Marquette drops Georgia 89-79 on a rainy afternoon in Athens

With the way Marquette shot the ball on Sunday, it was hard to determine whether it was raining harder outside Stegeman Coliseum or in it.

After trailing by as much as 16 points early in the second half, Georgia cut the Marquette lead to 72-70 with 7:06 remaining following a pair of free throws from William “Turtle” Jackson.  For a brief moment, UGA appeared to have resurrected itself from the land of the dead and looked poised to battle the Golden Eagles down the stretch.  That moment was fleeting, though, as Marquette went on an 11-0 run that was capped off by a Markus Howard three-pointer, which put his team up 83-70 with just 4:29 left.  Georgia wouldn’t climb out of this hole, and the Golden Eagles walked out of Stegeman with a 89-79 victory.

Howard hit 3 three-pointers on the night and finished with 15 points.  He was one of four Golden Eagles to knock down 2 or more shots from beyond the arc.  The last time Georgia had four players hit multiple three’s in one game was – er, quite a while ago, I’m guessing?

Marquette torched the Dawgs’ man defense for 8 three-pointers in the first half, only missing two.  After the intermission, Coach Mark Fox switched his team into a matchup zone which enabled them to close out better on the Golden Eagle shooters, limiting them to just 5 three’s on 26% shooting from the perimeter in the second half.  The Dawgs’ exterior defense wasn’t the only issue, though.  Marquette had their way with Georgia off the dribble, and UGA’s help defense on the inside was seriously lacking.  The Golden Eagles had four players finish in double-figures with Sam Hauser leading the way with 19 points.  In addition to all the scoring, Marquette thoroughly dominated Georgia on the glass, winning the battle of the boards by a tally of 42-31, and 15 of those rebounds were of the offensive variety.

As much as I would like to point to strategic mishaps that ultimately led to UGA’s demise in this one, I really do not think that that was the case.  Rather, Georgia simply doesn’t have the talent to play with and beat a team of Marquette’s caliber (or Clemson’s or Kansas’s, for that matter).  Yante Maten and J.J. Frazier scored 24 and 22, respectively, and the Dawgs’ hit nearly 50% of their attempts from the floor, yet that still wasn’t enough firepower to match Marquette’s 89 points.

This UGA team has a serious talent drop off after accounting for Maten and Frazier.  Center Luke Fischer, who is arguably Coach Wojo’s best player, only saw 7 minutes of court time in the first half due to foul trouble, and his team still took a 46-43 advantage into the break.  Wojo has five legitimate scoring threats who at any time can either take their man off the dribble or hit a perimeter shot.  How many guys like that does Coach Mark Fox have?

Right now, Fox has one guy who can consistently knock down outside shots (Frazier), and that is a problem.  Georgia got nice efforts out of Mike Edwards and Turtle Jackson, who netted 11 and 8 points, respectively, but they are just not a very scary team to defend.  If team’s can yield over 20 points to both Maten and Frazier and still win by 10, then the Dawgs’ postseason aspirations should go no further than the NIT.

UGA is now 5-3 on the season, and 0-3 in its attempts to secure a win against a team from another Power 5 conference.

Due to final exams, Georgia will have over a week to brood over this one before hitting the court again on December 14th, when the host Louisiana-Lafeyette.

8 thoughts on “Marquette drops Georgia 89-79 on a rainy afternoon in Athens

  1. 3 quality opponents – 3 double digit losses. We will lose to La-Lafayette as well – wait and see. 8 years of Mark Fox’s mediocrity is quite enough.


  2. Firing Greg McGarrity would not break my heart. However, Fox has made progress finishing 2nd with some of the weaker talent pools in the SEC! Interest seems to have grown as there were probably at least 7to8 thousand customers cheering the Dogs on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Stegeman! Fox seems to have finally found a key into the Peach State pool of talent! The great thing about games now, I see several young HS and MS BB teams in attendance! Fox has grown interest in a team w/2 parts now! As they get more working parts, grass root interest has grown! Finishing 2nd to Ky in the league for the last few yrs is paying off! I know the football team had a down year, but the future of the Dog round ball teams seems pretty stable! Caliber of schedule seems better this year! BB is on a more solid footing than it has been for years! We are lucky to have Fox!


  3. Any decent program (which we clearly still are NOT) judges their coach by NCAA tourney appearances and wins in that tourney. Fox has had two teams barely get in over 7 seasons and both of those teams lost in round 1. Zero NCAA tourney wins in 7 seasons. He has made progress? We’ve paid him around $20 mil and our ignorant fans talk about him coming in 2nd or 3rd in our crappy conference and winning 20 games in a season. Why is 20 wins a big deal when teams are playing 35+ games? That’s barely over .500 over the course of a season. The SEC has been a horrible basketball conference, which is why we can finish with 20 wins and a winning record in conference and still not make The Dance. Fox is a very mediocre coach and we’re a very mediocre program. His lack of success seems to have worked in his favor. It’s allowed him to retain the job for close to a decade because we still don’t have enough people following the program who would recognize the inadequate job he is doing. As long as he doesn’t get any pressure about it, I’m sure McGarity will continue to take the easy way out and do nothing,,,so we can look forward to another few years of complete irrelevance. McGarity or whoever the AD is in a few years won’t have any choice but to fire Fox then. The SEC has finally gotten some good coaches again and guys like Howland at Miss State, Pearl at Auburn, Martin at SC and Barnes at UT will have lapped Fox by then. As to your comment about fan interest, it’s pathetic and a sign of how little progress the program has made when someone see it as a positive when we “only” have a few thousand empty seats at our biggest non-conference home game of the season.


    1. I ageee totally with the last post
      Two nit wins in seven years. My gosh South Carolina had two top
      25 wins this past week. Fox is too structured and stubborn twenty win seasons don’t mean anything hardly when you play 35 games agree Geno Kessler and I’m sorry to say Parker should not hardly see the


      1. Below are the current stats for the 4-star (and one 3-star) guards that were in the ESPN 2016 Georgia Top 20 recruits list along with Jordan Harris and Tyree Crump:

        Jared Harper (4-star) – Auburn – 25 min, 12 points
        Anfernee McLemore (4-star) – Auburn – 8.3 min, 3 points
        Brandon Robinson (4-star) – UNC – 11.9 min, 3.4 points
        Alterique Gilbert (4-star) – UCONN – 29 min, 10.3 points
        Kamar Baldwin (3-star) – Butler – 21 min, 8.6 points

        Not including the Morehouse game (since they are a D II school) here are Harris and Crump’s minutes:

        Harris – 9 min per game
        Crump – 5.1 min per game

        Those freshmen listed above are playing at some schools that are either equal to or better than Georgia, which begs the question: why can’t Harris or Crump get regular minutes in UGA’s rotation?


  4. Get over your love affair with JJ Frazier. Although he is a good streak shooter when he is open, he takes a lot of forced shots. More importantly, he does not do the things an effective point guard does. He dribbles too much which takes the other players out of the game. This tends to cause a lack of offensive movement by the other players. They tend to stand around and watch Frazier dribble. When he forces his shots the other players are not in position to rebound. Also, I see some very good Screens set but seldom is the ball passed back to the player who sets the plck completing the plck and roll. The bigs set a lot of picks but seldom get a return pass despite often being wide open. I would agree with Hall of Famer Wilkens comments, Frazier needs to penetrate and dish off, get the ball inside to the bigs, he will get return passes and better percentage shots for himself. This may be a case of the tail wagging the dog or the coach not effectively emphasizing effective team offense. It might be a good idea for the coach to get a tape of Steve Nash, probably the greatest point guard of all time. By his point guards emulating the things Nash did, he may very well not only lmprove their FGP but bring out the best in the players around him. There’s a lot of talent on this team with a coach that has the potential and opportunity to greatly improve the Dogs team play. Oh yea, the bigs could do a better job of blocking out on rebounds.


  5. Wow guys. We are really going negative on the Hoop Dawgs for early December. I will try to put a positive spin, which is that the deficiencies vs Marquette were defense and rebounding. These are things that can be fixed during the season (particularly during our current stretch of 10 days without a game) and are areas that Coach Fox’s teams have done quite well with. Usually or problem is scoring, which we did fine with Sunday.


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