Bulldogs defeat Carolina 65-64 for 5th SEC win in a row; advance to Semifinals

Decatur Dawg with my third game write-up, all wins!

The Bulldogs beat NCAA “lock” South Carolina for the third time this season and JJ Fraiser put himself on the map as a national star in a thrilling one point win late Friday night in Nashville.  Hoop Dawgs fans saw a rare outburst of celebration from Coach Fox at the end as he wiped out on the floor when JJ made the game winning steal with 2 seconds left.

Georgia spent most of the first half putting on an ugly performance of offense.  Early in the half the Dawgs had a hard time just getting off field goal attempts. There was little to no rhythm, JJ was out of control and Maten could not finish.  South Carolina came out playing very physical with us and had control of the game it seemed.  Georgia’s zone defense looked lazy and the Gamecocks, led by Thornwell with 13 points, made open jumpers.

Then, somehow, the Dawgs went to halftime down only 3 points. (It looked like KPG had scored a weird dunk at the buzzer to cut the lead to one but it was waived off).  Coach Martin looked like he was having a stroke during his halftime interview.

The Cocks came out aggressive again to start the second half and it was Coach Fox’s turn to freak out as Carolina went up by 11 early in the second half.  Georgia answered though with a 9-0 run and tied the game at 47 with JJ’s coast to coast drive with 9:00 left.  JJ continued to beat the Cocks down the court but the Dawgs could not get over the hump and take the lead.  Finally, with 3:00 left Mann’s free throws gave the Dawgs their first lead 60-59.

Carolina led by 2 in the last minute when JJ Fraiser took over the game to win it for the Dawgs.  First he split a double team and delivered a sweet teardrop floater over their center to tie the game with about 20 seconds left.  Thornwell then tried to take JJ off the dribble but JJ stole the ball from him and drew a foul with two seconds left.  Fraiser was super-confident and made the first free throw for his 20th point of the game before missing the second intentionally (a nice call by Fox).

The Dawgs only had the lead for a total of 42 seconds of game time but it was enough.  The team showed real toughness and commitment.  We now get 16 hours off before we tip off with Big Blue tomorrow afternoon.


11 thoughts on “Bulldogs defeat Carolina 65-64 for 5th SEC win in a row; advance to Semifinals

  1. Seems like hoopdawg should pass the torch to you with your win streak! Nice write-up by the way. What an ugly game! Although we finally made some free throws, our offense was stagnant; we turned the ball over frequently and we didn’t rebound well. How we were even close at the end is beyond me.

    That being said, what a great defensive stand at the end and then JJ icing it with a free throw was too sweet. USC had to walk past the UGA parents/family and fans. Someone said something to Carrera that he didn’t like and he almost went into the stands. What a hot dog he is! Goooooooo Dawgs!!!


    1. Thanks for this first hand account. Carrera seems like a real jerk.

      We will need you and the other Hoop Dawgs fans in Nashville to be super loud today. We know Big Blue will be.


  2. Latest ESPN RPI:

    SC 58
    UGA 61
    Vandy 62

    Lunardi still has the Cocks and Dores in over us in his latest Bracketology. You would think that if it stays this close after today (even if we lose to UK), the committee might give us the nod. I realize they look at “body of work”, and we benefited from this in Fox’s 2nd year when Trey Thompkins’s team went to the tourney even though Bama, who was on the bubble at the time, had beaten us twice. But three times?!?!? How could they possibly take the Cocks over us in good conscience?


    1. The bummer here is that we eliminated our only top 50 wins by beating SC so many times. My guess is that we will pass SC in RPI even if we lose to Kentucky.


      1. If we had beaten Ole Miss and Auburn on the road, our RPI would be in the upper 30s to the improved winning percentage. Ugh.


  3. Also, this little win streak is going to come to a crashing halt if Kenny Gaines doesn’t snap out of his recent funk. In the past three games, he has scored a total of 24 points and shot just 5 of 28 from the floor. UGA needs him to get it together this afternoon and help Frazier stretch the defense because Maten is going to have his hands full in the paint.


    1. Good point about Kenny G. Coach Fox needs to run some plays to get him shots from outside. He stroked the one nice open catch and shoot 3 we got him.

      I am a bit worried about our interior defense. That big white guy for Carolina was putting all sorts of Euro moves on Maten. Maten needs to improve his D next year to make first team SEC.


  4. Gritty, exciting win by the Dawgs! Always good to beat those ‘Cocks!

    I’m not superconfident about today’s game but stranger things have happened. Woof!


  5. Great win last night! We tried as hard as we could to beat ourselves, but to no avail!

    JJ is becoming one of the most dominant players in the league right now and I love it! I love how he doesn’t let his stature impede the way he plays and all the heart he plays with every game.

    That being said, Mann should learn how to value the ball more. I shouldn’t have to say that about a fourth year senior in in the league tournament. Too often he is either lazy with the pass, doesn’t come to the pass or just drives with no real intention on scoring. These acts usually lead to more turnovers than baskets.

    Kessler is still not SEC caliber talent. I understand playing hi right now since we’re playing such a condensed schedule, but I cringe at the minutes that he is taking away from Edwards or Wilridge. I think he had like 3 fouls and a couple of points last night.

    Anyhow, I don’t expect too much from this afternoon. UK will probably come out shooting and we won’t be able to keep up. If we keep it close, we’ll get a serious look by the committee but I think we’ll end up hosting a game in the NIT.


  6. Cool blog- Great write up. Hope the Dawgs can pull the upset again the ‘Cats today. As a former journalist myself- be careful on name spellings. You lose credibility quick when you miss spell JJ Frazier. Keep up the good work. I’ll be reading your recap of today’s game.


  7. OK, Decatur Dawg! You have found yourself a new job! I can’t believe SC’s all SEC player would cause a commotion after their 3rd loss to the Dawg’s!! Particularly after he fouled mto get a steal late in game 2 of the series last week and jammed with his mouth hanging open for the T.V. cameras! Did he really do that? J.J. Frasier! I can’t say enough about nthis new rising new national star. To think he did it without mugging for the cameras, shooting a bow n arrow, talking on a fake phone or any other gimmick! No gimmick can replace what this star has! A little Dawg w/ a big heart! What else can I say? We’ll probably get lost in the Big Blue fog today, but they will know they have had a game! Go Dawgs! Have we made it into the Under Consideration bracket for Joe Lunnardi?


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