Georgia escapes Vermont in the first round of the NIT

Georgia appeared dead in the water after Sandro Carissimo – who led Vermont with 11 points – hit a jumper to put his Vermont team up 52-45 with just 6:30 left in the game.

The Dawgs had relinquished a 29-20 halftime advantage, and they looked as if they had no interest in defending the perimeter.

Charles Mann, however, had other plans, scoring 11 of his career-high 29 points in the game’s final minutes, helping his Bulldog team finish the game on an 18-4 run en route to the 63-56 victory.

Vermont could not handle Mann, allowing the sophomore to get to the rim at will.  

Marcus Thornton chipped in 16 points, which gave him and Mann a combined 45 of the team’s 63 points on the night.

UGA’s biggest problem in this game was itself as the Dawgs committed 22 turnovers against the Catamounts.  Charles Mann may have netted 29 points this evening, but he also carried the turnover load as well by giving the ball to Vermont a team-high 7 times.

Georgia escaped tonight’s game against Vermont by mostly relying on its athleticism.

Unfortunately for UGA, Georgia’s next opponent in the NIT – 3-seed Louisiana Tech – is far more athletic than Vermont and the other Bulldogs tend to play the game at a more uptempo pace. 

The Dawgs will need to be less careless with the ball against LaTech of they hope to keep playing in this tournament.


10 thoughts on “Georgia escapes Vermont in the first round of the NIT

  1. This was a crazy game and I’m glad we won because I knew this game would be a tough match up for the Dawgs we always seem to struggle against teams like Vermont that play hard and break you down for 40 minutes with hard nosed basketball just because we’re not used to teams playing like this and it showed they reminded me a lot of the Davidson team we played back in November (a game we lost btw) but I like our chances a lot better against La tech because it’s a team we should be more used to playing against in the SEC. They remind me a lot of Arkansas and Mizzou very long athletic and can score but I feel like we’ll look more natural and like our self against the other bulldogs then we did against Vermont. As long as we play D and rebound we should be fine but if we don’t we could potentially lose big.


  2. For a little while it felt like December again. The team was completely not interested in playing D or passing and catching. Fun game tonight for the last 4 minutes of play. Long drive back to ATL but worth it. I love General admission games because the students were all mixed in around the bowl. Now if the Steg can be that much fun and loud with just the bowl full, just imagine the noise with 10K in the building. Unfortunately the timing of the next game will be tough. Most of your ATL alums will have kids sports that morning. When I was a student getting up before noon on a Saturday was tough.


    1. I totally agree with you about the bowl seating for the students – it makes the games so much more intense because all the students are right on top of the court (pretty much how it is at every other college arena).

      I wish that UGA would consider making that a permanent change inside the Steg.


      1. I think Mann is trying to do too much. At times he forgets he is supposed to be a point guard. Plays well at the 3 with JJ at the point. JJ still takes some poor shots, but he does play solid defense and is always around the ball. His lack of height does hurt. Gaines is our best shooter but does not get enough shots. Nemi has become a liability. Next game we better show up. Last night some looked like they would rather be somewhere else. Looked like Nov/Dec games.


    2. When we stick 10k fans that are into the atmosphere, I’ll take our gym over any in the country. That roof traps the sound like no other.


  3. You are so right Mr. Sanchez! UGA is no different than any other arena in the country! Big 10 arenas are all 50 yrs old and they all hold 15,000 people! UGA’s is 50 yrs old and has been rehabbed several times. We need to rehab our fans! 6,500 was the best we could do down the stretch when we were in the race for 2nd place in the SEC! We tied for 2nd place in the conference with UK but the interest is out on AG hill about spring practice with the oblong ball!Stegeman has to place the bill paying Alums closest to the action! We need to stop wasting an entire section on that huge band that just plays Glory-Glory!I was at the SOCON tourney last weekend and the best bands were lean and mean! The band ran the show! They were in sync w/the cheerleaders and the better ones created action! In the SEC we have to wait for an exciting play to have the crowd action P/u! If we just go to sit on our hands, we are wasting the seats! BB fans need to have the action and excitement createdbefore the ball is tossed up! Come on Dogs, Get out to Stegeman Sat morn and create some excitement against LA!


  4. Yeah Mann put the team on his back and it worked in this game. However, we won the game because we clamped down big time on the defensive end starting at about the 33 minute mark of the game. had we played D like that throughout, we’d have won this contest by 20. And I agree with Jerry that sometimes Mann tries to do too much. I love the guy but he NEVER looks to dish the rock once he starts to the hoop.If he becomes more proficient as a true point and improves his outside shot (he is getting better there), he’ll play more than token minutes at the next level someday..


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