Trey Thompkins sighting

After playing sparingly his rookie year for the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2011-2012 season, former UGA standout Trey Thompkins was waived from the Clips during his sophomore campaign as he was hampered by a debilitating bone bruise in his left knee which kept him off the court.

For more than a year Thompkins muddled in basketball obscurity, removed from a once promising basketball career. Until yesterday, I would have ventured to guess that his stateside basketball playing days were over, and that the next time Thompkins might suit up professionally would be in Europe or South America.

Low and behold, however, who did I see during Sportscenter’s evening segment on yesterday’s NBA Summer League action? Howard Thompkins III, in the flesh.

Trey is currently playing on the Los Angeles Lakers summer league team, and he doesn’t look half bad. In the Lakers overtime win over the Golden State Warriors yesterday, Thompkins finished with 11 points and 7 rebounds, including one bucket from beyond the arc.

Heading into the game against the Warriors, Trey had connected on 10 of his 14 field goal attempts. In 31 minutes of summer league action, Thompkins had already tallied a highly-productive 25 points, making all three of his three-point tries.

While it’s by far a forgone conclusion that Trey will make the Lakers’ roster – especially since they recently drafted and signed Julius Randle – if he continues to shoot the ball well from the outside there is a chance that LA keeps him on to deepen their bench at the power forward position.

11 thoughts on “Trey Thompkins sighting

  1. Spoke to Fox on Picture Day (8/16). Asked if the NIT Tip-Off home opponent had been set. He shook his head and said no. Said “it’s been a mess.”


      1. Yeah.1 home match, 3 at MSG. Knockout format gone. Andy Katz let that out a bit ago. Then the story was Minnesota and Gonzaga were both shopping for replacement games and might pull out. But as everyone found out, there was nobody out there to grab. The schools had to “commit” to the NIT. Each school has had to try and replace the lost home game – we are paying Troy $100,000 to come, and I haven’t checked the other teams’ resolutions lately. Not long ago they hadn’t fixed it. Of the “lower tier” teams, it isn’t set who will travel where. One would assume that we’d get Western Kentucky to minimize travel and cost, and since all the other schools are from the Northeast, but that must be of some issue and still unsettled. Fox was concerned with travel arrangements – which aren’t being made – and it was clear UGA hadn’t heard anything recently. In other words, “a mess”.


  2. Looks like Fox is pulling in some great guard talent for ’15 and ’16 according to Carvell of the AJC. Now lets get a couple of athletic front court guys.


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