Dawgs relinquish halftime lead, lose to Kansas State

J.J. Frazier’s last-second desperation shot looked like it was in fact tipped in front of the rim by a Kansas State (6-1) defender.  However, the ball still just barely glanced the rim, so either his shot was going to be an air ball, or it might have barely glanced the front of the rim.

Either way, Georgia lost 68-66 to the Wildcats, a team that Sports Illustrated projected to finish last in the Big 12 heading into the season.  For Georgia (3-3), dropping a game at home that they controlled for much of the first half has to be frustrating.  Once again, UGA shot the ball well – 45% – and lost.

The Dawgs went up 42-37 with 15:50 left in the second half after a jumper from Yante Maten. For some reason, though, over the next 9 minutes Yante didn’t attempt a single field goal.  To make matters worse, Kenny Gaines took just two shots during the same time frame, hitting one of them, before knocking down a pair of free throws that dropped the KSU lead to 56-55 with 6:16 left.  The Dawgs failed to get the ball to their two hottest players during a critical stretch in the second half, and the Wildcats capitalized by taking the lead.

Maten and Gaines, who finished with 20 and 17 points, respectively, have established themselves as Georgia’s best offensive players.  Yet, for a major chunk of the second half of this game, they took a combined two field goal attempts.

The Dawgs have to do a better job of recognizing that Maten and Gaines demand touches, especially in the latter part of a close game.

Coach Fox’s team had far too many second half possessions that ended with Frazier, who made only 3 of his 10 shots, hurling up a rushed shot to beat the shot clock.

Georgia’s defense held the Wildcats to under 40% from the floor, but UGA once again struggled to limit second chances as they allowed Kansas State to pull down 16 offensive rebounds.  Defensive rebounding has been a hallmark of Mark Fox coached teams at Georgia during his tenure, but this year’s team seems to be struggling when it comes to holding teams to just one shot.

Kansas State coach Bruce Weber enjoyed balanced scoring from his team tonight in Athens, with four players finishing in double-figures.

Coach Fox’s team has played two power conference teams this year – Seton Hall and Kansas State – and they are 0-2.  If the Dawgs cannot find a way to be successful against these bigger schools it could turn out to be a long SEC season for Coach Fox’s team.




3 thoughts on “Dawgs relinquish halftime lead, lose to Kansas State

  1. Its not just the shot selection but the substitutions. I understand that coach Fox wants to get the bench involved but I wish he would be more judicious about it. In the first half we were dominating but coach kept subbing out 2-3 starters when we would get the lead to 8-10. Let them push that out to 15-20 coach!


  2. During the 2nd half meltdown, we must have had 6-8 turnovers! We did throw it away, but several times K-State was just more aggressive and took it from us! Our 2 All SEC Guards had their patterns broken or they were double teamed and the ball was stripped from them! Mike Edwards was aggressive late in the game! Again FT’s were a problem! JJ is the closest thing we have to a point guard! Charles Mann is not a true point guard! It was too easy for K-State to jump him and make him p/u his dribble! At least JJ was trying to help on the boards. I saw him several times trying to give weakside rebounding help! So far Edwards is the only bench help we are getting! These Big Guards are going to have to crash and help on the boards!


  3. Yeah, our defensive rebounding does suck-almost as bad as our offensive rebounding. But our defense is poor in general. The KSU under 40% shooting percentage was more a testament to poor shooting than good D. And that young big who hit those two dagger shots from the wing in the last minute was so wide open that I think I could have hit them (and could have 40 years ago in my prime). Can you imagine that kid getting one (not to mention two) of those shots in the last minute with Marcus Thornton on the floor. Alas, Marcus is gone forever and our bigs (including Yante, although he was better defensively last night) and our littles for that matter need to step it up on D. Get well Ogbeide–we need you. On the positive side, Yante is becoming a force offensively and the reasons for the high school accolades are now more apparent.


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