Dawgs fall to Tigers 89-85

Three-point trouble

Despite being generally outplayed and out rebounded for the first twenty minutes of this one, Georgia found itself trailing LSU by just 3 points heading into the locker room, the score 33-30 in favor of the Tigers.  LSU struggled mightily from the perimeter before the break, missing all 7 of their attempts.

The second half was a different story, though.  The Tigers found their stroke from the outside, knocking down 6 of 12 shots from beyond the arc, which fueled the LSU win.

Georgia entered tonight’s game shooting over 40% from the perimeter in conference games, yet the Bulldogs shot an abysmal 6 for 23 from the outside.  Kenny Gaines and J.J. Frazier combined to shoot only 6 of 19 on the evening.

Fouls, fouls and more fouls

The referees in Baton Rouge whistled an astounding 55 fouls on Tuesday night.  This game marked the second time this season that the Dawgs have played in a game in which over 50 fouls were called (63 fouls were assessed in the Chattanooga game).  The game clock seemed to be moving in slow motion around the 10-minute mark of the second half, when nearly every trip down the floor resulted in a stoppage of play.

All of the fouling turned out to be more advantageous for the Tigers as they shot 55 free throws to Georgia’s 24. LSU standout Ben Simmons, who scored 22 points to go along with 14 rebounds, attempted 17 shots from the stripe himself; fortunately for UGA he only made 10 of those attempts.

Georgia’s leading scorer, Yante Maten, fouled out with over 9 minutes remaining in the contest, leaving with only 5 points in 20 minutes of play.

While LSU took more than double the free throws than UGA tonight, the Dawgs once again didn’t do themselves any favors from the line. Georgia entered this one making under 63% from the stripe in conference games, which ranks them 12 out of 14 in the league in that category.  This evening, UGA once again shot below 63% on its free throws, leaving precious points on the table in a game that Georgia lost 89-85.


Ball Security

Teams that want to go on the road and win conference games must protect the ball.

Georgia committed 12 turnovers against LSU in Baton Rouge, which is nowhere near their highest output of the season. However, the Tigers only gave the ball away 9 times, meaning that UGA once again finished a game with a negative turnover margin. The Dawgs came into this game with the 2nd worst turnover margin in the league in SEC games at -3.1. For a team that struggles enough as it is to score points, Georgia cannot afford to give its opponents extra offensive opportunities.


11 thoughts on “Dawgs fall to Tigers 89-85

  1. This was a frustrating game. It seemed like the whole world was against us, and we still had an opportunity ( albeit not handled correctly) to win the game! The fouls were unnecessarily bad and killed any offensive rhythm that we had. I feel like if you just breathed the air around Simmons you would get a foul called on you.

    I hope the boys come ready to play in Waco. It should be a good game and I’m mildly optimistic about our chances!

    p.s. I don’t care how bad our offense is doing, Kessler should never be looking to take and actually shoot threes.


  2. The Dawgs definitely did not handle that opportunity well at the end. For my money, I want J.J. Frazier taking that shot every single time.

    The referees definitely made it hard (as if it wasn’t already) to defend Simmons – as you said, the slightest contact around him resulted in a whistle, and he initiates a lot of contact.


  3. Refs were atrocious, but we still had a chance at the end. And as much as I like Nessler as an announcer, I was about to throw my TV out the window last night. They were sniffing Simmon’s jock so hard it really got old after 5 minutes. They couldn’t believe we even dared to try to win.

    Bah…this is the kind of game that really frustrates me. I wish I’d paid attention about the Dawgs playing in Waco. I’m in Houston and could drive over, but I’ve already got two different home commitments. It would be great to steal one there, but I figure our role is to be a good host and lose for the TV crowd.


  4. Those refs sucked. Once both Edwards and Maten were fouled out over a lot of questionable calls, our defense fell apart. Meanwhile, JJ gets mauled at the other end with no whistle. I agree with the consensus on here – tremendously frustrating game to watch. . .


  5. At what point does Mark Fox’s seat start to warm up? In no way am I calling for his head, but at some point McGarity (who I hate) has to start looking at his options…


  6. Fox made a terrible decision at end of game. He let Lsu take Frazier out of the last possession with their defense. He should have had Frazier on the free throw line and when the Lsu kid missed the free throw , should have gotten the ball to him then. Not wait until we looked for the last shot. Very bad coaching


    1. I too wish Frazier had taken the last shot, but after watching the replay a couple of times, it looked like Kessler gave it to Mann off the rebound and he just took off with it – I’m not sure if that’s not more on Mann for: A) taking the ball down the court with no idea what he was going to do with it and B) giving the ball to a freshman who had barely played that night to take the most important shot of the game at the last second.


  7. And yes, fox’s seat should be warm. How many times in the last seven years have we blown a double digit and lost in the last minute (last night excluded). I can think of at least 15 off the top of my head as opposed to how many times have we won in the minute or last possession.


  8. Now gentlemen, although at times I get frustrated with Coach Fox’s strategy (e.g. not fouling late in the game when we are behind and letting the clock slip away), overall we are in good shape. We’ve been to the post-season in consecutive years and are beginning to get some respect nationally. The coach cannot be faulted for missed FTs. This alone has cost us several games. If three of those games went the other way, we’d be 14-4 and we’d be debating seeds in the Big Dance.

    This team needs to play defense, rebound, and make its free throws. Good defense generates easy baskets even for offensively-challenged teams. When’s the last time we pressed anybody by the way?


    1. I agree. Too early to be calling for Fox’s head. We’ve had back-to-back 20 win seasons, which is a big deal for the Dawgs. I think he’s a good X’s and O’s coach and has started to get some good recruiting going. I think he’s still moving us in the right direction.


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