UGA’s excellent 2016 SEC schedule

This week the Southeastern Conference released its league schedule for the upcoming basketball season, and here is a look at Georgia’s slate:


The first thing any SEC basketball fan should look for during the initial glance of his team’s schedule is how many times they have to play Kentucky. In Georgia’s case, the Dawgs only play the Cats once in 2016, and even though the game is at Rupp, facing Calipari’s bunch one time in a year is definitely a blessing.  While playing Kentucky twice does help to shore up the old RPI, it’s not as helpful for the conference record.

The Dawgs have two games with Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Auburn. Other than Ole Miss, all of those aforementioned teams finished 2015 with sub – .500 SEC records. In Bruce Pearl’s second season, Auburn should be better; however, Florida will probably be slightly worse as they try to learn how to survive without legendary coach Billy Donovan. Mizzu and the Gamecocks should continue to thrive in their roles as league bottom-feeders.

UGA truly won the scheduling lottery this go round as they only have one game against Kentucky, LSU, Arkansas, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt, all of whom were listed in Joe Lunardi’s initial Bracketology (along with Georgia).  Of course, any NCAA Tournament predictions made in August need to be taken with several grains of salt, especially considering that the teams haven’t even had an official practice yet.  However, obviously those SEC teams are the ones that Lunardi anticipates being the strength of the conference, and it’s kind of amazing that Coach Mark Fox only has to game plan for each of them just once (until the SEC tournament).

With Georgia’s returning veteran backcourt, the Dawgs have an excellent chance to finish in the top four of the league in 2016, especially if J.J. Frazier will just stop driving.

4 thoughts on “UGA’s excellent 2016 SEC schedule

  1. J.J. Frazier needs to drive his vehicle just like he drives the lane, and get the “hoop and the harm”! I hear he has added 1/4 of an inch and 10 lbs to his rugged frame! Ready for NCAA play! Go Dawgs!


  2. Hoop – I agree that the schedule looks relatively easy but is that really “excellent”? Considering that we don’t really hope to win the SEC so much as we want an NCAA at-large, it might be better to play more games vs the other contenders for RPI value.


  3. Gotta admit that as a season ticket holder, the way the SEC shook out was a bit of a letdown. I know I know. We’re here about the basketball, but the bigger rivalry games like Florida and Tennessee come midweek, and some of the Saturday matchups don’t excite so much now. The teams picked to make noise – we play away. I’m sure that as the season plays out that perception will change. But the last game against Kentucky was an atmosphere I’ve never quite seen before, and even when we’ve had a packed house and won. I always want Kentucky at home!
    I have been surprised how low the pundits put UGA finishing in the league. Bottom half? Really?!
    Anyway, the player I’ve heard nothing about that I’m most curious about is Kessler. Last year he played very sparingly, but in his biggest minutes, he intrigued me. At Kentucky he warmed as the game went on. At South Carolina, he was treated like a boy in the 1st half, but in the 2nd, he got angry and really played like a man. Will this project player finally be ready? Will he be Maten’s partner or sub? Or will his place be back on the bench? We need experience inside and down low to make noise this year. We know Maten can do it. I’m worried about who else is ready.


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