Dawgs fall flat in second half against Oakland

Any good feelings that Georgia (8-4) might have been harboring following their first win over a significant non-conference opponent (Georgia Tech) earlier this week were certainly crushed and flushed this evening inside Oakland’s Center O’rena in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

After building up a 37-25 advantage with a little over 5 minutes remaining in the first half, the Dawgs went on to lose 86-79 to an Oakland team that entered tonight’s game ranked 216 in the NCAA’s RPI rankings.  If the word “bad loss” as it pertains to NCAA tournament resumes were actually in the dictionary, it would be accompanied by a picture of Oakland’s incredibly dark, hardwood floor with its grossly oversized grizzly in the center.

A game that was meant to be an early Christmas present for Georgia’s Yante Maten turned into a lump of coal for the Michigan native.  Maten fouled out of the game with 6:19 left and his team trailing 71-64.  He only managed to tally 6 points and 5 rebounds while committing 4 turnovers.  The Grizzlies doubled down on Maten whenever he got the ball on the block, preventing him from establishing any sort of offensive rhythm.

J.J. Frazier, who played a fabulous first half, scoring 18 points on 7 of 8 from the floor, disappeared following the intermission.  Frazier missed all 10 of his second half attempts as he forced up shots under intensified pressure from the Oakland defenders.  He did manage 4 free throws after the break, however, and led all UGA scorers with 22 points.

Oakland jumped all over Georgia to start the second half, going on an 18-4 run that erased UGA’s 45-38 halftime advantage.  Martez Walker capped off the run with a three-pointer that sent his team up 56-49 with a little over 15 minutes remaining in the game.  Walker hit 4 three’s on the evening and finished with a career-high 30 points.

The fact that Coach Mark Fox’s team allowed an Oakland player to put 30 points on them is a testament to how poorly this team played defense tonight.  Georgia looked slow to the ball, especially in the second half, and eventually the Dawgs had to get out of their man defense and switch to zone because they simply couldn’t guard the Grizzlies straight up.  After hitting under 36% from the floor in the first twenty minutes, Oakland knocked down over 53% of their attempts in the second half.  The Grizzlies also connected on 10 of their 17 shots from beyond the arc.

The only other Georgia starters to finish in double-digits were Derek Ogbeide and Juwan Parker.  Ogbeide logged a double-double, netting 13 points to go along with 12 rebounds; 11 of Derek’s points came after the break, and he scored 4 consecutive buckets during a critical stretch in the second half that helped UGA cut into Oakland’s 61-51 lead.

Parker scored 15 points, but he committed a team-high 5 turnovers.  The Dawgs gave the ball over 19 times this evening, a problem that plagued this team tonight offensively against Oakland.

The game on Tuesday against Georgia Tech was never in doubt because Georgia had the two best players on the court.  That was not the case tonight, though, as Maten played only 21 minutes before fouling out.  Still, Coach Mark Fox’s bunch shouldn’t be losing to Oakland.  Period.

9 thoughts on “Dawgs fall flat in second half against Oakland

  1. The TV broadcast was driving me nuts too. Those guys lost their mind anytime Oakland had a dunk or a three.

    Same Dawgs, different year…


  2. georgia looked slow to me, too. slow to loose balls, slow to get out and defend. they don’t have near enough talent to get out hustled and beat anyone decent. frazier 0 for 10 shooting in the second half was disturbing.


  3. When its 5 against 2 what do you expect? Also every opponent in the SEC knows this also! Fox has done little to develop the necessary parts to assist with this team! Finally w/the SEC schedule is upon us and Parker and Obiede are starting to produce! Will it be 5 on 4 now or is this too much to expect! Do we sit Turtle Jackson and go with Crump! We should have answered these questions after game two! Looks like the Big Apple will be our goal again this year! Our state produces too many fine players to end up in CAL, E. Lansing and Chicago! I know we have a few resl prospects on the way, but we deserve better! Mike Potter


  4. As a proud alum I’ve really run out of patience with Coach Fox. All this is not going to matter – history will repeat itself..The same product surfaces year in year out regardless of returning talent. Coach Fox wins his “20”, but beats no one of substance every yr. I find it funny how that same mindset (10 wins but who’d we beat?) lead to the demise of Coach Richt, but it’s one of the reasons we are still employing Coach Fox. Oh sure Mark will go on a mini conference run and make it interesting, but in the end it won’t matter – same old same old.. Let’s hope our AD holds one coach accountable as he did our previous one.. If Coach finds a way out of this hole and into the NCAA’s then keep him – if not then let’s move on.. 8 yrs with not ONE NCAA win is really unacceptable..


    1. Awesome comment! I agree with you 100% – until UGA holds its basketball coaches to the same standard as the football coaches the program will remain irrelevant on a national scale. And the excuse that “UGA is a football school” is no longer viable. Ohio State, Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, Baylor, Florida State, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, etc. routinely go to the NCAA Tournament, and most of those schools have been better “football schools” than UGA recently.


  5. Your exactly right.. what’s really sickening is the amount of BB talent that flows out the state every year, and UGA gets very little of it. A lot of these other programs you mentioned are not even close in having the recruiting base to be successful yet they make the tourney on a regular basis..Why is that?? Look I’ve supported Fox and his process for yrs now. I love his graduation rate and how he handles himself publicly. I realize the issues with recruiting – we can’t sign them all – but I really feel he’s stuck in a mindset that not using the talent he’s finally assembled. Besides JJ and Maten the team plays too tight , one underclassman miscued and they are yanked,afraid to shoot etc.. He needs to loosen the reins and let these kids go.the talent is there.. If not its going to cost him his job.. Sorry about the rant but I’m really tired of all the excuses that change yearly..It’s time to deliver coach…


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