Georgia receives NIT bid, set to play Vermont

It appears that the Georgia Bulldogs (19-13) basketball season will continue as the Dawgs were selected to play in this year’s National Invitational Tournament (N.I.T.).

UGA received the 2-seed and the Dawgs should host (since they are the higher seed) Wednesday’s game against the Vermont Catamounts, a team that finished the year 22-10 overall and 15-1 in the American East Conference. Vermont was the top seed in its conference tournament, but the Catamounts were ousted in the semifinals by Albany.

Other than Donte Williams and Marcus Thornton, Wednesday’s game will be the first postseason experience for this young Georgia team.

10 thoughts on “Georgia receives NIT bid, set to play Vermont

  1. Here it begins. You hear Florida’s seniors talk about the process. This is the start of the process for our Sophs and Freshmen. This is the beginning. Learn to play tournament ball, advance, and play in NYC. It has to start here or it never will. This is the start of the process for our fanbase. Learn from Kentucky. Their fanbase knows that they cannot win a championship without the support of that giant blue nation. We must support this team and root and follow them at all costs. Push them to play harder on defense, push them to jump just a little bit higher, be just a little quicker, and rebound. I want UGA basketball to be relevant and UGA needs the Bulldawg Nation to lead that way.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I hope all of us will be front and center Wednesday night at the Stege. I really am treating this tourney as a head start on next year for a bunch of young players who grew a lot this year. I’ll especially be watching the development of Forte who has a true scorer’s mentality but little else. Get the guy to play as hard on defense and we’ve got a solid player who could give valuable minutes at the 2 or 3 positions.


      1. Forte is not a 2 and never will be. He does have some potential as a 3…he’s got a knack for scoring and rebounding around the basket, but his D has got to improve as you say.

        I’m glad we got a 2 seed, but Vermont and then either La Tech or Iona aren’t the types of teams that are going to get people excited about coming to Stegeman for a postseason game. I have a feeling that the crowd will be downright embarrassing on Wed night. Hope I’m pleasantly surprised.


        1. Greg, I don’t disagree about Forte not being a 2 and I cringed when I wrote it. I simply admire his offensive mindset and would like to see him improve enough on the other end to have more minutes to contribute offensively. He’s the best of our bigs at using his body (thin as it is) to get good shooting position down low and he gets the ball off quickly to avoid blocks. Much of that is due to the fact that he rarely has to put a rebound or interior pass on the floor before putting it up. I wish our other bigs would learn that skill.. Now I’ll show my age. Georgia has played Vermont once before (in Stegeman) and I was at that game, in the 74-75 season I believe. It was a blowout for the dawgs. Hope we get another on Wednesday, but this is a tournament and I’d take a win by one skinny point if necessary.


          1. I wonder if Forte can develop into a big man, ala Thornton if he works hard this summer with Jonas. He’s not tall, or that athletic, but he’s just not a perimeter player. So getting thicker and smarter around the bucket may get him more minutes.

            With the lack of spring options recruiting, I wonder if there’s any potential difference makers available to us in a transfer? With the coaches starting to get fired, maybe someone opens up either by their coach getting a boot, or a boost to a new job, that allows us to bring in a difference maker at 4/5, or 2/3, that we could really use for next year.


            1. Forte is going to have to get stronger or his defense will continue to keep him on the bench.

              Man, a transfer would be huge! Georgia Tech had Trae Golden fall into their laps last summer – maybe Georgia can get a polished big man to abandon his program and come to Athens?


  2. We have to be there regardless of 7 -8-9 o’clock game! Better than 6,500 showing would be nice. As we move along where we play will depend upon our attendance. It would be a shame to let a great year go down the draain at La Tech or Iona or Temple or some other less than stellar venue! Forte and Geno are both scorers and should have a spot to contribute on this team. D will have to improve from both of them if they are to get a shot! Each game we play this time of the year will be the groundwork for next season’s team! Good Luck Dog’s! Let’s get out and support these guys! They deserve it!


  3. Well I won’t be at any of the games in Athens, but I live close enough to NYC that I’ll make the trip to see us if we make it.


  4. Back in the late 60’s or early 70’s Tom Brennan, Barry Cohen,and Bob Leinhard were the NYC to Athens pipeline for Ken Rosemond when he coached at UGA! Rosemond had been a player on UNC’s Championship team which defeated Wilt for the NCAA Championship in the 1950’s. Our Tom Brennan later coached at Vermont and later did analyst work for ESPN. I understand Brennan will be at the game Wed. night, catching a ride on the Vermont team plane! How’s that for irony! This is a new era and a new type of UGA team. The current UGA squad is built on defense and long armed guards who can drive and sink free throws!Bob Lienhard was 6-11 and a monster around the rim! Cohen was a real beauty as a 6-0″ point guard who could find the open man! Not sure these earlier UGA teams even made enough noise to make it to the NIT! YMCA team used to watch them play when Stegeman was a brand new building!


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