J.J. Frazier’s stellar season

Back in November of last year, both Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann were selected to the Preseason All-SEC team.  In fact, they were both First Team selections.

Odds are that neither of them will be on the First Team when the teams are chosen at the conclusion of the year.  Gaines, who is averaging 13.5 points per SEC game, may wind up on the Second Team.

Barring an epic meltdown, Georgia should have a representative from its backcourt on that First Team, though; and that person is J.J. Frazier.

Frazier is having a fantastic SEC season, and he is on the leaderboard in 7 out of the 13 categories that the conference tracks. Four of those statistical areas pertain to rebounding and blocked shots, which J.J. can hardly be faulted for since he is typically the smallest player on the court (yet he is second on the UGA team in rebounding, grabbing 4.9 a game on the year).

In conference games, Frazier is netting nearly 17 points a night, and he is making almost 45% of his three-point attempts. J.J. has a stellar assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.7.  Oh yeah, and he’s leading everyone with 2.5 steals a contest in league games.

While Frazier’s perimeter shooting has been remarkable thus far, it’s certainly not his only weapon.  Everyone remembers Frazier’s 37-point effort against Missy State last year, a game in which J.J. nailed all 7 of his three-point shots. The problem with that game, though, was that it let the cat out of the bag on Frazier, warning the rest of the league that he needed to be guarded closely beyond the arc.  For the most part, teams obliged, keeping a defender close to J.J. at all times, which severely limited his open outside looks. The result: Frazier only scored in double-figures 5 times in the remaining 14 games.

The issue was that last season J.J.’s offense centered around three-pointers.

This year, however, that is not the case.  Frazier has shown his ability to take the ball to the rim this season, and if defenders play him too tight on the perimeter, he just goes by them. Last year, only 39% of J.J.’s field goals were two-pointers. This season, that number has risen to 50%, and the year isn’t over yet.  Offensively, Frazier is much more dynamic this season compared to last.

Simply put, Frazier is integral to UGA’s success.  He and Yante Maten are the two guys that Coach Fox must have on the court and out of foul trouble if this team is going to make a late-season push for the NCAA tournament.

Georgia is just 3-5 this year in games in which Frazier scores 12 points or less, and they are 10-3 on the season when he goes over that number.

5 thoughts on “J.J. Frazier’s stellar season

  1. Agreed. As someone commented after the Auburn write-up, JJ is the heart and soul of the team. I’m so thankful for Yante giving some balance to the offense. Gaines and Mann can both be superstars but neither has been as consistent as JJ and Yante. Sure hope that JJ garners some honors as he is most deserving.


  2. Nice post Hoop. A couple of west coast associates who watched the Auburn game with me kept asking (about JJ) “Who is this guy?” When I told them that he was our leading scorer and second leading rebounder one guy asked if there was anywhere this guy couldn’t play. I jokingly quipped that JJ would struggle playing center for the Warriors but other than that, he might be at least creditable anywhere. They were clearly impressed. I told them that I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll get some all league mention but I suspect that he won’t get as much as he deserves (and I hope I’m wrong about the latter).


  3. I would love to see JJ get a shot at the league. I think he would do great things off the bench for a competing team. JJ makes up for his lack of height with his huge heart and love of the game. Hopefully his height won’t scare some NBA teams away from taking a look at him.


  4. JJ is definitely one of the best guards in the SEC and one of my favorite Hoop Dawgs to watch play. Auburn’s guards could not hold on to the ball when JJ was around. JJ also seems like the leader of the team as a Junior. Keep it up!


  5. Nice Post! I’m a believer. I like it because when JJ steps to the FT line, I know he has an 81 % chance of making his FT, regardless of the time left in the game! The rest of the team rarely makes their FT’s and certainly don’t make them in the clutch! What has happened to Ogbiedeway’s (sic) playing time? He is a nice compliment to Maten! He’s a real hammer, but very athletic! He will help, once he learn’s to shoot his FT’s! I think he’s struggling to crack the 50 % mark! The Dogs aren’t dead yet!


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