A big question going into tonight’s SEC Tournament game

South Carolina won its second game of the SEC Tournament in wacky fashion last night, converting three free throws with less than a second on the clock after an ill-advised foul by an Ole Miss guard.

The Cocks’ win sets up a third game between them and the Dawgs, with Carolina owning the regular season sweep over Mark Fox’s team. I couldn’t find any information as to whether South Carolina has ever beaten UGA three times in a season, so if anyone knows please post below.

At the moment, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi is projecting Georgia as a 9-seed, and the network’s “Bubble Watch” has the Dawgs as a lock. However, maybe its just my nature as a long-time UGA basketball fan, but I still feel uncomfortable about Georgia’s NCAA Tournament bid should they lose tonight’s game to Frank Martin’s team, which would be UGA’s third loss to a squad with an RPI of 105.

Without further adieu, I pose the following question to some of the Bulldogs’ biggest basketball fans:

4 thoughts on “A big question going into tonight’s SEC Tournament game

  1. Wacky is right. Can’t believe Ole Miss blew it after converting a 4-pt play with 3 seconds left. Anyhoo….

    I’d like to think that after two losses, Fox and company can figure out a game plan to counteract USCe’s ball pressure. I’m not smart enough about basketball to know what that plan may be, but I assume there’s an answer, right? I mean, lots of teams worse than the Dawgs beat USCe pretty handily. I think if we get past this one, we might have a good shot to go far, at least to the semifinals. 😉


  2. I REALLY don’t want to lose tonight, but South Carolina is much better than an RPI 105 team. As of this morning they were at 85 in the NCAA RPI and if they beat us that number will be in the 70s. Three losses to them would stink big time, but the losses don’t look as bad as they did three weeks ago.


  3. I won’t overlook a tough and well coached bunch of Cocks, but you have to like our chances. Having both JJ to handle the press and Thornton to rebound makes this a different game than the prior two (even if Gaines does not play). Its also a nice edge to be well rested while they are playing for a third night in a row.


  4. Martin’s club is a good defensive team first and foremost! What is UGA’s main weakness first and foremost…. being pressed in the back court and having the entry pass to start the offense overplayed on bothsides of the court!!! We have to take our time in the back court and perhaps use Jurric’s (sic) point forward passing ability to help out some in the back court! In the front court , go a few back door cuts and this may take a bit of starch out of their pressure! By all means when we do beat their press, go right after the basket , don’t pull it out and set it up. By this time you’ve used up 20 seconds on the shot clock! Sometimes they might like to try Thornton, Maten, and Nemi w/ 2 best ball handling guards plus Nemi doing most of the press busting ! Somewhere on this team we have to find someone other than JJ who can handle the ball under pressure! Decatur Dawg is right! This will not be the same group that was throttled in Stegeman last month! Should be rested and riding high! Go Dawgs!


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