Texas A&M 79, Georgia 45

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I am in New York for a wedding so I was unable to attend or see the game other than the final score. What the heck happened? I would greatly appreciate any comments or insights into this debacle.

11 thoughts on “Texas A&M 79, Georgia 45

  1. I have been following the Dawgs for almost 35 years and this was the WORST performance I’ve ever seen. The only statistic which we “led” in was in turnovers. Lethargic defense, inept offense, more turnovers, and pathetic effort at the free throw line contributed to a 34-point loss at HOME. The Steg was sold out. Hope they offer refunds.


  2. I was at the game. I’m pretty sure UGA never led. If you look at the stats, they got beat in every aspect of the game. The offense was inept, often settling for awkward shots to beat the buzzer. On defense, TA&M had unchallenged 3s all day. Dawgs also got beat to almost every loose ball and out hustled on the boards. On the plus side, Turtle was 2 for 5. If this was to be a resume game…Oops. A 34 point loss at home does not look good on the resume.


  3. We were behind 11-7 when I tuned in five minutes in and it was all downhill from there. A & M is talented, plays well together, and looks well coached and we didn’t even look like an NIT team today. I threw up my hands midway through the second half and chose instead to go running (in the rain no less) rather than continue watching us make a very good team look like undefeated national champions. What went wrong? EVERYTHING!! I wonder if an exasperated Fox will schedule an early Sunday practice in the morning. This is a game you never want your guys to forget because it reminds them (I hope) of how easy it is to be embarrassed if one walks out on the floor assuming that they belong there competitively simply by showing up. A & M defensed us better than anybody has in years and we wilted under the pressure-plain and simple. I’ve followed the dawgs eight years longer than Upstate Dawg and I largely concur with everything he had to say. The only other performances I can recall that were this bad were by FAR less talented aggregations–and their lack of talent helping to explain those other embarrassments. This one was very bad.


    1. Totally agree that the only similar debacles were from teams with little talent and who were overmatched. Yesterday’s loss was our worst in 20 years. I hope they’re already running the steps of the Steg this morning.


  4. It appears that Charles Mann is getting that motion offense to flow through him after all! It didn’t go very well or very far and that’s a problem! For 3 years his strength has been to drive to the basket for a shot and a foul. Maybe he just got tired of getting the crap fouled out of him and nothing being called! One thing is sure, he will not get the hoop or the harm by standing outside and making himself invisible! A&M covered the 3 guards with a blanket and the offense just couldn’t get started! During our current guard slump Fox should insist that the ball be forced inside to get the big men some looks! They can’t look more inept than the 3 guards blanketed in the weave! Every SEC team has the picture now so it will not be any easier!


    1. Also agree here that Mann is getting NO calls when he drives this year. Worse, many times they are calling charging on him.


  5. We should not be losing by 34 points to any team at home. What an embarrassment. I love Neme and Marcus – they were really good for us last year – but, c’mon, we really shouldn’t be THAT much worse than we were last year. But we are worse. We beat a couple of decent teams… Oakland, GT, Clemson, and we lost to a couple of decent teams… K State, Chattanooga, Ole Miss. But we have gotten annihilated by the only really good teams we have faced – Fla (and they aren’t THAT good) and Tex AM (they ARE that good).

    Overall, things seem to be looking up for CMF’s program. We are getting better recruits and getting some depth. But to lose a game by 34 points, at home, with two senior guards and an experienced junior guard, well, it just boggles the mind. We should be better than this.

    OK, my vent-rant is over.


    1. I keep convincing myself that this program is on the rise. There is really no reason why we shouldn’t be good (or atleast competitive) men’s basketball?

      Large school: Check
      Large athletics dept: Check
      Capital: Check
      Support: Check (student, alumni and others)
      Talent Rich State: Check
      Great college town: Check
      Awesome academics: Check

      The math just doesn’t add up for me. I know that historically we have been trash at roundball, but there is no excuse for it. Does it start at the top with McGarity or is it an issue with Mark Fox? Is it facilities (or lack there of)?

      Fox has had seven years to avoid loses like this. I understand replacing Thornton and Djurisic is hard, but it wasn’t a surprise when they exhausted their eligibility. Also, what is happening with Osahen Iduwe? Is he never going to play or is a swing and miss by Fox?


  6. This game was so pitiful and painful to watch. You could see that five minutes into the second half that the Georgia players had given up on trying to win- that’s on coach Fox. For the first time in my life, I actually left the game considerably early.


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