Discussing Georgia’s SEC Tournament seed

Georgia’s win on Saturday coupled with losses by Ole Miss, Arkansas and Texas A&M made the Dawgs the benefactor of a four-way tie for third place.  Since Georgia had the best record amongst the tied teams, UGA earned the 3-seed in this week’s SEC tournament.  The cookie certainly crumbled in Georgia’s favor yesterday.

The double-bye could not have come at a better time for Coach Mark Fox as it will give his starting two-guard, Kenny Gaines, an additional day to receive treatment and to heal from a minor foot injury.  The Dawgs will play the winner of the Ole Miss vs. Missouri/South Carolina, with Georgia most likely playing the victor from a Rebels-Gamecocks matchup (SC beat Mizzou earlier in the year and the Cocks improved as the season progressed, while the Tigers have been mostly pitiful throughout).

Playing either South Carolina or Ole Miss would be intriguing for the Dawgs, considering UGA was swept by the Gamecocks, but then in turn did the sweeping themselves against the Rebels.

In the latest Bracketology reports, ESPN still has Georgia sitting at an 8-seed, and CBS, for whatever reason, has inexplicably dropped the Dawgs down to a 10-seed.

Kudos to Coach Mark Fox and this bunch of Dawgs for posting consecutive 20-win seasons the past two years, marking only the second time in program history in which that feat has transpired.  That wasn’t the only history that was made on Saturday, though – the Dawgs’ win on the Plains was its 6th conference road win of the season, setting a school record for that category.  Georgia’s road toughness is definitely an attribute that should serve them well in the NCAA Tournament.

10 thoughts on “Discussing Georgia’s SEC Tournament seed

  1. LSU actually won yesterday, upsetting Arkansas on the road. We won the #3 seed in the four-way tie because we were 3-1 vs the tied teams. LSU was 3-2, thanks to Texas A&M, that’s why we won the #3 seed over them. Even though we are 0-1 vs LSU on the season. Confusing, I know!


  2. Something else that makes me happy about yesterday: Dawgs went up on Auburn all time in hoops 91-90.

    Pretty wild to think that before yesterday both the football and basketball series were dead even between UGA and the school for Georgians who aren’t accepted into UGA.

    My question heading into the SEC tournament is how much can we improve our seed without beating Kentucky? Say we beat Ole Miss (or South Carolina) then Arkansas and lose to Kentucky in the finals. Any chance at a 7 seed in that scenario? I think it’s possible, but obviously a lot depends on what our RPI looks like based on how our opponents do this week. With that in mind I’ll be rooting hard for Kansas State, Colorado, Seton Hall, etc.


    1. I’m still holding out hope for a 6-seed, because there’s a big dropoff between who the 2- and 3-seeds will likely end up being. Probably have to win the SEC tournament for that to happen, though.


      1. Seeds are not as firm as one would think. Sometimes seeds are moved up or down in order to avoid teams from the same conference playing before regional finals. I saw Wisconsin destroy Ohio State yesterday. I think I’d rather play UVa or Duke than them.


  3. Not sure who I’d want to play. Hard to beat a team 3 times in a row, so maybe that points to USCe. I just want to win at least one.


  4. Seeds will already be determined before the SEC final is determined on Sunday, so take that out of the equation. Saturday’s results definitely fell the Dawgs way, getting a 6 seed would be awesome. Who’s going to Nashville? Wish I could…


    1. Up until two years ago, I had gone to every SEC Tournament (save Harrick’s New Orleans withdrawal) since 1985. With multiple children in college, it bit the budget axe. That being said, I’ve been weighing a road trip. Tickets for Fri night would be easy to get—Sat only if UK happened to fall on Fri afternoon.


  5. I think we can move up one NCAA seed with each SEC tourney win. Beating Arkansas in the semi would give us a 6 seed I believe. If you look at the 6 and 7 seeds currently projected they really are not too impressive. We would need to play Arky to get an RPI boost. Wins over Mizzou and Auburn really hurt our RPI (down to 40)


  6. Fran Fraschilla on the SEC Tournament:

    “Everyone besides Kentucky is a dark horse, as the Wildcats come in as one of the dominant teams of the last decade in college basketball. If there are three teams capable of knocking off Kentucky in the SEC tournament, they would be Arkansas, Georgia and LSU. Both LSU and Arkansas have the physical ability and size to contend with Kentucky in a 40-minute contest, while Georgia most recently proved that it can hang with the Wildcats by playing smart, deliberate half-court basketball. If any of those three teams knocks off Kentucky, it would obviously be the major story going into the NCAA tournament.”


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