John Cannon transferring, Charles Mann honored and Georgia’s dwindling RPI


First things first – brace yourselves – John Cannon has decided to transfer.  This news should not come as much of a surprise to Georgia basketball fans as Cannon has spent way more time on the bench than on the court this season.   In his three years at UGA, Cannon never averaged more than 9 minutes a game, and he wasn’t even getting 5 minutes a night on the floor this season.  In the junior’s public statement he cited that he would “consider other opportunities to play basketball and get my degree”, which I hope for his sake means that he will be heading to the small- to mid-major level.

Charles in charge

Kudos to UGA sophomore point guard Charles Mann for being named as a member of the Second Team All-SEC.  Mann contributed in so many ways this year for Coach Mark Fox, netting 13.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.4 assists in conference play.  If Georgia hopes to make a run in Atlanta this weekend for the SEC Tournament they will need Mann’s leadership and driving ability from the point guard position.

RPI woes

The Dawgs haven’t been on the court since their big win in Baton Rouge last Saturday, yet UGA’s RPI has already dropped from 70 to 75 (as of today).

The main thing that is killing Georgia’s RPI at this point is a lack of wins against the RPI (1-50), where UGA is an ugly 0-6.  This shortcoming has to be the culprit responsible for the fact that LSU – a team that the Dawgs’ beat twice this year – is back ahead of Georgia with an RPI of 72.  In addition to the season sweep of the Tigers, UGA also outranks them in strength of schedule, 68 (UGA) to 75 (LSU).

Georgia fans should start learning several Missouri and Arkansas cheers for the games later this week since both of these teams could help bolster UGA’s RPI with more wins.  Mizzu’s RPI sits at 52 and the Hogs are at 57, meaning that if each of these teams could win a game or two they could possibly crack the RPI (1-50) and potentially give Georgia 3 wins versus that RPI grouping.

While wins by Mizzu and Arkansas would certainly help, UGA is most likely going to have to help themselves by winning a few in this tournament.  Even after finishing tied for second in the final SEC standings, Georgia still remained unmentioned in the latests “Bubble Watches” from ESPN and CBS Sports.

Jerry Palm, CBS’s Bracketologist, had this reply for a Dawgs’ fan last Sunday:

Personally, I believe if Georgia wins Friday and Saturday they will get an at-large bid to the Big Dance. Anything short of that, though, and it’s most likely NIT time for the Dawgs.

11 thoughts on “John Cannon transferring, Charles Mann honored and Georgia’s dwindling RPI

  1. I guess Jerry doesn’t realize that if we win 2 games in the SEC Tourney,the Dogs will be at least SEC runner ups….. If we have to play FRI, and Sat, we might as well go ahead and whip Fla for the champi0onship of the SEC!!! Come on Atlanta Dogs, let’s get down to the dome and help win a championship this year afterall! GO Dogs!!!


  2. Sad about Canon, but not unexpected. Dixon appears Fox’s choice, and I would guess Kessler is moving up too. Canon will enjoy a great season somewhere. A mid-major would still let him mix it up with the big boys before January. …or Mizzou could use some size. 😉 This weekend Mann will need to be at his best for us to make any move. As he goes, we often go. As for the NCAA, we had a VERY important game on Rocky Top that we forgot to show up for. Had we won that, I believe we’d hear more positives. Arkansas was playing at its peak when we got there and that was always going to be tough. Should we root for Nebraska to win its tournament? I’ll be dreaming big like everyone else, but I mostly see a NIT future. Either way, we have two tournaments to shake up. Let’s be an EARTHQUAKE!!!


    1. Hope we don’t also need a tornado to have a chance of winning the tourney this year. Seriously though, virtually all of us would have been overjoyed on Jan 1 if told we’d get to the NIT this year. Sure wish we’d get a home game. Finally, Cannon should have transferred last year and had two years to establish himself at a mid-Major. I wish him the best but it was a bit snarky bugging out on his team before the post-season tournaments even begin. And if Fox doesn’t expend his now two slots on long shots this spring, he will have (I think) six scholarships to recruit against next year. Get the man some help!


      1. So you think he should save Cannon’s scholarship for the following season? I tend to agree since just about anyone who is anyone has already signed by this point.


        1. Not surprised. Cannon played very little this year and it was evident that Fox preferred Dixon. The fact that he is leaving before the tournament indicates that there is more to the story. I’ve always thought Cannon was the better of the two. Fox has at least 3 current offers out there for 2014 guys, 2 of them bigs. Did Fox send a message by pushing Cannon out early? Timing is strange that he didn’t wait a few more days. Cannon has always been a team guy, always cheering and high fives for his team mates. Glad to see him seek a better opportunity and wish him well.


    2. I am really down on Dixon. He has stone hands and zero ability to do anything with the ball whatsoever. On defense he is ok helping from the weak side but tends to get muscled around when he is matched up in the post.


  3. Coach Fox needs to take advantage of Cannon’s scholarship. I doubt there are any worthwhile high school big guys not already signed but there are always opportunities for transfers. One more beefy big to pair with Thornton inside would be HUGE for next season.


  4. I hate to say this but I’m actually really happy JC finally decided to transfer it’s better for him the team and coach fox in recruiting having an extra scholarship now to bring in someone to contribute. I just don’t see how JC was recruited so highly I remember northwestern was inlove with him and talked about him being the best big man in the country coming in and a recruit that we actually stole from someone did not pan out and was way to slow and weak for this level of basketball. But anyway best of luck to the kid. So do we have anyone were recruiting right now?


    1. We have offers out to two guys:

      Jackson Davis: 3-star 6’8″/190 lb forward out of Lexington, Kentucky
      Dmitri Thompson: 2-star shooting guard from Orlando, Florida

      I’d rather hold on to the scholarships and wait till next recruiting season.


  5. Oh by the way! I forgot to put in my plug for Mark Fox as COTY in the SEC! Billy Donovan has been good for UF and good for the SEC. Given the right set of circumstances though, Fox has blown the pundits who picked UGA as 11th in the conference right out of the water! This guy can coach! If Jonas Hayes can bring just a few players from the AAU teams in ATL we can make a move! The Dogs defense has really improved since Christmas break! In the N/C part of their schedule the Dogs could not guard their own shadow! Now they are looking a lot better on defense!


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