Georgia gets first victory of the 2014-2015 season

Calling Georgia’s offense balanced on Tuesday night would be an understatement, considering that Mark Fox got double-digit scoring from five players against the Stoney Brook Seawolves in the opening game of the preseason NIT.  Charles Mann, Kenny Gaines, Yante Maten, Neme Djurisic and Marcus Thornton all eclipsed the ten-point threshold, with Mann leading the way with a team-high 15 points.  The Dawgs appeared to be in more of rhythm offensively, knocking down nearly 46% of their shots from the floor en route to an 80-70 win.

The Seawolves came out of the gates firing, though, building up a 16-8 lead in the game’s first four minutes ,with most of the damage being done by junior guard Carson Puriefoy.  During the aforementioned stretch, Puriefoy scored 9 points, and he finished the half with 21.

Despite Puriefoy’s performance, Georgia managed to carry a 48-41 advantage into the intermission.  But once Georgia was able to contain Puriefoy, the Dawgs began to open up more of a lead down the stretch.  UGA held the game’s leading scorer to zero field goals after the break, and even though Puriefoy finished with 26 points, he was pretty much shut down in the second half.

After corralling Puriefoy, UGA pushed its lead beyond 20 points a couple of times; but, some late threes from Stoney Brook in mop-up time enabled the Seawolves to trim the score to just ten.

Yante Maten, who scored 11 points, made several nice drop-step post moves on the block.

Kenny Gaines did not start in this one, but he looks as though he is starting to regain his form, contributing 13 points, which included a pair of three-pointers; he also had an explosive dunk off of a fast break, showing that his legs seem to have recovered from his recent bout with mononucleosis.

The most improved player from a year ago, though, may be sophomore J.J. Frazier, who has developed an ability to penetrate and use excellent body control to finish around the rim (or at least get fouled).  Frazier peppered the stat sheet tonight with 8 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds, and most importantly, no turnovers.

Overall, Georgia’s play was much improved this evening against an opponent picked by most to win the American East Conference in the preseason.  Now that Georgia is off their radar, hopefully the Seawolves can string together a 20+ win season and secure the AEC title.

Not that I am insinuating that this was a resume-building win.

7 thoughts on “Georgia gets first victory of the 2014-2015 season

  1. The seawolves were a lot better than I had anticipated and Purifoy looked like he could start for several teams in the SEC. We definitely had to go to the zone to slow these guys however as several of our guys are not very good in the man defense. This may bite us in the rear in the days and weeks ahead. But I saw an improvement and I’m glad that someone else thinks JJ has come a ways from mid-season last year. Oh, and Maten looks like a good one. Coaches must teach the drop-step in the Detroit area, as the big man from Detroit (I can’t remember his name) whom Felton kicked off his team also had excellent drop-step moves. Ah, it was Takais Brown I was thinking of.


  2. I was afraid Purifoy was going to take over the game and run the Dogs right out of Steggeman for a while! This BMOC came in a little package but he had some real skills! Attendance couldn’t have been over 2-3,000! This team has a lot of potential, but we need to support our Basketball team also! Coach Fox has scheduled up this year to try to make a run for the dance. Aren’t there any students over in Athens that give a rip about a pretty good product on opening night! If you hate Orange and Blue get ready because UK-FLA-and UT all come calling at Steggeman this year and they will bring more than enough fans to make the Coliseum look better on TV!


  3. Good to see the team’s composure after falling behind early and losing Mann for most of the first half. Maten (is it really pronounced “may-ten”? That’s kind of disappointing…Yante Mah-ten really rolls off the tongue…) is quick off the floor, whether going to the basket or blocking shots on help defense. Interesting that you singled out Frazier, hoop — I agree that he shows a lot more polish offensively. But he couldn’t guard Puriefoy at all. I thought the switch to zone was entirely because of that shortcoming. Anyway, the core players all did what they do, and with a minimum of mistakes, which was great to see.


  4. Perhaps it is too much to hope for but the description of Obdeige sounds a bit like another player (a 2-star if memory serves me) who turned out to have a heck or a career at Missy State-Jarvis Varnardo (Sp?) Oh, we should be so lucky!


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