Georgia 71, Clemson 48

Due to holiday travels, I was unable to catch this game other than checking the score on my phone. Look forward to seeing everyone’s analysis of the game in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Georgia 71, Clemson 48

  1. Hoop – glad you are enjoying some time off. I know its hard work running this blog! After Clemson got out to an early 8 point lead the Hoop Dawgs clamped down and frustrated our ACC foes. Mann and Gaines led the way scoring, which was nice after their struggles in the last few games. In my opinion these Hoop Dawgs have a toughness and focus about them that will serve them well in SEC play.


  2. I forgot about this one (easy to do out here on the West coast) and caught only the last 8 minutes. The dawgs were, by then, totally in control, distributing the ball well, and playing good defense. Ogbeide looks like he relishes mixing it up inside. and Turtle showed a couple of nice moves. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the dawgs up by 21 when I tuned in. Gosh I wish we didn’t have such a long layoff now.


  3. Good observations guys all 3. I really enjoyed the show on Comast 792 HD SEC Network. You figure Clemson is better than that. I mean they had the lead, and then just before half we had whittled it down to 1. The beginning of the 2nd half, the game was quickly thoroughly over. We were relentless after half. Mark Fox is a great coach. He really has developed this roster, and is totally ready for SEC slate after Tuesday’s game. It sure is nice to have a good team again ! I have followed Hoops’ Dawgs since my days on campus, and a few games Dad took me to growing up. But, having all that stuff behind us now finally where Mike Adam$ told Vince Dooley he had to hire Jim Harrick Sr (& Jr.) despite the “reservations” Vince Dooley told us at the time, is certainly refreshing. Now for a new gym. Like the snow. 75 degree outside and snowing here ! For Christmas. Merry Christmas ! Must be a record.


  4. Something has really clicked with this group over the last 60 minutes of play- If Maten can continue to develop and we go at least .500 on the road in SEC play, we’ll be in the Dance.


  5. How refreshing to see the Steg mostly full (announced crowd was a sell out)! I turned it on when we were down 13-5….we rolled from there–yes, I’ll take the credit. 😉

    Anyhow, it’s nice to see we have so many weapons clicking on different nights. Hope they can shake off the rust against Robert Morris and then shock the Gators in Gainesville South.


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