Georgia still has a path to a double-bye in the SEC Tournament

The day after losing a nail-biter at home to Kentucky, Georgia received a little help in the SEC standings from Tennessee.  On Wednesday, the Vols stormed into Baton Rouge and upset the LSU Tigers 78-63, putting LSU in a tie with UGA at 10-7 and leaving the door slightly open for the Dawgs to snag one of the top four spots in the conference standings.

Here’s what has to happen on Saturday:

1. First and foremost, Georgia needs to avenge a home loss to Auburn on the Plains, which would boost Coach Fox’s team’s final SEC record to 11-7.

2. LSU finishes its conference slate at Arkansas, a game that the Tigers could easily drop.

3. The most difficult part of this equation is that Texas A&M must lose a home game to Alabama.  However, the Tide whipped the Aggies by 21 points earlier in the season, so the home team in this one is certainly not assured of win.

Ole Miss ends its year with a home game against Vandy, so more than likely the Rebels will finish up 12-6, giving them one of the top spots in the conference tournament.

3 thoughts on “Georgia still has a path to a double-bye in the SEC Tournament

  1. While the double-bye would be nice, I’m not sure how much it would really help us. Now that we have everyone back, I think we could benefit from the rhythm of playing consecutive days.

    At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Oh, and just stomp Auburn.


  2. I think an Arkansas win over LSU is likely. Vandy has been playing quite well lately. If Ole Miss is looking ahead, Vandy could sneak out of the Tad Pad with a win. I’m feeling good about our chances for the double-bye…a double-bye AND the #3 seed would be incredible. Although I think we match up well with UK, I’d just as soon not have to deal with them until Sun, if needed.


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