Georgia and Ole Miss to meet this evening in the Georgia Dome

The Georgia Bulldogs begin their SEC tournament tonight with a rematch against Mississippi.

Ole Miss utilized 42 combined points from guards Jarvis Summers and Marshall Henderson on Thursday night to power the Rebels past its in-state rival Mississippi State for a 78-66 tournament victory.

Last night’s win was by no means a cakewalk for Ole Miss as they trailed the Maroon Dogs 44-35 at the half.

The fact that Henderson and Summers tallied over half of the team’s points should not come as much of a surprise since this duo averaged 50% of the Rebels’ scoring in conference play this season.

UGA won the first meeting between these two teams in thrilling fashion in Athens when Charles Mann hit a free throw with just a second remaining to put his team up 61-60.  In that game, the Dawgs’ Kenny Gaines notched 21 points and played pretty solid defense on Henderson, particularly in the game’s second half.  In addition, Georgia completely dominated Ole Miss on the glass, out-rebounding the Rebels 49-34.

The Dawgs, in my opinion, come into this game at a slight disadvantage since they have yet to play a game in the Dome.  The Rebels could be a little more comfortable shooting the ball to start this contest since they already have a game under their belt.

Consensus among college basketball media and just about everyone who reads this blog is that UGA needs to win two games in this tournament to be considered for the NCAA tourney.

Tonight marks Georgia’s first opportunity to make its case.


18 thoughts on “Georgia and Ole Miss to meet this evening in the Georgia Dome

  1. keys to the game:

    1) own the boards again – very doable against Ole Miss;
    2) switch up who guards Henderson – Gaines did a great job on him in Athens in the 2nd half but we don’t want to wear him out too much in the first tournament game. Mann and Parker have the length to guard Henderson too;
    3) get at least 10 shots for Gaines.


  2. I think it will be a tough game tonight but I think we will win. Might start out a little slow but I’m hoping for fast! We need this win!!! I agree with Decatur, owning the boards is 1 priority, then I would say limiting turnovers, and third getting to the line and making free throws at a high percentage. Do that, I think we advance. Sure hope we advance. I haven’t been this excited about dawgs hoops in a while. Go Dawgs!!!!


  3. Did yall see the LSU game last night? Looked like a completely different team on offense than we saw in the last game. Credit to the Dawgs D. It won’t be good news for our RPI, but I think LSU will take out Kentucky tonight.


  4. After the “Showboat” performance by Henderson last night, perhaps that cruise won’t be back to port for tonight’s game! All of Uga’s guards have length to bother Henderson’s shot, but it will not stop him from shooting! Only Andy Kennedy has the ability to cut into his shooting ability! We must own the glass and keep their percentages down. We also have to get off to a faster start since they have played a game yesterday and the bye team normally seems sluggish against a team that played in the previous round! Their little trap press bothered Miss State as well as UGA in the first game! Guard each possession like it really means something… it does, winning our way into the NCAA’s probably means at least a few million to the athletic departments coffers! I think winning two games gets us there. Runner up in the SEC tournament at 20-12 has got to count for something! Also I think tournament organizers need to rethink seating at the 1st and last games of the day! Since all of the empty seats look so bad on TV, I think we should just have all the fans sit in the lower sections of these large arenas!Just make an announcment, everybody for blue team sit behind scorer’s table, every one for white team sit on other side etc. It would make for a better atmosphere in the arena and help to hide the unsold seats for TV.We need to get maximum support from our Atlanta area Dawg fans for this weekends games.The excuse during the year was that the game started too early or too late! 9:30 on Friday night should be just right for the laid back Atlanta crowd! Please check the “laid back” at the door! We mean business! Go Dawgs… All the way to the NCAA’s!


    1. Right on Mike! Hoop Dawgs fans need to check the laid back at the door! The only thing you need to bring in with you is a half-half of Jack and your Bulldog spirit!


  5. Georgia has finally shown up on a Bubble report. Here is what expert Lunardi says heading into today:

    The bubble (15 teams for 6 spots)

    IN (6, in S curve order): 42. Nebraska, 43. Tennessee, 44. Saint Joseph’s, 45. Dayton, 46. Brigham Young, 47. Providence

    OUT (9, in S curve order): 69. Minnesota, 70. Florida St, 71. Southern Miss, 72. Arkansas, 73. California, 74. Missouri, 75. St. John’s, 76. Green Bay, 77. Georgia


  6. I’m like y’all. Nervous as hell, but so excited by the possibilities! At one time, I’d have wanted some emotion coming out tonight, but now, I just want to show a methodical, all business beat down, a “Whose next?” walk, and set jaws that say “Be afraid…be very afraid!” Go Dogs!!!


  7. Game against Ole Miss with possible Kentucky matchup next. Very similar to a rememberable SEC championship. This time however we are the 3 seed instead of the last seed. Go Dawgs. Between tonights excitement and the improvement in next years home schedule, this is as good as it gets for a bball fan.


  8. Huge Win! JJ saved our butts in the first half. It will take a much better effort tomorrow by all parties. PLEASE BUY A TICKET and show the Big Blue what UGA fans are all about. This team deserves it. 10K UGA fans is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount that would support a mediocre football team in a Chikfila bowl. Coach Fox and the boys deserve our support. Red out the dome!


    1. Can’t agree more with Standup! The team toughed it out tonight with not nearly enough fan support. Alumni need to support this team in Atlanta on a weekend.

      Tonight I boarded a bus full of Big Blue octogenarians and saw that they fear the Hoop Dawgs!


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