Defense leads Georgia to 71-56 blowout of Missouri

(These late tip-offs make it difficult to put together a full-length post, so here are just some quick thoughts on this game)

Tonight’s win marks the first time a Georgia Bulldog Men’s basketball team has notched 10 conference wins since the 2002-2003 season.


It’s no secret that UGA’s defense was what won this game tonight. Missouri entered this contest averaging almost 74 points a night in league games, and they were third in field goal percentage (44%) and second in three-pointe percentage (37%).

The Tigers ran into a brick wall this evening in Athens, though, where the Dawgs held Mizzu to a season-low 56 points on just 32% shooting from the floor. The Tigers made only 3 of their 18 attempts from beyond the arc.

Mizzu’s big trio of scorers – Jabari Brown, Jordan Clarkson and Earnest Ross – came into tonight’s game netting more than 55 points per contest in SEC play. However, Georgia’s defenders held these guys to just a combined 38 points, which was a big reason why the Tigers appeared so stagnant on offense.

Nice bounce back game by Charles Mann:

Charles Mann scored a total of 12 points in his games against Tennessee and South Carolina last week. Tonight, however, Charles was in charge, dropping 19 points to go along with a team-high 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

Great production from the bench for Coach Fox:

UGA’s bench combined for 17 points on 46% shooting from the floor, and they hauled in 13 rebounds. Mizzu’s backups tallied a total of just 4 points. Fox got some nice minutes from Neme Djurisic, who hit two big three-pointers to give Georgia a 31-22 lead at the half. Those three’s were Neme’s only points of the game, but he did grab 6 boards.

This victory puts UGA at 16-11 overall and 10-5 in the conference. While Georgia has yet to be listed officially on any NCAA bubbles, the Dawgs continue to burst the bubble dreams of their SEC counterparts. UGA’s sweep of Mizzu this season has to have the Tigers feeling pretty uneasy about their NCAA chances.

Georgia hits the road to take on Arkansas this Saturday in another game that could be bubbly.

15 thoughts on “Defense leads Georgia to 71-56 blowout of Missouri

  1. Dogs don’t do swagger, but they did look and feel confident last night. Nothing panicky. Kenny was a bit off, but Juan gave some solid backup minutes. I also thought Brandon played some great ball even though he seems to be doing it quietly. If we keep this attitude, and Arkansas has a Kentucky hangover on the short turnaround, we might just nip them. Do that and I think we’ll see some commentators sit up and say, “Huh!” Nicest thing about the double-bye is avoiding UF, UK, and a host of other nasties for the first tourney match. BTW, Good Lord I’m tired this morning! I hate 9 pm. tips!


  2. It’s official!!! The Dogs just moved onto “The Bubble”! Mark Fox just moved off the bubble! That along with COTY honors should allow the Dogs to snare a few recruits for the upcoming year. With the horrorific start they had, the Dogs deserve a bid to the NCAA’s if they can finish out with all W’s!This team has really learned how to play defense this year!I was shocked by the crowd at the Mizzou game Tues. night! We will play away only, even if we make it to the NIT’s!Come on Dog Nation , this team deserves better! Mike Potter


  3. The defense continues to surprise me. At points it seems like all we do is run into a cold shooting team but to continue to do this night in and night out leads me to believe that we just do a fantastic job of limited the oppositions best players. In 4 of our last five games the opponent has shot less than 35%! That’s more than just luck. Fox has to be focusing on forcing the ball into the worst shooter’s hands, that’s the only way to explain what’s been going on.


  4. A total whupping! Mizzou looked completely discombobulated after the 6-point barrage by Neme at the end of the first half.

    The first 19 minutes were fairly painful but the second half sure made up for it. HBTD!


  5. I remember one of hoop’s earliest posts this year in which he wondered where in the heck our points were going to come from this year with KCP gone. I wondered too but replied that our team would win its fair share of games if the kids learned to take pride in good defense. Hey, they have, largely led by my man Marcus Thornton who just may be our MVP this year. I still think we’d better win a couple more games to be absolutely certain of an NIT bid. I don’t know how the RPI works, but if we were to beat the Hogs and LSU and either of Florida or KY in the tournament, it would seem that the RPI ought to rise enough to warrant a dance. Any insights anyone? And by the way, if the dawgs finish alone in 3rd place, can Mark Fox possibly avoid serious consideration as COY? His team looked poised (if not polished) last night, and NONE of us saw this coming in December.


    1. You touched on something interesting, “other” Hoops Dawg. This team is a totally different team than the one that looked so bad in December. And that’s the frustrating part. It seems that CMF is largely clueless in the early parts of the season (look back at every early seasons’ results under CMF), then figures it out later, when it is usually too late. That would be understandable if we had a largely different team this year – but we didn’t. I know we didn’t have KCP, but everyone else who is a significant contributor was here last year. So why so bad in December?

      If we win two of those games against bad teams, we would be having a much different discussion now. Does it really take CMF three months to figure out what to do with his team? If it does, we will always be having this discussion of what could have been instead of what is about to come. So be on the lookout in the early season slate of games next year…


      1. It has been a frustrating dynamic indeed. One thing I expect to be different next year is Thornton should (at long last) begin a season knowing he can play at this level. The dribble-drive spin move he put on last night was the most audacious thing I’ve ever seen him do on offense. I haven’t had to recalibrate my opinion on a player this much since the late Dr. Kessler.


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