Gamecocks end UGA’s win streak

Georgia entered today’s game as the best shooting team in the SEC throughout the first seven conference games – the Dawgs were connecting on 46% from the floor and nearly 46% from beyond the arc.

However, without Marcus Thornton, UGA’s offense looked absolutely lost.

Coach Fox needed freshman Yante Maten to step up and fill in for the senior leader, but instead Maten spent the afternoon mired in foul trouble before fouling out with just 5 points in 18 minutes of play.

Maten’s issues put an additional strain on a Georgia team that was already short-handed.

The result: UGA appeared baffled on offense.  The Dawgs shot an abysmal 11 of 50 from the floor.  Yes, that’s right, Georgia made just 11 field goals in 40 minutes of play.  UGA hit only 17% of its three-point attempts, putting up a goose-egg in the second half from the perimeter, missing all 11 of its attempts.

Without Thornton, South Carolina was able to pressure Georgia’s guards, pushing them further out away from the basket.  J.J. Frazier led all UGA scorers with 16 points, while Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines combined for 21 points on 5 of 22 shots from the field.

Sadly, South Carolina barely felt threatened in this game after taking a double-digit lead following a three-pointer by Brian Steele early in the first half.  Georgia cut into the lead a couple of times after the break, but the Dawgs never got closer than 8 points, and eventually the Gamecocks pulled away, winning the game 67-50.

Coach Fox needed his veteran players to shoulder more of the load in Thornton’s absence, but they just weren’t up for the task.  Neme Djurisic, much like Mann and Gaines, also failed to play well, making only 2 of 7 from the floor, finishing with just 7 points.

This loss puts Georgia in a six-way tie for third place in the SEC, and more importantly, it goes down as UGA’s worst loss of the season as SC has an RPI of 111.

The Dawgs’ five game win streak was emphatically snapped by South Carolina, and now Georgia has to endure a quick turnaround that will see them playing at Kentucky in a matter of days.

Hopefully, Marcus Thornton will make that trip.

4 thoughts on “Gamecocks end UGA’s win streak

  1. It was clear to me when we were down 10-6 and CMF put a team of Mann, Forte, Echols, Kessler, and Iduwe on the floor that this wasn’t going to be a good time investment on a Saturday afternoon. I admire your fortitude, hoop.


  2. First – The refs were so abysmal that it felt absolutely right when Fox raged out onto the court and pointed out each of those hacks in turn. It was mentioned that the refs were inexplicably random in the Vandy game, but this game shockingly allowed the Chickens to carry out repeated muggings under the rim. I sat behind one basket, and what happened to Yant and Nemi was a shame. When hands are GRABBING forearms, and multiple slaps assault you as you try to go up, and NO WHISTLE blows, your game will suffer. Once Mann came down with a rebound and got clubbed on the TOP of his head. The ref was 3 feet away looking right at this. He ate his whistle. A tape of this should be reviewed and those dolts put on notice by the league. Inexcusable! It might have been easier to bear if it had the randomness that gives some semblance of fairness, but the overarching bias in USC’s favor (in light of their seeming inability to play without fouling) was nothing short of shocking.
    All that said, the shooting was trash. Kenny shot everything short and never found his range. Mann’s lack of any sort of pull-up 2 really limits his options. Not that we had many open looks. The free pass on inside fouls allowed USC to push out high on us. The high pressure, constant fouling, cold shooting, and unfamiliar combinations of players virtually guaranteed this outcome.
    Cam disappeared, and a comment by Fox alluded to a deserved benching, so we endured without him. Houston began the game hopelessly overmatched, but it was good to see that he seemed to toughen up and find his feet in the 2nd half. We take almost no positives away from Columbia and the trip to Kentucky looks even scarier, but I at least find comfort in the fact that it can’t get any worse this season. As a final side note, if anyone finds fault with Stegeman and UGA’s in-game experience after putting up with the lifeless (soulless?) atmosphere at Colonial Life Arena, just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Hell, our restrooms are Ritz Carlton in comparison. Bring on the Cats!


  3. Yes, it was quite a long afternoon in Columbia. I had not heard the news of Marcus’ concussion so I, too, was lost five minutes into the game with the lineup of one starter and four virtually “never evers.”

    Even though things were bad (and the officiating, particularly in the first half was as well), we managed to work our way back into the game. There was an odd sequence with the ball going up and down the court without fouls being called. We were down by 8 with a chance to cut it to 5 or 6. Maten was called for a charge (his fourth foul) and then everything unraveled.

    I admire Fox for sticking up for the team. Without decent foul shooting, the game would have gotten out of hand much earlier. We did out rebound USC but too many turnovers and the frigid shooting were too much to overcome.

    Assuming Marcus is able to bounce back, the worst part about Saturday’s loss will be (much like the GT game), no “asterisk” will be noted when the committee is reviewing our season. Only teams like UNC get coddled when starters are out for a game or two.

    Am glad I was in Columbia. There were a bunch of Dawg fans there. Sadly, other than when it was 6-3, there wasn’t much about which to cheer.


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