Former UGA recruiting target Charles Mitchell visiting Athens on Thursday

Charles Mitchell – a standout from Wheeler High School – is leaving Maryland after two seasons to move closer to home to be near his grandmother who has recently fallen ill.

The 6’8″ 260lb Mitchell provided solid contributions for the Terps last year, averaging 6.5 points and 6.3 boards in less than 19 minutes per game. In fact, he gave Maryland such a spark off the bench that he eventually was inserted into the starting lineup for the final third of the season.

For those of you who do not remember Mitchell, he was one of Georgia’s targets in early 2012 when Coach Mark Fox was heavily involved in the Tony Parker sweepstakes. is reporting that Mitchell is also receiving looks from Auburn, Clemson and College of Charleston, but one would have to assume that Georgia Tech and UGA are the frontrunners for Charles’s services considering the whole proximity thing regarding his grandmother and family. Mitchell is scheduled to be on Tech’s campus today, and he will be up in Athens on Thursday.

With the departure of Donte Williams to graduation, Mitchell would obviously fit nicely into a Georgia starting lineup loaded with upperclassmen.

9 thoughts on “Former UGA recruiting target Charles Mitchell visiting Athens on Thursday

  1. This would be a gift from heaven kind of happenstance for us if it pans out. I’d take him in an instant. Keep us posted on what you hear hoop.


    1. I read that he visited Tech yesterday, and that he will be making his decision “soon”. Oddly, former Georgia Tech player Robert Carter transferred to Maryland just last week.


      1. Yes I seen that and I also seen where Nick Jacobs transferred to tech as well along with Demarco Cox from ole miss I don’t know if that helps or hurts our chances with Mitchell but even the tech fans our saying we should be the favorite to land him I sure hope we are he is just what were missing on this team and if nothing else maybe it will build a recruiting pipe line with wheeler. I’m really hearing good things about the new assistant Yasir Rosemond and Jaylen Brown seems to like him a lot I hope we can turn this kid into a DAWG he has some special talent and it would not surprise me if he doesn’t jump to the number 1 player in the country too bad Calipari and the cats have him in their sights I hope he decides to stay home! Anyway enough of my rambling just a little update from my UGA basketball news.


        1. Well hate to break the bad news but it looks like he’s going to tech why? Idk it’s pretty frustrating because tech right now has no chance at winning anything and I can’t wait to kick their a$$ in the first game of the season guess charles will get to watch us in the big dance while his little bees are finishing 10 in the ACC. Sorry just showing frustration but Go Dawgs Wreck tech


            1. Well in the last 5 to 6 years anytime I see we’re recruiting against tech my confidence to get the kid goes down and as long as that’s the case this program will continue to fight an up hill battle in the fact Gregory is 3 and 0 against us doesn’t help a thing. Well on the bright side I seen on rivals where malik beasley is looked at as one of the underrated players in the 2015 class and right now according to 247 were the favorites to land him hope tech don’t jump in on him.


  2. I’m going with the old “blessing in disguise” label for us not getting Mitchell. Sure it would’ve been great to have him, but now we have a scholly open to sign a four year player (or maybe a two-and-thru guy if we’re lucky). Hopefully the ball got rolling yesterday. Has anyone heard any report from D. Langura? I hope he can play this year.


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