Feeble offense hurting Dawgs

Ever since Georgia exploded for 97 points in their last conference win over South Carolina, the UGA offense has looked extremely inept, resulting in three straight losses.

While it should be noted that UGA played two of those games without Kenny Gaines – Kentucky and Vandy – they did have Gaines in the lineup yesterday against perennial SEC bottom-feeder Auburn and the Dawgs still failed to put the ball in the basket consistently.

Sophomore Charles Mann has been averaging nearly 16 points per game during the current skid, which is more than his SEC average of 14.5 ppg. The problem, however, is not Charles Mann. Rather, it’s the rest of the Bulldogs.

Opposing teams are starting to discover that if they sit in a zone they can provide more help on Mann’s drives to the basket. In addition, since UGA doesn’t have a legitimate perimeter threat, defenses can key on Mann without much fear of giving up too many open shots.

A look at Georgia’s offensive statistics in conference play is quite staggering, so brace yourself.

UGA is dead-last in the SEC in field goal percentage (37%), assists (9.4), assist-to-turnover ration (0.7) and three-pointers made (4.9).

The poor shooting has landed Georgia 11th in the league in scoring at just under 66 points per game.

Unfortunately, the Dawgs have been pretty careless with the ball as well in SEC games, committing over 14 turnovers per contests, which is second to last in the conference.

About the only thing Georgia is doing well consistently in league play is rebounding – UGA is tied with LSU for first in the league at nearly 40 boards a night.

Georgia leads the conference in offensive boards with over 15 per game; however, that’s probably just because they are getting so many opportunities with all the missed shots.

The Dawgs’ low output of assists can be directly attributed to a lack of talent. Assists were a hallmark of Mark Fox’s first two years where he saw his team lead the SEC in team assists for both the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons.

But that kind of makes sense when you think about the players that Fox had at the time to run his offense, which relies heavily on passing and spacing – both of which work better when you have players like Trey Thompkins, Travis Leslie and Gerald Robinson, Jr. Defenses had to respect those player’s abilities to score, which created passing lanes and open routes to the basket.

In the last three years, however, Georgia has found itself in the lower-half of the conference in team assists, leaving fans to wonder if Fox’s offense is feasible without two NBA players on the roster.

After a disappointing preseason, the Dawgs offered fans a glimmer of hope by starting out 2-0 in SEC play. At one point in January, it appeared as if UGA may have been locked in for at least an NIT trip this year.

However, Georgia’s ineptitude on offense has taken their conference record to 4-4, and the idea of postseason play is beginning to seem more abstract.

13 thoughts on “Feeble offense hurting Dawgs

  1. The future for UGA basketball under HC Fox is not good. Recruiting is the root of the current lack of talent which is leaving the state in droves. With one SR. on the ’13-’14 roster leaves Fox only one recruit which will be a last minute 2-3* player likely from out-of-state. With 4 or 5 JRs. on the current roster the 2015 class can make or break HC future in Athens.


    1. You are definitely correct about the recruiting (or lack there of).

      As far as the 2015 class, how can anyone be expected to replace a Neme or a Tim Dixon? I mean, those guys don’t just grow on trees…


  2. I remember when UGA signed Dominque Wilkins and a few other quality players by selling the idea that he/they could come in and take Georgia to the top. MF has really only been successful in selling UGA to one such difference maker, Caldwell-Pope. I am sure MF can win at UGA but he has to find more difference makers. So far, his biggest downfall is not being able to convince enough of those difference makers to bring their talents to Athens.


    1. UGA plays boring BB. Their system is hard to learn and Fox leans toward experienced players for playing time instead of Freshmen.That combo has resulted in no recent post season play and a losing tradition. Fox refuses to change, so don’t look for top guys to sign. Caldwell-Pope alone could not get us there. Fox has demonstrated that he cannot win at UGA. 5 years should be enough.


  3. The first 20 seconds of the shot clock is killing Georgia in the half court game. The ball is passed around the perimeter without even a glance at the basket. Then with 10 seconds left things become frantic and a turnover or brick occurs. If a change is made and another mundane “X and O” guy is hired there is no point in making a change. Hire a recruiter first for head coach and recruiting means players who have scoring skills.


  4. This coach has proven over the past 5 years he has no idea how to recruit, nor does he have any idea of how to create offense with the players he has. It was obvious last year that UGA only had one SEC caliber player from an offensive skill set. They have maybe one this year, and he can’t shoot from outside. This is all a direct reflection of the head coach and his inability to recruit. How many years is UGA’s lame ass A.D. going to allow this guy to embarrass the school? 5 years and the guy had one winning season, and that was with Felton’s players. If McGarity says that the program is headed in the right direction again under this clown, then God help UGA fans. We are stuck with a pitiful A.D. and about 3 coaches that shouldn’t have jobs. Landers, Fox, and whoever the hell the Gym Dawgs coach is.


  5. I’ve decided that as a UGA basketball fan, it is wiser that I pull a red and black knit cap with a fuzzy red ball onto the top of my head, and then dance circles in my underwear rather than make note of all the valid points raised in this last post.


  6. I agree with many of the comments here. The root of the problem is recruiting. I don’t think Fox is that bad of a coach on the floor, and getting this team to commit to defense and rebounding has actually made them somehow competitive despite their offensive ineptitude. However, if you don’t have the talent, you’re not going to compete in this league, even in a down year. I personally like Coach Fox, and I wouldn’t even hate it if he remained after this season (sure I’m presently in the minority on that point). But it is distressing that I don’t see much hope coming without some recruiting miracles.


  7. I heard from a big UT fan from Knoxville today that he seen something where if the UGA job came open Bruce pearl would be all over it. Anyone else like the thoughts of Bruce pearl being our coach?


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