Hoop Dawgs haven’t fared well recently against tough competition

Mark Fox has done a pretty good job at Georgia over the past three seasons.  The Dawgs were above .500 in the conference this year for the third straight time.  Should Georgia hold serve tomorrow night in The Steg against Belmont, Coach Fox will enjoy his third straight 20-win season, certainly no small feat since it hasn’t been done since the streak between ’96-98.

The AJC and other local media outlets have written numerous articles lately highlighting these accomplishments.  I get it: things are better now than they were before Fox got here.

And I’m not advocating that Georgia get rid of Fox – he has two 4-star guards coming in next year to join J.J. Frazier, Yante Maten and a crop of rising sophomores that for the most part got decent game experience in their freshman seasons.

However, when it comes to winning against stronger competition, Fox’s teams have failed.    Since the departures of Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie, Georgia has won just 4 of its 38 games against the RPI Top 50.  Additionally, the Dawgs are just 3-22 when playing ranked opponents during the same time span.  And again, this inability to perform well against better teams has been over the course of the past 5 seasons when UGA has been playing with Fox’s guys on the court.

Georgia doesn’t need a “breakthrough moment” as Mark Bradley stated in his article the other day.  They need many of them.  Georgia is the flagship university of the state and Atlanta is a hotbed for high school basketball recruiting.  This weekend, if you tune in to watch any of the NCAA tournament you will surely see plenty of rosters sporting players from the state of Georgia (1-seed Virginia has 3). UGA is in a Power 5 conference, yet its track record against the RPI Top 50 resembles that of a mid-major program.

At some point,  Georgia needs to become a regular in the NCAA tournament.  Can Fox get them there?

5 thoughts on “Hoop Dawgs haven’t fared well recently against tough competition

  1. Fox has elevated this program to heights that we haven’t seem in a while. He’s done so by recruiting average players and beating the average to bad teams that we should beat.

    I think he is a very good defensive coach and represents our university with nothing but class. I do appreciate the work that he has done for this school. With that being said, I don’t think he’s the coach to lead us deep into the tourney or to beat UK on a semi-annual basis.

    In order to completely cool off his seat, I think he needs to make a deep NIT tournament, beat UF and or UK once and at least winning one tourney game.

    I really hope that he gives these two new guards at least playing time during OOC so they can contribute down the stretch. Just imagine how the Ole Miss, Auburn and even UF at home games would have gone if Fox would’ve given Turtle some a chance to contribute a little.


  2. Fox has actually done very well with the minute talent he has had! UGA is not in a Power 5 basketball conference! The last time UGA was snubbed for the “Big Dance”, we actually finished second in the SEC! Same again this season! This at a time when Fox has strengthened his n/c schedule to help achieve a spot in “The Dance”. We played Seton Hall and Baylor this year losing by just a few on the road! The teams with Thompson could have done well if only the “stars” had the good msense to use all of their eligibility! With some of our newer coaching additions we are starting to chip away at the Atlanta market! Many of our top recruits out of Atlanta have ended up on the west coast! UCLA bagged one several years ago and Cal had one this season! It can’t be easy, but UGA has to keep pecking away! We are in the upper echelon of the SEC today…. we have to take advantage of every opportunity to make things go our way! Once we can crack with one big one, they will start to come our way! The 2 Michigan recruits are doing well in our program! It would be great to see a few more recruits from above the Mason Dixon come our way!


  3. I feel like next year’s team should be the deepest group under Fox. With JJ and Maten, we are one more star from performing at the level we want. Maybe one of these incoming freshmen will be that guy, or maybe Turtle.


  4. Turtle, Edwards and Big O are all starting to come around as the season has progresses! It would be great to see all averaging double figures and 33 min/gm! Go Dogs


  5. I agree we are definitely moving in the right direction. I am hoping for a good effort tonight as well as a decent crowd. I watched the second half of the St. Mary’s game last night and feel like we’d have a good shot against them….though traveling to California will be rough. GATA!


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