Dawgs notch 11th conference victory with win over Missy State

The Georgia Bulldogs started slow in tonight’s regular season home finale against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, trailing 12-6 after over 8 minutes of play.

Coach Mark Fox called timeout with 11:50 left before the break and appeared to light into his team for their lack of effort.

Whatever Fox said certainly worked as UGA outscored Missy State 31-12 over the next 11 minutes, giving them a commanding 37-24 halftime lead.

During that stretch, Kenny Gaines, Charles Mann and Marcus Thornton combined for 24 of the Dawgs’ first half points.

After the intermission, Georgia continued to open up its advantage over the other Bulldogs.  With just under 8 minutes remaining, Kenny Paul Geno (KPG) buried a three from the corner that gave UGA a 61-37 lead.

The Dawgs coasted to the 66-45 victory, holding the Maroon Dogs to a season-low 45 points.  Missy State has now lost 12 consecutive SEC games, and a large part of tonight’s loss can be attributed to the team’s atrocious shooting.  MSU finished tonight’s contest connecting on only 34% of its field goal attempts, and the Maroonies shot an ugly 0 for 15 from beyond the arc.

Georgia was led offensively by the trio of Gaines, Thornton and Mann, who scored 14, 13 and 10 points, respectively.

Marcus Thornton’s point total tonight was bolstered from a pair of three’s, and the junior finished a perfect 2 for 2 from the perimeter.  Thornton is now 5 for 9 on the season from beyond the arc, giving him the best three-point percentage on the team.

Tonight’s win puts UGA at 17-12 on the year and 11-6 in the SEC.

At this point, Georgia controls its own destiny in regards to the 3-seed in the SEC tournament.  If UGA can win in Baton Rouge on Saturday then they will be the 3-seed regardless of what either the Vols or Hogs do this weekend.

However, should the Dawgs lose to LSU they could find themselves in either the 4- or 5-seed, where they would most likely face Florida (should they both win) in the semifinal round.

I know that I have harped on this point already, but Georgia looks like a team that could run to the finals of the conference tournament if it could avoid seeing Florida before that point.  Kentucky appears extremely vulnerable right now, getting a sloppy home win over Alabama last night to end a two-game skid.

I believe UGA could still sneak into the NCAA tournament with a win at LSU and two SEC tournament wins.  Tonight’s win should drop the Dawgs RPI into the high 70s, and a road win at LSU could get Georgia’s RPI very close to the upper 60s.

The lowest-rated teams to receive at-large bids to the NCAA tournament are as follows:  #67 Southern Cal and #64 Marquette (2011), #63 N.C. State (2005) and #63 Stanford (2007).

If Georgia wins the next three games, I think they have a decent chance of sneaking into the recently expanded 68-team NCAA tournament this year.

12 thoughts on “Dawgs notch 11th conference victory with win over Missy State

  1. Indeed, the team looked like a team after the a– chewing at the 11:50 mark. I told a lady friend that things were looking up after the dawgs got five successive stops and three fast break scores right after the time out. Hey did hear the commentator on the postgame show right–that Georgia could tie for second in the league with the katz if the dawgs win and Ky loses against Florida on Saturday? If so, who ever would have thunk it (and I know if they were tied that Ky would get the 2 seed).


    1. Yep – Kentucky and Georgia would be tied, and the Cats would get the 2-seed by way of the head-to-head (as you mentioned).

      I would love to a UGA-UK rematch in which Georgia has Kenny Gaines starting at two guard.


  2. I prefer not even mention UK in the same blog with these Dogs, but the Cats are struggling right now and UGA looks really good! The NCAA’s don’t know what they will miss if the Dogs are left behind this year! I don’t think the team realized tonight that Coach Fox was experimenting , trying to build some extra depth for the tournaments ahead, regardlessof where we may wander! KPG was quite a spark when he came in and worked his tail off! It would be nice to have 8 or 9 to work into the rotation! Even if we don’t win another game this year it has been a “hell of a run” watching Dog BB this season! If we have learned to get out of the blocks a little better for next season, the future looks bright in Athens for Mark Fox’s team! Mark Fox should win COTY in the SEC hands down!


  3. Missouri could really help UGA out twofold on Saturday with a win at Tennessee. For one, a UT loss could help ensure the 3-seed for Georgia. Second, Mizzu’s RPI is sitting at 59 – if they could dip below 50 then Georgia would get credit for 2 wins against the RPI 1-50, giving them 3 on the season including Arkansas, who currently has an RPI of 49.

    The Dawgs need Missouri to keep winning.


  4. To imagine that we could earn the 2 seed is to far out for me to even fathom it !!! Even if UK gets the seed by way of head to head! UT and Mizzou could go either way. Mizzou is a lot like UGA, loaded with guards and wingers! They have the possibility of getting hot, likewise UT is big and can just dominate a team if they get rolling! I think Cuonzo Martin will be gone after this year, so they may put it all on the line to send him out a winner! There are a lot of things that CAN happen, but we just need to keep winning!UK is really strugglingthis late in the season and is finding scoring in their half court game hard to come by!!! I can’t say how proud I am of and for Marcus Thornton! He has hung tough for 5 or 6 yrs. and is now finally finding some reward at the end of his long tunnel! Now we could use some help from all those Atlanta Dogs who failed to support us during the long season! The SEC tournament would be the perfect time to catch your first Dogs game of the year! Go Dogs!


  5. Three points for y’all:

    1) For anyone who wonders why it’s tough to get the top Georgia talent to attend UGA, visit http://www.georgiadogs.com and look at the pic of the Senior Night presentation to Donte. At the start of the game, there could not have been more than 100 students (excluding band and cheerleaders) in attendance. PATHETIC.

    2) As Mike Potter said, it’s time to rally the fans in Atlanta and make it the GEORGIA Dome.

    3) Although I’d love to see Mizzou and Bama win to take the pressure off of us, we completely control our future. Geaux Dawgs!


  6. my thoughts:

    1) I totally disagree with any negative assessments of the Vols. UT is not going to lose to Mizzou at home. UT is a strong #2 best team in the SEC and are playing very well right now. We desperately need to be on the other side of the bracket from UT along with Florida. I would favor Georgia to beat all the other 11 teams.

    2) This game vs LSU has to be the biggest regular season Hoop Dawgs game in a decade. Very excited. I like our chances to pick apart their awful D just as we did in the first game.

    3) re: NCAA, I don’t think they can leave out a 20 win Dawgs team with 14 (who would have thought it possible!) SEC wins if we make the final and are competitive there. That scenario is still 3 big wins away though, so lets all focus on LSU.


    1. I didn’t say I expected Tennessee to lose. I just hope they do. I think UT has the best chance to beat the Gators of anyone. I would like to see them square off in #1 vs #4 while we take on UK.


      1. me too. that would be perfect for us. that would be a nice doubleheader of a semifinals that could maybe earn the SEC some respect.


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