No NCAA’s for Georgia, but the Dawgs do get an NIT bid

If Georgia was on the NCAA bubble heading into the Selection Sunday, they were on the very outer fringe of it.  The Dawgs, who just fell short of knocking off the Kentucky Wildcats yesterday, ultimately didn’t have enough quality wins to convince the committee to include them in the field of 68.

However, when one door closes, another one opens.  In this case, that other door is the NIT, where Georgia has been named a 3-seed, and they will play the sixth-seeded Belmont Bruins.  As the higher seed, the Dawgs will take on the Bruins in Athens on Wednesday night.

Belmont won the regular season Ohio Valley Conference title, but the Bruins were knocked out of their league tournament, which shut the door on any aspirations that they might have held in regards to dancing.  At quick glance, the main thing that jumps out off the Bruins’ stat sheet is their proclivity to knock down three’s – Belmont made over 36% of its attempts from beyond the arc this season.

Both teams share a common opponent – Murray State- whom they each beat on their respective home courts.

I am definitely curious as to what Georgia’s mindset will be heading into this game.  Not making the NCAA Tournament has to be a tough pill for this UGA team to swallow, especially for the two seniors.  What will UGA’s mentality be on Tuesday evening, just days removed from the loss in Nashville and the letdown this afternoon?


11 thoughts on “No NCAA’s for Georgia, but the Dawgs do get an NIT bid

  1. What do Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Michigan all have in common! Well, just like UGA each of these perrenial basketball powers lacked enough quality wins to get into the big dance!!! This is retribution for the SEC dominating football and sucking all the oxygen out of the ACC and BIG 10 in the fall! The real coup de grace was the fact that the SEC’s third team has to play in a play in game to make it in! So in essence we really have 2 teams in the dance! Baylor made it after beating us by a hand full at their place! Seton Hall made it , again thumpimg us by a few at their place! I haave renamed this “Sour Sunday” the day the SEC got their come uppance at the hands of the NCAA! I say we increase our games w/our bretheren in yhe ACC next year and in the future! A regular series w/ Clemson, FSU Wake and NC State should help our schedule strength! I am boiling mad over this and all those teams from the SEC that weree left out…. Remenber “Sour Sunday!’


      1. Yeah, lack of respect seems to be rampant these days. I remember two or three years ago when we only got three slots and ended up with two final four teams and, if memory serves me, a sweet 16 entrant, whereas one of the so called darlings (either the big 10 or ACC) had eight teams in, six of whom were gone by the end of the first weekend. This is a power conference and, at the very least, South Carolina should have been in. And while I was happy to see Vandy get a shot, why are they there and not Florida? The Auburn debacle, coupled with the win the officials took (remember Moody’s 3-4 steps on the final Ole Miss basket) killed us, although even with those wins, we might have been outside looking in because of no eye-popping victories.


        1. Florida not getting in seemed weird to me, too. I mean, they had a higher RPI and a better record against the RPI top 100 than Michigan, yet the Gators got dissed. Or Syracuse with an RPI of 68 – how does that happen? That ties the record for highest RPI to ever receive an at-large bid. Florida’s strength of schedule, both overall and non-conference, was WAY better than either Michigan or ‘Cuse. I thought the committee rewarded teams that played difficult schedules? If not, why play them?


  2. I had a little, but small hope that we would get selected.

    We need to create an unbiased computer algorithm that determines the field. I am not necessarily mad that UGA didn’t get an invite, but some teams really got screwed with the seeding and some teams got bumped for more nationally recognizable teams *cough* *cough* Syracuse.

    Anyhow, I’ll be there on Wednesday and hopefully the seniors will show out and JJ will be okay!


  3. Seth Emerson pointed out that Brandon Morris would have been a senior this year. Wow, could we have used him or what?


      1. He was at California-Bakersfield, but he got kicked off their team for another run-in with the law. Too bad he’s not still there since they are in the tourney.


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