CMF signs two for next year

The AJC’s Michael Carvell reported late last night that Coach Mark Fox picked up a pair of commitments – a 3-star and an unranked prospect – that will make up Georgia’s 2014 freshmen class.

The 3-star recruit – Yante Maten – stands at 6’8″ and weighs 230 pounds.  Maten, a Bloomfield, Michigan native, apparently received offers from both Michigan State and Indiana, but he was upset that both of those schools offered him late (and by “late”, I mean less than a week ago for each school).

The unranked prospect – Fred Iduwe – is a 6’11” recruit who currently hails from just outside of Milwaukee (via Nigeria).  Iduwe reportedly chose Georgia over the likes of North Dakota and Wisconsin-Green Bay, which should provide some comfort to UGA fans that the Dawgs’ basketball program carries more prestige than those two aforementioned powerhouses.

Frankly speaking, it seems like Fox secured a potential contributor in Maten and a project in Iduwe.  Any high school senior who has not been signed at this point in the year is most likely not going to provide an instant impact on the court next season.

The Dawgs return almost the entire team for the 2014-2015 season (minus Donte Williams), and they should be a contender for an at-large NCAA tournament bid.

However, Fox only has two more seasons with his star backcourt duo of Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines.  

Recruiting has been Fox’s achilles heel during his tenure in Athens, and these two signings are not going to settle the fan base.  

If Fox cannot land several major talents in next year’s recruiting class, UGA’s upward trend of success – assuming next year is a success – will level off with the eventual departures of Mann and Gaines following the 2015-2016 season.


16 thoughts on “CMF signs two for next year

  1. These two guys should probably be judged by “are they better than Dixon and Kessler?” The answer is they seem to be at this point given that the present guys have not developed into anything in 2-3 years. Dixon was going to be the default starter and we know that he can’t compete at the SEC level. Kessler didn’t have much of a chance. Maybe there is still time for him. More positives than negatives in these two pickups.


  2. I am fairly pleased with these guys. At least they can provide some size.

    Hoop – don’t forget that Mann and Gaines were not huge recruits themselves.


    1. Both Mann and Gaines were listed as 3-star’s prior to their senior seasons, and I recall reading on one of the recruiting websites that there was some consensus that if Gaines had been ranked at the end of the year he might have been a 4-star.

      Regardless, a program cannot be built hoping that 2- and 3-stars pan out and become talents. Remember, for every Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines there is a John Cannon, Tim Dixon, John Florveous, Sherrard Brantley, etc.


  3. I expect Maten will contribute some next year–more as the season wears on and he becomes better acclimated to Fox’s system. 15 rebounds and almost 7 blocks a game in Detroit area basketball sounds very good to me, but I wonder why Izzo wasn’t all over him earlier. Frankly, the Nigerian kid worries the heck out of me. He may prove to be another Florveous except that he is eligible for 4 years of scholarship support rather than Florveous’s 2 years. I’d have almost rather sat on that scholarship or given it to the biggest contributor among the walk-ons for 1 year–but what do I know?


  4. Why would a 4 star go to UGA? For a program that has no consistent history of winning the only way to get those recruits is to prove the ability to coach a bubble team with 3 stars. Fox somehow managed to do that this year much to my surprise. If Fox can get this team into the dance next season then he has a leg to stand on when talking to 4 star players. The pitch could be that they would be play makers from the start and the odds of going to the NCAA are high.


  5. A few years back, Augusta State, a DII program, filled in for Western Kentucky, who’d mysteriously dropped off UGA’s schedule. They had one Garrett Silar, a 7′ center who had played no basketball before his junior year of high school. Though 7′, no one really wanted him. He was chubby, slow of foot, and somewhat ham-handed. By the time UGA faced him and ASU’s Jaguars, he was giving everyone fits. UGA was only able to overcome ASU in the final minute with Sundiata Gaines getting hot and Bliss getting double team help inside. Silar went on to play for the Phoenix Suns. My point? I like overlooked projects with boundless potential.


    1. Great point Harlem Bill. If no one ever found nuggets there would be no use in prospecting. But let’s face it–the odds of “hitting” with a project are small. Memory may be failing me here, but the last project i remember working out at UGA–and work out he did– was Alec Kessler.


      1. Hey Hoops, sorry to read your somewhat subdued reaction to these signings. Couple of other projects that worked pretty good were Jonas “the Bonus” Hayes and Robb Dryden. Jonas was considered an afterthought by many and the “wingman” in the package to get his more talented twin, Jarvis. Dryden was a gangly big project who benefited from good coaching to actually have a very solid and respectable senior season-they just kept getting a little better each year until we hated to see them go when they ran out of eligibility. Now that Dixon is gone-do we go after one more or hold for next year? If we go now, who do you want most- Hill or Gant?


        1. Your point on Jonas Hayes–one of my all time favorite (along with teammate Chris Daniels) gritty dawgs. I hadn’t heard the news about Dixon but am certainly not unhappy. Tim seems like a real nice kid–just not a D-1 contributor. As for your final question, since we potentially have Gaines for two more years and Parker for three, I’d much prefer to to have Gant.


          1. I’m with you all the way, Hoops. Use the scholly now to get depth in the cupboard to avoid any talent gaps like we’ve seen so much in the past. Since we’re deeper at guard with pretty good young talent, I say take the big man first, but I’d take Hill if he became available. What do see as the potential ceiling for Juwan and JJ? Freshmen guards are like freshmen DBs in football-I’d rather not have to depend on them-but both showed potential. Also, have you heard how Dusan Langura is doing with his recovery and if he will playing next year? I heard he was a great outside shooter. Thanks


            1. You may be addressing your comment to hoopdawg, rather than me, Hoops Dawg (sorry about the confusion but I had this screen name long before hoop started this excellent blog and I had a hard time changing it). I agree with you Clisby that we take the high caliber talent IF we can get it, but I don’t want to expend another scholarship on anything other than a first-rate talent–and there aren’t many of those available at this late date. I was wrong about J.J.–I now think that he will become a fine SEC player. I think that Juwan’s upside is very high. Clearly he had his ups and downs last season, but once he decides that he can become a player in major college basketball, he’ll be just fine. It is just so hard to tell about freshmen. Take KCP for example. All I could do for about the first 75% of his frosh year was scratch my head wondering why he was a 5-star recruit. Then all of a sudden he started putting it together. I started pushing him for POY last year while everyone else was still gaga-eyed over the Kentucky freshmen, and thankfully people ended up voting for the right guy. I’m not trying to say that Juwan is likely to become a KCP. But he does have the athleticism and is gaining the court smarts to become a
              very fine player in my opinion.


        2. Honestly, either Hill or Gant would probably help UGA immediately next year since they are both big-time 4-star recruits. However, I guess I am more partial to Gant just because of his size – I could see him getting big minutes for Georgia by the time SEC play begins next season.


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