheived) with a point guard like GR2 a good ball handler like Dustin ware (chris paul) and probably the best athlete-dunker in the country Travis Leslie (Blake griffin) there should of been a fast break ally oop every time we got a defensive rebound (Florida gulf coast) Same way for this team even if they have no where near the talent that team did we could still avoid losses to less athletic slower teams like Davidson. But fox still wants to coach this team like their a slow mid major team and that doesn’t seem to mesh well with these guys. And all these recruits know and see it that’s why we don’t land too many.


      1. It is a puzzle why we allow the defense to get set before we try to work the ball into our non-existent inside scorers. Mann, Gaines and Morris all are good at driving to the basket. Up tempo should be tried. The Fox offense allows the opposition to set the tempo of the game. We’ve seen the results. Let the athletes run.


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