Georgia avenges earlier loss to Auburn in 64-61 win

KT Harrell, who hit the shot that sunk Georgia in Athens, couldn’t repeat the last-second heroics today at home against the Dawgs.  After J.J. Frazier buried a pair of free throws to put Georgia up 64-61, Auburn had one more chance with 4.8 seconds remaining, but this afternoon the Tigers came up just a bit short.

This win means the Dawgs will conclude the SEC regular season at 11-7, and it should remove any doubts that may have existed regarding UGA and this year’s NCAA tournament.  ESPN’s Eamonn Brennan listed Georgia as a “Lock” for the Big Dance in his latest “Bubble Watch”, and after today’s game I’d say he’s 100% correct.

The Dawgs came into this contest short-handed with Kenny Gaines sidelined with a foot sprain, but his backcourt compatriots Charles Mann and J.J. Frazier helped to pick up the slack.

Charles Mann played outstanding down the stretch, steadying his team as they endured a barrage of three-pointers from the Auburn guards.  Harrell hit a three with 13:53 left in the game that saw his team take a 46-39 lead.  But Mann stayed the course, driving the ball to the rim and drawing foul after foul  Charles scored 7 points over the next 5 minutes, and he tied the game at 52 apiece with a little over 8 minutes remaining after sinking a pair of free throws.  Mann ended up with 15 points, going a perfect 9 for 9 from the stripe.

Frazier led all UGA scorers with 16 points, and he finally shot the ball well from the perimeter, making 3 of his 4 attempts from beyond the arc.

The only other Bulldog to eclipse ten points was Neme Djurisic, who finished with 14 points and 8 rebounds.

Auburn’s K.T. Harrell was the leading scorer in the game with 24 points.

Coach Fox’s team did an excellent job of tightening up the perimeter defense late in second half, which enabled the Dawgs to take control of the game.  The Tigers made 9 of their first 19 three-pointers through nearly the first 30 minutes of this one, but they failed to connect on their final 10 shots from the outside.

Fortunately, Georgia shot the ball well this afternoon on the Plains, connecting on 50% of its shots from both the floor and the perimeter.  The Dawgs’ hot shooting aided them in overcoming an ugly 17 turnovers.

This victory puts UGA in 5th place in the league, and their final position depends on the outcome of tonight’s game between Vanderbilt and Ole Miss.  If Vandy wins, UGA takes the 3rd spot in the SEC; however, should Ole Miss hold serve at home, Georgia would remain in 5th place.

6 thoughts on “Georgia avenges earlier loss to Auburn in 64-61 win

  1. Well, a win is a win. I’m not sure I want to see Georgia play either Auburn OR USCe again. We seem to stink it up against them. I’m also not sure we can afford a 1 and done in the tourney. You can’t on no tournament upsets stealing spots. Much rather win a couple before getting to the NCAA.


  2. Maybe Mann’s best game of the year? UGA is in the NCAA tourney unless they lose by 200 in the first round of the SEC. A good, tough, gritty win.


  3. Saying we got control of the game late may be a bit of an overstatement. Yeah, we tightened up a bit on defense but it was white knuckle time until the horn. It may have been recently, I don’t know, but I can’t remember the last time we got a road win on the Plains. We always save our poor games for the tigers it seems, and I too will not be anxious to plam them again (or USC). Go Vandy!!


  4. Every time UGA takes the court its a white knuckler! Boy Charles Mann was something today! He loaded us up and carried us to the finish line today! A few weeks ago I would not have thought a 3rd place conference could be possible! Hail to this bunch of DGD’s! Anyone headed to Nashville?


  5. How about the Hoop Dawgs hitting 19 of 21 free throws?! That’s what we need for tournament time.

    I think we are 100% in the NCAA. We are an 8 seed for now with every SEC tourney win moves us up a seed.


  6. This time it was Mann playing the part of The Man. His game is on the uptick at the right time! I’m hopeful that extra minutes for our bench will help us in the coming weeks.


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