Dawgs survive late scare from Hogs

Georgia won a game it had to on Saturday, besting the Arkansas Razorbacks (9-10) 76-73 in overtime in Athens.

This Arkansas team did beat Vanderbilt in OT, and they lost by two the road against LSU earlier in the month.  But, the Hogs also lost to Akron and Mercer back in the 2015 part of the season.

While this Razorback team did play aggressive man defense for much of the night, Georgia should not have had to work so hard to escape at home.

The Dawgs seemingly had this one wrapped up in overtime following a layup by Yante Maten that put his team up 74-68 with only 31 seconds left.  However, Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann missed their next four free throws, which put Arkansas in a position to tie the game with 6 seconds remaining. Fortunately for UGA, Anthlon Bell’s half court prayer fell way short, giving Georgia the victory.

The Dawgs were very fortunate to even see OT.  After falling behind 64-62 with 47 ticks on the clock, Georgia’s J.J. Frazier earned a trip to the line with an opportunity to tie the game.  Both Frazier’s attempts clunked off the rim, but luckily for the Dawgs Arkansas’s Moses Kingsley fell down securing the rebound, giving UGA the ball via a traveling violation.

Frazier scored on the ensuing possession to tie the game, but the Hogs still had possession with a chance to win and just 24 seconds remaining.  Coach Anderson’s team couldn’t capitalize though, tossing the ball out of bounds off of a deflection by Kenny Paul Geno.  The culmination of both of those extremely fortunate plays enabled UGA to see overtime, which ultimately led to the win.

Offensively, the Dawgs were carried by Frazier, who scored a team-high 26 points.  Georgia’s offense is so dependent upon Frazier right now it’s scary.  Without him, well, it’s just hard to imagine what that might look like.

Yante Maten went for yet another double-double, netting 17 points to go along with 12 rebounds.  Kenny Gaines was the only other UGA player to finish in double-digits, scoring 16 points.

The Hogs were led offensively by Dusty Hannahs, who dropped a team-high 24 points.

Charles Mann went 3 for 9 from the floor, which has become typical for him, ending up with only 8 points.

The Dawgs’ free throw shooting almost led to their demise in tonight’s contest as UGA hit just 53% from the charity stripe.  Georgia’s inconsistency at the line this season has left the door open for opposing teams in a number of games.

Georgia crushed Arkansas on the glass, winning the rebounding battle 46-36.  UGA did shoot the ball better than Arky (44% to 39%), so some rebounding discrepancy should be expected. However, Georgia had 13 offensive boards to the Hogs’ 9, yet the Dawgs had just 2 more second chance points.

Coach Mark Fox got only 2 points from his bench, while Mike Anderson saw his reserves score 21 points on the night.  Turtle Jackson, Kenny Paul Geno, Mike Edwards and Derek Obeide went a combined 0 for 4 from the field.  Edwards did manage to snag 7 rebounds, though. Still, Georgia must get more production from its bench going forward, or they are going to struggle, especially on the road.

Speaking of the road, UGA has two away games next week: a conference game at LSU and then a difficult non-conference matchup in Waco against Baylor.

While beating Arkansas did bolster Georgia’s overall record to 11-6 and 4-3 in the SEC, it did little to improve UGA’s NCAA stock.  The Razorbacks’s RPI is 100.


Winning in Baton Rouge would be great, but the Tigers possess an RPI of 95.  Earning a victory against a ranked Baylor team with an RPI of 15 – well, that would be amazing.


8 thoughts on “Dawgs survive late scare from Hogs

  1. The announcers (one a Clemson guy and the other a Gator) kept referring to the game as “critical.” Although both teams needed a win, losing a game like this at home would have been crushing. I could not understand why JJ was so erratic at the free throw line but I read where he was suffering through a migrane. Imagine that! He played that well even with a migraine!?! Amazing.

    Houston Kessler seems to be better playing within his realm lately. He has done a nice job on the glass and is avoiding turnovers and forced shots.

    With the next two on the road, it will be very important for us to win at least one of them. I’m hoping LSU will be looking past us to their next game against #1 Oklahoma on Sat.

    Go Dawgs!


  2. I am worrying about the lack of progress that Mann, and to a lesser degree Gaines, have made. They are supposed to be carrying us, but too often they just disappear, and in the case of Mann, he can be an outright liability. Great win, but we have to play better. If our opponents take J.J. out of rhythm, we are in trouble.


    1. Mann cannot be counted on to bring the ball up the court, evidenced by him getting stripped by Arkansas’s big man at the top of the key during the game’s final moments.


    2. I have to agree about our reliance on JJ. But who else is there when Maten is literally getting double teamed on every possession. If Derek or Edwards or could develop some moves offensively, that would help our offensive woes tremendously.


  3. Solid game. #3 on Arkansas team also had a career night and borderline unstoppable. I would say we’re still NIT bound but who knows? Beat LSU and at least put up a fight in Waco, we might be a tournament team. At this point, I’m relatively disappointed in the lack of progress by Mann and sometimes Gaines. Mann needs to stop getting frustrated and waiting until the last second to throw up a shot–it doesn’t work. I understand he’s been had a lot of no calls this season, but it was almost unbearable yesterday.


  4. I like JJ at the point, with Turtle as the backup PG. Keep Mann at the #3 and let him slash and drive and draw fouls. I’m a nervous wreck late in games with Mann handling the ball at the top of the key.

    Yeah, Kessler had probably his best career game. I liked his banked shot, he should attempt a couple of those a game. You can see that the staff is actually teaching our Posts some offensive moves, finally.

    Arkansas was our 4th best win on the season, according to the RPI, but it didn’t move us up even one slot at kenpom.com (84). I really wish we would of held on at Ole Miss, that loss was unfortunate. I’m looking forward to the LSU matchup. Maten actually reminds me of an old LSU player now in the NBA, Johnny O’Bryant. Go Dawgs!


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