Dawgs end losing streak with win over LSU

Georgia Bulldog freshman J.J. Frazier scored a career high 8 points on Thursday night against LSU, all of them coming in the game’s second half.

Georgia’s Charles Mann hit the deck extremely hard after getting his shot blocked on a dunk attempt with 9:54 left in the game and his team up 61-53. After writhing on the floor in agony for a few minutes, Mann had to leave the game with what appeared to be bruised ribs.

Frazier stepped in and buried a long three-pointer with only a few seconds left on the shot clock, giving the Dawgs a double-digit 64-53 advantage.

A little over a minute later, the freshman hit another shot from beyond the arc, which pushed the UGA lead to 70-59 with only 8:08 remaining.

LSU failed to cut the lead down to anything closer than 6 points, and Georgia coasted to a 91-78 victory, snapping a three-game losing streak.

The Dawgs’ backcourt did an excellent job of getting LSU’s Johnny O’Bryant III into foul trouble early in this contest. O’Bryant, who leads the Tigers in scoring at nearly 16 points a night, spent a majority of the evening on the bench before fouling out with two minutes remaining – he left the game with 9 points.

Georgia was led offensively by Nemanja Djurisic’s 17 points to go along with 6 boards. Neme, who entered the game 9th in the nation in three-point percentage at 51%, hit 2 of his 3 attempts from the perimeter.

Marcus Thornton notched his second double-double of the season, scoring 15 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

After a solid first half, it appeared that UGA might blow LSU out as they went into the half with a 43-30 advantage. However, the Tigers managed to hang around with the help of a number of timely three-pointers from senior Andre Stringer. Stringer scored a team-high 19 points on a 4 of 6 shooting performance from downtown.

Every time Georgia seemed poised to pull away from LSU in the second half the Tigers would knock down a clutch three-pointer. LSU made nearly 41% of its three-point shots, and they got as close as 48-45 after Jarrell Martin’s three with 15:08 left in the game.

UGA responded immediately with a Charles Mann layup and an old-fashioned three-point play from Brandon Morris, bolstering the Georgia lead back up to 53-45 with 13:53 left in the second half.

LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones must not have gotten the memo mentioning Georgia’s recent struggles against the 2-3 zone because the Tigers didn’t show that defensive look once all night. For the most part, LSU interchanged some soft match-up zones with man-to-man, and the UGA offense totally carved them up – the Dawgs shot a robust 60% from the floor and nearly 56% from beyond the arc.

Tonight’s win puts Georgia’s conference record at 5-4 with another home game against Texas A&M this Saturday on the horizon.

The Aggies recently snapped a five-game losing streak with a 72-52 win over Missy State on Wednesday.

If Georgia were to hold serve at home this weekend, they could find themselves on the inside track for the fourth best record in the Southeastern Conference.

10 thoughts on “Dawgs end losing streak with win over LSU

  1. …and all is right with the world. Mann may have a good bruise, but at the time, I believe he got the wind knocked out. He seemed to be struggling to take a breath. The guy that sits behind me in not a Mann fan. He consistently points out the number of turnovers from him, leaving his feet without a notion of where he’s going with the ball, the poor free-throw shooting, plus the number of poor decisions on the drive – all in spite of his point production. He maintained that it was that very same poor decision-making that had him laid out on the floor. I like Mann a LOT more than him, but sometimes I can see his point. Donte had a good opening, and a much poorer second half. He needs to move his feet quicker on D. Don’t get me started on Tim. But enough negativity. Nemi, while pulling down some great rebounds, got us even more with some great tips off the boards to other teammates. Marcus – strong. Kenny much smarter play! Highlight of the night? Juwan skying from nowhere to REJECT a thunderdunk! Fox’s technical was garbage. He, and everyone else saw Marcus’ arm slapped hard before the “block”. Finally, in Stegeman, we didn’t get the benefit of an explanation for the long delay in the second half as the refs studied the reply. Anybody who watched the broadcast care to fill me in? Great game! Now let’s get A&M!


  2. There was a clear out on Parker where LSU thought he threw an elbow. They were reviewing that. I’m frustrated. What is this team we have? One night they look like a team that can handle their business and then there is last week. Just imagine…. Win over Vandy and we are 6-3 in conference. Not have the disaster at Auburn and we are 7-2. What in the world happened last week. I know Gaines is invaluable but we should of had a plan. Proud of the dogs. By the way, administration, I know it is tv contracts but the 7pm games are almost impossible to get to for the alums in ATL. If possible please more 8pm tips on weeknights.


  3. Thornton finally is beginning to look like the guy we thought we were getting out of high school. It’s great he’s healthy.

    That was definitely one of the Dawgs’ best performances from end to end this year. If only we can get some consistency out of this squad, then we might really be able to make some noise.

    Go Dawgs!


  4. That was the best team effort by the Hoop Dawgs in a couple of years in my opinion. The team was really running the offensive sets, setting hard picks and going strong to the basket. The Bulldogs looked very well coached last night.


    1. Just when you think this team doesn’t have a clue on offense, they look like a well oiled machine. Our big guys outplayed their big guys that are supposed to be among the elite in the SEC. As a critic of MT, I have to say he has been the key to our winning some games this year. He was the best big on the floor. This has been an up and down year-from despair to optimism to despair to optimism. What’s next?


      1. I will probably be disappointed, but am actually feeling very optimistic. I could see this group getting into the NIT this year and winning a couple games. Could see them making NCAA and winning a few games next year (that’s not a typo).

        We have the mid-major formula for success going with a group of guys that stay together and develop over the years. Next year will have a core of guys – Mann, Gaines, Thornton, Morris, Nemi – that will be playing their 3rd straight year together. That is actually a more talented group than some of the mid-major teams that have made serious runs.


  5. Before we get too excited about our well oiled offense last night, let’s recall that Lsu played into our hands by spending almost no time in a zone–a known dawg killer. We won’t go any where next year if we have little prowess as outside shooters. Maybe J.J., the Swiss kid, and Neme will get it done.


    1. its true that LSU was mostly playing man and also that they seem disorganized on defense in general, but we did do a nice job of attacking the zone in this game by working it side to side and then getting the ball to the low post


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