Georgia gets by Mercer for fourth straight win

Due to some holiday traveling complications, I only managed to catch the last 4 minutes of the third overtime in Georgia’s win over Mercer last night. At that time, UGA held a 75-72 lead over the Bears before getting three-pointers from Kenny Gaines and Neme Djurisic, which basically sealed the game for the Dawgs, giving them a 86-77 victory.

I did happen to catch Coach Fox’s post game press conference in which he gave Mercer “a lot of credit”, but he also lamented his own team’s mental preparation heading into this game. Apparently, Fox was concerned that his players’ heads were still stuck in the clouds, enjoying the recent wins over Seton Hall and Colorado. So concerned was he about their mentality that during the team’s morning shoot around yesterday Fox stopped practice and placed a garbage can in the middle of the court, demanding that his guys metaphorically “throw away the last two games”. Considering that it took three overtimes to get by Mercer, I’m not sure that this strategy can be considered a complete success; although, it’s certainly entertaining to hear about.

Georgia wraps up the 2014 with a tough road assignment at Kansas State this Wednesday, the place where Fox claims to have acquired the bulk of his basketball knowledge.

If anyone has any further insights or feedback on yesterday’s game your comments would be most appreciated below.

7 thoughts on “Georgia gets by Mercer for fourth straight win

  1. UGA was horrible at the line last night. Mann and Thorton both need extra practice at the line in my opinion. In addition, it seemed like UGA missed numerous easy shots around and under the basket. You could really sense that Mercer gained the momentum in the last five minutes of regulation. Strawberry was on fire and couldn’t miss. UGA was very fortunate to win. The crowd was not in the game at all until the Mercer fans in one section in the upper level started making noise. Hopefully the crowd will get better when the SEC schedule starts.


  2. I’ll give the crowd a pass on its enthusiasm since they rocked during the overtimes. That said, there was little to cheer about our play during regulation. The Dawgs played sloppy basketball much of the game, and as Strawberry and Mercer’s little #5 got hot, we wasted trip after trip down to our end of the court. The fan’s groans were easy to hear. As a poster noted below your last entry, Cam was absent, and his sparks were missed. I haven’t studied the stats, but during regulation, Georgia was shooting in the low 30s. (Mercer too.) We were out rebounding them, which gave us the edge in points. Mann, in spite of his point total by the end, still wasn’t fit to run the offense. It was sadly funny that in discussing the “Player of the Game” designation, Scott Howard and Chuck Dowdle noted Mann’s impressive looking numbers, then they paused slightly… …but Marcus… …and Nemi… before settling on Nemi for his steady play. No one watching the game would have pegged Mann and top Dawg last night. (I like Mann, but I dread the shot clock at 10 and the ball in his hands. He looks for nothing, and the bull session is coming. He could have salted an unsatisfying win in regulation, but slipped and traveled driving into 3 Mercer players.) Perhaps that why we see a conversion to the #3 coming. (Heck, he played #4 late as Nemi became a ball-handler late with JJ and Kenny.) But enough rant. Marcus was great mostly, as was Nemi. Juwan pulled timely rebounds. Mann got a monkey off his back in OT. Kenny popped 3s and Kessler grabbed some tough rebounds – and all turned out OK. Perhaps, we needed this before facing KSU. ugly wins beat ugly losses any day!


  3. Now let’s give Mann some credit……. At some point in the 2nd half after missing 6 or 7 straight free throws, Mann visibly bore down, acted like he actually cared. Then proceeded to sink several FT’s in a row! JJ continues to take firm hold of the point slot on this team! Strawberry is a walkon for Mercer. Perhaps we could trade Mann straight up and save McGarity a wad of scholarship $$$$! This little guy had an engine that would not stop! Juwan got a nice stick back late in the game to get our offense moving again! Maten, Geno, and Kessler got some valuable playing time. Other than that, it took some help from the Zebras to get this one! I think it was wofford that had our Number for a couple of years in a row! This is our new Wofford!


  4. I agree on the pass on the crowd. Great when needed. I was there with the family and the refs took the crowd out right off the bat. I believe there was a foul called on the first 4 or 5 possessions. There was no point at which the teams were allowed to just play until we got to overtime. It was one of those games where we crept out to a lead playing really bad basketball. Missed shots, missed free throws, Mann falling down repeatedly, turnovers, many fouls, and bad defense. Hard to be loud watching that. I was more frustrated when we had a 10 point lead than when we fell behind. Thankfully Mann and Gaines showed up in the 2nd and 3rd OT. Mann needs to pull old tape of Sundiata Gaines and learn how to drive using your body with less than 10 on the clock without falling down.


  5. Anyone know why this game is listed as being on WatchESPN, but isn’t actually on the website? I figured it had something to do with it being a 3OT game and they would end up posting it on there today. It would be the first Georgia game I didn’t watch on the season, if it’s never loaded up on there! Anyone know of an alternate source that you can watch the replay on?

    As for the result, I’m glad we sidestepped this ‘bad loss’, even though Mercer is a pretty solid squad. We don’t want any losses to a 100+ RPI ranked squad. That leaves Minnesota with a RPI currently around #70 as still our worst loss on the season. Let’s hope Minnesota stays solid in conference play this year!


    1. Minnesota is #66 as of today. Wow, 2-9 Texas Southern just took Kansas State into Overtime! Kansas State is 7-4 on the season, but 5-0 at home.


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